It’s next week…

Well, it’s next week.

And I still have pregnancy hormones.

So aggravating.

I went to the doctor on Thursday and they called me on Friday, around the same time as last week. “Hey Keisha, I just wanted to let you know that your HCG levels are a 33, so we will need you to come back in next week for another blood draw.”


I was somewhat relieved they decreased. And they decreased a lot. That was a great thing for me. That means that my body was going to take care of everything. Hopefully I will just have to go in for this last blood draw and my levels will be back to zero.

I’m in a really bad funk. I guess all of this is to blame. It’s just been such a long, drawn out process. But I hate to make excuses. I’m not in a bad mood, but I’m not in a great mood. I find myself staying pretty focused at work, which is a good thing. Normally when I get like this, my productivity is slim to none. My home life and social life are good. I’m just in a very blah mood.


My blah mood is affecting me really bad in the gym and I really, really hate it. I know that sounds stupid, but the gym is my safe place. It’s my place where nothing is supposed to matter. It’s my place where for one hour, I get to not worry about anything. It’s my place where I can break a good sweat and relieve all of my pent up anger and stress.

Today, I didn’t even finish the workout. I didn’t even push myself. I got to a certain point and just said, “Fuck it.” I have NEVER quit a workout before. I might have slowed down if I wasn’t feeling it. Not today. With about 3 minutes left, I just decided to quit. That really bothers me.

I have found that with this pregnancy and miscarriage, it’s been hard for me to recover physically and mentally. When I was pregnant this time, I had very minimal set backs in the gym. The main thing was I just ran out of breath really quick. I expected this because it was the same when I was pregnant with Briar. But, during the miscarriage and after the miscarriage, I am just not with it. My endurance is terrible. I’m sure that’s mostly a mental thing, but, nonetheless, I am struggling. There are some specific movements that I used to be able to do fairly average and I literally cannot do them now…DOUBLE UNDERS. I’ve also been having a recurring shoulder issue (left deltoid). Today, we did strict presses and it hurt at my 50%.

You know how you just have those days…today was just one of those days. Before I even made it to the gym, my anxiety was on high alert. I hadn’t really felt super anxious like that in a long time. I know exactly what triggered it. Briar woke up about 4 times in the middle of the night last night. One time I had to hold her for an hour before I could put her back down in her bed. When it was time to get up for the day, I was already exhausted.

It’s just been so weird. Everything has been weird. Maybe I’m just searching too hard for normal. I have a therapy session tomorrow. Much needed, obviously…The last time I was there, she knew I was pregnant, but I was going to the doctor for the first time. So, I’ll get to rehash everything again tomorrow. I’m hoping she will help me see it in a different light.

I’m trying so hard to not let this miscarriage get the best of me, but it’s winning right now.

Until next time…


–The Kentucky Momma


Week 7….or is it…Part 2

In other news this week, it was actually a good week given the doctor appointment that left me feeling uneasy.

download (2)

Scott and I were actually starting to be happy about our unexpected baby. We were talking about the future and how crazy our lives would be, but we said it with a smile. It was nice to be able to breathe just a little and enjoy this small moment of hope that everything was going to be okay. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I’m sure God will show me the reason for this baby coming into our lives.

This upcoming weekend, we are supposed to be going out for my 30th birthday. My friend, Ronnie, and I have birthdays that are really close together and we have been talking about doing a joint 30th birthday for a really long time. Unbeknownst to any of us, I would unexpectedly end up pregnant for this occasion. Scott and I decided since I was going to the doctor and we would have some type of answer, we would go ahead and tell all of our friends and family.

download (3)

Everyone was really surprised and overall happy for us.

26 year old me would have been really upset and pissed that I couldn’t go out for my birthday and get drunk with all my friends. 30 year old me was really happy that I wasn’t hungover the next day! LOL. Now don’t get me wrong, I would have LOVED to go out and hang out with all my friends because we are never together all at the same time, because, life. BUT, I was really happy I wasn’t hungover the next day.

Crossfit this week…

Monday, January 8

MetCon – time was 29:25
500KB Swings
500KB Swings for time

Tuesday, January 9

Strength – worked off of my max of 275# – did not make it to my 90%
10 @ 50%
8 @ 60%
6 @ 70%
3 @ 80%
2×2 @ 90%

MetCon B

Partners – I didn’t have a partner. This sucked. Burpee Pullups are not fun at all. 111 reps
1 Works – 1 Waits
2min – 15Cal Row
2min – 10 Burpee Pullups
2min – 5 Thrusters #115/85

Wednesday, January 10

Strength – this day was a HUGE HUGE HUGE success. I was not expecting to hit a new 1RM on either of these. And I did!

Snatch – New max = 100# Finally 3 digits!
1 rep max Snatch
1 X 1

Clean And Jerk Max = 140# – I actually cleaned 145# and I could finish the Jerk. Still happy with 140# new 1RM
Clean and Jerk
1 X 1

Thursday, January 11

Strength – worked off my max of 190#
Front Squats
4 x 5 @ 80%

20min AMRAP. This sucked. Really bad. My score was only 4+2. I did not do C2B, I only did pullups
25′ OH walking lunge #45/35
8 Burpees
25′ OH walking lunge #45/35
8 chest to bar pullups

Friday, January 12

20 minutes of bar work:
Focus on the highest level that you are working at: pullups/chest 2 bar/MU

6RFT *20min Cap – score was 12:19
10 – Hang Cleans #115/85
15 – Wallballs #20/14

Until next week…


–The Kentucky Momma

Week 6

Week 6

This week was also crazy. Never a dull moment in our lives these days. For me, it was work. I have a lot of year end work that I have to do so I had to work on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Also, if you remember from my last post, Scott was in Nashville for the bowl game. Before he left, he started to get a little of my sickness. Well when he came back, it was full force. Mainly due to not eating, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and then standing outside in subzero temperatures. So, we did not do anything on New Year’s Eve. Not many of our friends did anything this year. I was glad that we didn’t have to come up with a lame excuse this year to avoid parties or going out.

download (1)

It was on a Thursday…close enough…

This week was also my birthday week 🙂 I turned 30 on January 4th. I will tell you, I took this birthday in stride. I did not think I would handle this birthday very well, but I did. Overall, I do not feel 30. I may look it, but I don’t feel it at all. I don’t really know what age I feel. I’m the healthiest that I’ve ever been in my life. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I’m just glad that I don’t feel 30.

I think a lot of my new year’s resolutions also came from me turning 30. I don’t know why. But I just feel like I just need to do better this year. And be better this year. So, that’s what I’m going to try to do.

The day after my birthday, January 5th, I did something very cool. I met with a psychic. I know, que all the skepticism. But it was really badass. I heard about her through a friend. I had been debating on going to see her for over 6 months. I scheduled the appointment about a month ago and I only told my friend. I didn’t tell Scott because he doesn’t believe in this stuff and I didn’t want him to be a downer on my parade. You can read about my full experience in a separate blog post… I DID A THING…

Crossfit this week…

Tuesday January 2

Strength – based off of 1RM – 235#. This sucked and it was heavy.

Back Squats

7 Reps @ 65%

5 Reps @ 68%

7 Reps @ 65%

4 Reps @ 70%

7 Reps @ 65%

3 Reps @ 72%


Partner workout FOR TIME

60 Cal Row

70 Box Jumps #24/20

80 Med Ball Situps #20/14

90 KB swings #53/35

100 Pushups

*Split up any way you want but complete all reps before moving on

Wednesday January 3

Strength – I only used 75# on this. I hurt my hand/wrist doing cleans a couple weeks ago and anytime I get in the front rack position, it’s not comfortable.

6min EMOM Clean Complex:

1 tall clean (squat)

1 hang clean (squat)

1 front squat

55-65% of max

MetCon My score was 2+20.

15min AMRAP

25 DU

20 front rack KB lunges

15 Pullups

10 Single arm KB swings (alternating)


Thursday January 4

Strength – In the past couple of months, I have just conquered kipping HSPU. For the moment, I am okay to still do them. I have to use a band to accomplish strict pullups.

5 x 4 Strict Pullups

Alternating with

5 x 4 HSPU (or 20 second hand stand holds)

Metcon – this was a lot of suck. I didn’t finish before the timecap of 20 minutes. I had 60 reps left.


10 Wall-less Wallballs

10 Burpees over the bar

10 Push jerks

10 Front Squats

#30/20, #135/95

Week 5

Week 5

This week was crazy. It was the dreaded Christmas week. And much more excitement. Some good and some bad…


…We had the entire Christmas Eve holiday all to ourselves. Just me, Scott, Raelynn, and Briar. No where to go. Nothing to do. So what did we do, we did Christmas shit. We watched Christmas movies, we listened to Christmas music, we baked cookies, we made Christmas treats. It was amazing. You know, I talk so much about other people not willing to give up their Christmas Day or move their times to accommodate, but maybe I am the one that needs to give up the fact that we will never have Christmas Day to ourselves. This year showed me that. Even if it’s not Christmas Eve every year, if it’s at least one day near or around Christmas where my little family can do Christmas shit, I’ll be 100% happy. This year Scott and I were really big on trying to form traditions with Raelynn. I hope we can continue them.

So, on Christmas day, I was sick. And not from being pregnant. I was sinusy/snotty/congested. It was terrible. And of course, I literally cannot take anything sinus related because I’m pregnant and because I’m still breastfeeding! More so because I am still breastfeeding. Any type of sinus medication will dry up your milk supply quick! And as you already know, I’ve had a terrible time with my supply. After Christmas, it got worse. I guess it turned into a sinus infection. I just let it run its course. Towards the end of the week, I was much better.

This week I also started my progesterone. Whenever I called to make my first appointment, I asked the doctor if I needed to start taking this again since I had taken it in my last pregnancy. I remember that it made me feel like shit last time. It’s kind of weird because this time, I’m not feeling terrible at all yet. I’m not feeling any more tired than I was last week. If anything I actually feel a little better. Of course, that worries me. Why do I feel okay this time? Why am I not sick? I’ve been taking the progesterone for an entire week…and nothing. I should probably just be okay with it and take it in stride, but it’s hard not to be cautious. And how dare I even say that I am actually starting to accept the fact that I’m pregnant. It’s just such a roller coaster of emotions.

The only bad thing that happened this week was Scott was in Nashville for the Kentucky bowl game and I came home from work on Friday to a busted pipe under our porch outside. I am all about an independent woman and knowing how to do shit yourself, but I was freaking the fuck out. I pulled up with the kids in the truck and I noticed some wet spots in the driveway. I have no idea why I noticed this. Then, I got out of the truck and it literally sounded like a waterfall. I literally almost lost my shit. I could tell the direction in which it was coming from so I started looking. We have lattice that covers around our porch and I was literally ripping pieces off so I could see how bad it was. Once I got a clear view, it was a for real waterfall. I had no idea what to do. I called Scott’s dad because he lives down the road. He brought a neighbor over that was actually a plumber. The bad part is, both of them were injured so they could not crawl under the porch and fix it. The plumber had to coach me on what to do. I had to cut the pipe and cap it off. I pretty much felt like a badass after I fixed it. LOL. But I don’t ever want to deal with that again.

Crossfit for the week…

I only went once because Christmas…

Thursday December 28

Strength – I was actually excited for snatches because it’s something that I have been slowly improving on. I worked up to 95# which is a new PR for me!!!!

Snatch Complex

Snatch Pull


1 x 1

MetCon – nothing like a good ol’ body weight exercise to make you realize how fat you are. 50% of my body weight was 90#………………………………………….yeaaa…………..this sucked. My score was 7+7

15min AMRAP

8 – Deadlifts

6 – Hang Cleans

4 – Front Squats

2 – Push Jerks

50% Bodyweight

Until next time…


–The Kentucky Momma

Week 4

I have decided that I’m going to take the same stance on this pregnancy as I did last pregnancy and try to keep up with weekly blogs. Now that I am pregnant again, I’m already looking back to old posts and I’m forever thankful that I posted weekly.

So, week 4. My baby is as big as something so microscopic that the naked eye can’t see it. Yet, this little microscopic shit has the ability to make me fall asleep at 8:00 p.m. every single night. So so so so so so so unbelievably, incredibly tired. Other than that, no other symptoms yet, so I’ll take it.


I already scheduled my first appointment for January 10th. I will have an ultrasound and everything. Scott will be going with me. For this appointment, we just hope a baby is there and only one baby. Since I have been pregnant with multiples one other time, it really scares the shit out of us to think that I could be pregnant with more than one. The chances are probably slim to none that it will happen, but just the thought of it freaks us out.

We are both still trying to cope with the fact that I’m pregnant in general. It’s a lot for us to process since we were not prepared for this. Financially, it’s really stressing us out. We both keep trying to wait to stress out until we actually know there is a baby in there, but it’s hard not to think about all of the “what-if” situations.

Another big blow we took this week was we found out there would be no room at the Raelynn and Briar’s current daycare for the new baby. I told the daycare provider almost immediately and she told me there were no spots open. It sucks because then I think about the fact of having to put this baby in another daycare. Would we continue to take 3 kids to 2 different daycares? Probably not, so then would we pull Raelynn and Briar from their current daycare?? That thought makes me so sick because I love our current provider. Right now, I think Raelynn would be the only one to comprehend this. Would Raelynn be sad? I don’t know if I’m prepared to deal with that…

A whole other factor with this pregnancy, is for the time being, I am still breastfeeding. Since I have found out I’m pregnant, my supply has dipped even more. So my supply took a huge hit whenever I went to Vegas and then traveled for work. I was never really able to get it back up where it needed to be. And now, it has taken yet another hit. I’m currently making between 9-12 ounces a day. I used to make that in my first pump of the day. I still have some extra milk built up in the freezer, so I’m hoping between me pumping and what I have in the freezer, it will last me to my goal of 1 year.

Trying to stay positive for the time being…but I know these 9 months will come and go before I am even able to process it. Scott and I will try to hit it hard and figure things out after my first ultrasound.

CrossFit for the week:

For the moment, nothing has changed here either. I went about my regular movements and routine. I told my workout partner and coach, Erick. He said…”AGAIN?!” LOL

Monday December 18


Hang Clean Complex – worked up to 125#

Hang clean pull

Hang power clean

Hang squat clean

1 X 1


15 min AMRAP – score was 8+17

5 push presses

15 situps

25 air squats


Tuesday December 19

Strength – no modifications yet for any ab movements

5 minutes

:20 superman hold

:20 hollow body hold

:20 rest

MetCon B – time10:54

50 cal row

20 thrusters

25 cal row

10 thrusters


Wednesday December 20


Single leg KB DL/press

6×3 (each leg)

AHAGFA (as heavy as good form allows)

MetCon – This metcon was really fun. For the 12 days of Christmas, we did a push up for each day of Christmas…for the Feliz Navidad, we squatted every time they said feliz navidad or Merry Christmas. Even though it was short, my tris and my legs were dead for the next couple of days.

12 Days of Christmas – Pushups

Feliz Navidad – Squats

Thursday December 21


5 min EMOM

Front squats – used 160# which was heavy AF!

3 @ 85%

MetCon A – I actually did not end up finishing this. In the 6th round I ripped really bad on the rig doing T2B. Stupid.


3 Snatches


9 T2B


Until next time…


–The Kentucky Momma

CrossFit + My Dairy Free Life

I realized the other day that I had not been giving as many updates on CrossFit and my diet in a while, so, here we go…

If you recall, around month 5, I was starting to get some glimpses of sleep. When I actually started to get some consistent nights of sleep, my engine came back and I was ready to go. At 7 months post partum, I am 100% the strongest I’ve been in my life. I’m on a PR train. I keep hitting them over and over. My endurance is back, and better than it ever was. I am just really focused on my health and well-being right now. Not only that, it’s such a good outlet and “me” time. In a 24 hours day, I look forward to that 1 hour of focusing on nothing else, except making myself a stronger person.

I am still about 95% dairy free. I have very recently started to trial some dairy back into my diet. There is a dairy ladder that I am following to properly reintroduce dairy. I started with some goldfish and everything seemed to be okay. I unintentionally ate some BBQ sauce with some butter in it (very minimal), and she has still been okay.


Overall, the dairy free life has been very eye opening. I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would. And honestly, the only reason I am trying to reintroduce dairy back into my diet is because of our Vegas trip in November. I just don’t want to have to spend my time looking up the allergen menu for every single restaurant that we go to. I just want to be able to go there and enjoy my time and enjoy eating shitty food and not feel guilty about it. I actually have done a little research about Vegas restaurants and there are several vegan restaurants. So, if worst comes to worst, I will be visiting those restaurants quite often.

After Vegas….let’s be real…after the holiday’s…, as long as I can successfully reintroduce dairy, I think I am going to take it back out of my diet. I just realized that I don’t miss it, and I don’t need it. I’m not saying I won’t occasionally have it when I want it, but I’m not going to make it an essential in my diet.

Whenever I started having supply issues, around 2 months ago, I stopped counting calories. Right now, feeding Briar is more important that fitting into a size smaller jeans. I eat basically the same things that I was eating before, but maybe just adding in a snack or two. Or, I may or may not be indulging in some of my lactation cookies. I still meal prep for lunch and dinner. I’m still making very healthy choices.

My weight has stayed the same for the most part since I stopped counting calories. I’m not sure if I ever put my stats out there, and I’m too lazy to go back and check, so, around 3 months PP, I was 189lbs and 30.6% body fat. Whenever I started being very religious about counting my calories, I lost weight pretty quick and lingered around 184lbs and 29.1% body fat. The lowest I have been is 182.0lbs and 29.0% body fat. I’m not terribly happy about this, but, I just can’t care about that right now. I really do get compliments all the time that I look leaner and skinnier, but I just don’t feel it. All of my clothes still fit the same. I do feel a lot more muscular in my arms and legs, but my midsection is remaining the same.


More like 37 pound weight gain…

I am super envious of all my friends that were able to eat whatever they wanted and breastfeed, and they just watched the weight fall off. This was not the case with Raelynn, and it appears Briar is going to follow suit. My prepregnancy weight was like 173lbs….so around 10-12 lbs left to go. I can assure you that will not happen anytime soon.

Until next time…


–The Kentucky Momma

Dairy Free + Meal Prep + CrossFit

As I hope you’ve previously read, I made the decision to go dairy free when Briar had an adverse reaction to dairy through my breastmilk. I’m not a big dairy eater in general so overall it wasn’t that hard for me to give up. It becomes hard when I’m tired and I don’t feel like meal prepping. It becomes hard whenever I’m at a party and they have pizza and I can’t have it. But, it’s worth it knowing that I’m not hurting Briar. Her face got really badly broke out for a while and the two times I ate a large portion of dairy (cereal with milk and ice cream) she projectile vomited. She also had some pretty mucusy diapers. At her two month well check appointment, I expressed these concerns to her pediatrician and he said we could do a milk protein allergy test. It would just require drawing some blood and testing it. Her test came back negative. So, I just assumed she has a sensitivity. Which is much better. I still have not reintroduced dairy. I might try around 5-6 months.


On top of dairy free, I am also soy free, and somewhat egg free. Whenever I self-diagnosed Briar with a dairy sensitivity, I also immediately cut soy because they go hand in hand. I cut all obvious and hidden dairy and soy. I decided to cut egg a couple of weeks later because her face was still breaking out. I wasn’t really sure if it was still the dairy in my system, or if it was the eggs I was eating for breakfast. Just yesterday, I tried a paleo bread recipe that had baked in eggs and so far she’s been okay. So fingers crossed we are okay for eggs because I need protein!

I took this dairy free life as a blessing in disguise. With CrossFit, the Paleo diet goes hand in hand with it. The Paleo diet is called the caveman diet. You are essentially eating, meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. You are not supposed to eat grains, dairy, refined sugar, or anything processed. For me, it was just an easier way to incorporate this diet into my life. I very, very loosely followed it in the past, but I decided if I was going to do this, I was going to do it the right way. At this moment I’m probably about 90ish% paleo. The only thing that is keeping me from being 100% paleo is the oatmeal (grain) that I eat in the morning. At this point, I’m not willing to give that up because it helps boost milk supply.

So, what exactly am I eating. Chicken and vegetables, basically. I have no problem eating the same thing over and over again for a really long time, so it’s been okay for me. Here’s somewhat of a breakdown:

Breakfast – steel cut oats (instant) and then I add blueberries and strawberries

Snack – Protein Shake

Snack – raw almonds/pistachios

On days I workout I will have another protein shake right after I workout.

Lunch – chicken/turkey burger and roasted vegetables

Snack – oranges/apple/grapefruit

Snack – Larabar

Dinner – chicken/turkey burger and roasted vegetables

My breakfast is not paleo. And for now, I’m okay with that.

For lunch and dinner, I have to roast vegetables about every other day. The vegetables I like to use are a combination of carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini, squash, asparagus, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, just to name a few. It all depends on what I’m feeling at the moment in time and what’s on sale. I almost always use sweet potatoes though, because they are my favorite. Whenever I roast the vegetables, I normally just chose 4 different vegetables, dice them, mix them together on a baking sheet, put olive oil, salt, and pepper on them, and put them in the oven for an hour. Half way through I mix them up. I am all about quick and easy because I do not have time to waste these days. Plus, Raelynn loves to help me cut up “begetables”. I let her put them on the baking sheet, and then she helps sprinkle them with salt and pepper. Total prep time is 15 minutes at the most.

For the turkey burger, I buy premade, all natural, butterball turkey burgers. They are full of protein. I normally just grill them. It takes about 20 minutes.

For the chicken, I have found a recipe that I’ve really been leaning on because it’s so easy, it takes literally 5 minutes, and the chicken stays moist and tender throughout the week. It’s called Lemon Garlic Chicken.

Since I am meal prepping for a couple of days, I use way more than the recipe calls for so this is my recipe:

5-6 pieces of chicken (breasts)

1 TBSP kosher salt

1 TBSP pepper

1 TBSP parsley flakes

1 TBSP oregano

1 TBSP minced garlic

1 lemon (need juice from the lemon)

Put chicken in crockpot, mix spices together and spread on chicken. Squeeze lemon over the chicken. Depending on your crockpot, you can put on high for 4 hours, or low for 8 hours. I prefer high for 4 hours. Total prep time is 10 minutes. Super easy!

Protein…this could be a touchy subject. Some people are okay with taking protein while nursing and some are completely against it. For the type of workout I’m doing, I NEED protein or else I will lose all of my muscle. The problem with the protein I need, it was a struggle to understand and research what was safe and that complied with my dairy free, soy free, and egg free life. Anything that was Whey Protein and Egg Protein was out of the question. So, I started researching and I found that I needed a plant based protein. Previous to pregnancy, my protein needs were met by a company called MRM. Their protein was not full of crap, essentially. They happened to have a plant based protein. I ordered some samples, made sure Briar didn’t react adversely to them, and she didn’t, thank goodness, and then ordered me a big ol tub of protein. My favorite protein shakes:

Morning Protein Shake:

1 cup almond milk

1 cup coffee

2 cups ice cubes

1 scoop of protein

After workout Protein Shake:

1 cup almond milk


1 scoop of protein

1 cup ice


Again, I try to keep things simple and tasty. I love coffee in the morning. I love peanut butter all the time and PB2 is full of protein and way less calories and fat than regular peanut butter. Plus the PB2 powder mixes really well in a protein shake. You can also blend these. I’m just always on the go, so just adding ice to my shaker bottle and shaking vigorously works well for me.

I also use the MyFitness Pal app to track all of my calorie and nutrient intake. I need to make sure I am getting enough of everything with nursing Briar and working out. I’m not going to lie, I struggle most days to get all of my calories and nutrients in. I’ve been tracking my food intake for around 45 days and I’m still trying to figure out what works best and what foods go well together. Some days I am super high in carbs, some days I’m super high in fats, and I ALWAYS struggle to get in enough protein, even with 2 shakes and turkey and chicken. It’s a work in progress. I’m hoping to be able to incorporate eggs again so I know that will help. I feel like I am constantly researching Paleo recipes, snacks, etc. I try something new at least once a week.

In a nutshell, that’s what I do for food.

I started CrossFit back at 6 weeks. I was only going 2-3 times a week, and now slowly doing 4-5 days a week. My CrossFit box is right around the corner from work and I am only part time at work right now. I return to work full time on April 24th, so I’m hoping to be more consistent with 5 days a week. The same with pregnancy, I have just been letting my body dictate when I can and can’t do.

CrossFit has overall been going very well. I am struggling mentally and physically, which was expected. Mentally and physically, I know what my body is capable of. I could do more in my ninth month of pregnancy than I can right now. And it sucks. The biggest thing is I have no core at all. Core is key in everything I do. So, until my 6 pack decides to show up *sarcastic smile* I suppose I will be on the struggle bus.

I can feel myself getting stronger each week. I’m also putting in extra work at home so I know that’s helping. I work on a couple of different lifts every week and each week I’m getting closer to my maxes. Even though I am struggling (more so mentally), it’s very refreshing to watch myself get stronger and closer to my max lifts. I feel like it’s just a matter of time before I’m back to where I was; hopefully even stronger. I made a list of goals this year to attain in 2017 and I honestly think I can hit the majority of them by summer.

I am having a hard time coping with my body not looking like I want it to and I’m finding myself on the scale every single day. I used to never get on the scale. I’m just so impatient, summer is quickly approaching, and my body is nowhere near bikini ready. Not to mention, I have some terrible, horrible stretch marks. I’m hoping as I tone and get a little tan from being in the sun, they will “disappear” a little. I know I will get there, it’s just not in the time frame that I want. Patience is not a virtue for me :/


Until next time…


–The Kentucky Momma


Week 37

I’m having a very emotional time right now. It’s a combination of lack of sleep and potential back labor. Week 37 is not officially complete yet, but I felt compelled to write, so here I am.

I’m going through the reoccurring thoughts of Raelynn no longer being an only child. It’s hard. Every time I look at her this week I think to myself that any day now, she’s not going to be the baby anymore. She’s going to be the big sister. And I’m going to have a new baby. How am I ever going to love another child as much as I love Raelynn? How am I ever going to find the time to dedicate myself equally to two children. I’m not, and I know that. And that’s scary to me. I don’t ever want Raelynn to feel left out or that Briar is better than her because she is the new baby. I know I’m not the only mother in the world that has ever felt these thoughts about bringing a second child into the world, but it sucks. The thoughts and feelings that I’m having suck.

I’m also 10000% petrified of labor. Even though I have been through it before, I guess, because I know what to expect, I’m absolutely dreading it. I know in the end, I will get to meet Briar, but the whole labor process absolutely scares the shit out of me. So much can go wrong; but so much can go right. It can take literally forever, or it can take literally 5 minutes. As it gets closer, I find myself waking up in the middle of the night literally freaking out about it.


I have still been waking up pretty consistently from 2:00 a.m. – 4:00 a.m. about every other night. It’s exhausting because then I’m essentially useless the next day. And the last thing I need to be right now is useless. I still have so much crap to do at home.

Early this morning, 1/19, I woke up at my normal time. Normal time = 2:00 a.m.; I got up to pee, I laid back down, only to find myself wide awake. As normal… All this week, I have had very inconsistent contractions in the middle of the night. They are ranging from my stomach, lower abdomen, and lower back. It is by no means terrible, but definitely there. It seems to be the only time that I am having them is in the middle of the night when I’m laying down. But today, they continued after I woke up. Particularly in my lower back. I didn’t have back labor with Raelynn so I have no idea what it feels like. My one friend that has been a good support system for me about trying to go all natural again had back labor so I texted her this morning asking about it. Basically what I described to her was a dull pain in my back that wasn’t going away. Again, not terrible, but not going away. She agreed that was what her back labor felt like. She said it lasted until transition for her. That was pretty scary for me. I can’t explain it, but it just was. I told Scott all of this, and his main concern was how am I going to know when to go to the hospital if my water didn’t break? I told him that I would just know. For him, it was much easier to comprehend whenever my water broke, we knew it was just time to go.

So, with the lack of sleep and then this back pain, I’m just out of sorts today. You know, being awake for 2 hours in the middle of the night is not ideal and my brain just runs over and over and over.

In other 37 week news…

This past Saturday, we had a diaper party and acquired SO MANY diapers. Seriously, I highly recommend having one of these.

Saturday we also stocked up on grocery’s. I am hoping that it was our last trip before Briar. We stocked up on everything from toiletries, paper products, dog food, people food, etc. I used this blog as a guide. I didn’t use everything on this list, but it was certainly a good guide. Pre Stock Up before Baby I used the same list with Raelynn too.


Sunday, Scott got all closets together. Thank goodness! He had started on Briar’s last week and made huge progress, but it wasn’t finished until this week. The hall closet is now finished as well. I sewed another crib sheet as a back up. It was very useful for us to have two with Raelynn so I wanted to have two with Briar. Scott also got almost all of the baby stuff down from the garage, now it was just up to me to go through everything and get it together.


So…all in all, we had a VERY productive weekend. I was very happy with the progress we made.

This past weekend, we also had Raelynn in only actual cotton panties with the exception of her nap and night time and she had no accidents. She has been doing so good with even pooping on the potty. We are ecstatic. I had proposed to her daycare that we switch her to panties only at daycare and then I retracted my statement because she is still on her antibiotic from last week and it’s causing major pooping issues. Not really issues, just pooping a lot. So we decided to wait until next week when the antibiotic is out of her system. So, hopefully we have a good follow up report next week!

In other pregnancy news, I am still not sleeping well, as stated above. And, something new, I am swelling. My legs, ankles, and feet are swelling. I didn’t do this with Raelynn. I happened to look down at work one day this week and thought, oh shit, my ankles are definitely swollen.

I had an OB appointment on Wednesday and everything was fine. I was 1 cm dilated and barely effaced. Lately, after I get checked, I have been feeling pretty crampy and just plain shitty. Same story yesterday. After my appointment I had a couple of errands that I needed to run and I just wasn’t feeling it.

It’s just been a weird week.

CrossFit this week…

Only once…

Tuesday, January 17

Strength – I was having a lot of pelvic pressure today, so I just did push jerks instead of split jerks – worked up to 100#, surprisingly.

Split Jerk
(pause 2 secs in receiving position of split)
5×2 @ 50%, 60%, 70%

MetCon – I did not do a partner workout – I turned this into a 15 EMOM. 10 push presses and 5 squats. I worked for about 20-30 seconds and I was able to rest 30-40 seconds. It was a good workout. I needed it.
15min AMRAP
Partner1: 10 push press #75/55
Partner2: Burpees
*push press cannot start until other partner is doing burpees

Until next week…


–The Kentucky Momma


Week 36



My life these days…

Another week in the books. Seriously. I cannot believe it.

This weekend was the last weekend that we had absolutely nothing to do before Briar’s arrival. All day Saturday we ran errands, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby. We did not stop all day long. The main thing we bought that was going to help Briar’s room get finished was a closet organizer. Currently in her room in the closet, there is all of our jackets and all of my shoes. We have a rather large hall closet that we are going to be transferring everything to, but we just needed to get the essentials to get it done.

Sunday, we were both pretty exhausted from running all day, so we did some stuff here and there, but nothing major. We had a friend come over with her little girl so her and Raelynn could play together.

Something random, but I noted that on Sunday night I started having night sweats. Seemed a little early? Normally, you don’t get them until after your pregnancy when your body is trying to get rid of all of extra water weight.

And then Monday came. And I got a text from Raelynn’s daycare that she had a 104 fever. 104!!!! I was a little freaked out, but again, I could not leave work because I was training my replacement. I called Scott immediately and told him that he had to go get her and I would schedule her a doctor appointment. Long story short, double ear infection. I couldn’t believe that we were just in there last week and I made she her ears were checked and now she has a double ear infection. Whenever Raelynn is sick and I’m not there, I just want to be home with her. I hate not being able to be there with her. I told Scott I would try and leave early and he told me that I did not have to that he had it under control. I knew he did. He’s perfectly capable of taking care of her, I just wanted to be there too. They prescribed her a stronger antibiotic this time so hopefully it would work quickly. My trainee ended up leaving a little early today because they were going to look at apartments and I ended up staying at work and getting a whole lot accomplished. I didn’t leave until around 5pm which for me is late. I was very relieved that I got a lot done. It made me feel better.

Tuesday, doctor appointment for me. I wasn’t expecting anything exciting especially given that I was there 5 days ago and I wasn’t dilated or effaced. Same story today. No dilation or effacement. I was strangely okay with this because we still had a lot to get done around the house, so I wanted her to cook for as long as possible.

Raelynn was better today. No fever. She stayed home for precautions of not getting any other kids sick and then she went back to daycare on Wednesday.

Wednesday and Thursday there were some stressful situations and issues at work. Just when I think my luck is turning around with getting stuff accomplished at work, more work gets piled on top. I’m slowly starting to get over work. Just ready to be done. The problem is, I know that I will still be fully connected to work, or try to be at least, while I’m on maternity leave. It’s just who I am. I am ready for a break, but in the back of my mind, I know how much is going to pile up whenever I’m gone, even though I do have a backup doing some of my work.

Friday, Scott made huge progress and actually got Briar’s closet together. All that was left to do was for me to fill it with clothes. I had been taking down the newborn and 3 month clothes of Raelynn’s from the garage and washing them, so now I was happy they finally had a place to go.

CrossFit this week…

I actually made it there 3 days in a row which is few and far between lately. I was very happy with my performance this week.

Wednesday January 11

Strength – I kept my snatch at 55#. Last week, it didn’t even feel comfortable to pick up a bar and today I could actually snatch 55#, so I was happy with that. Planks were pretty terrible. I did okay the first couple of minutes, but the last 2 were awful and I didn’t last.

10 min EMOM
1 Squat snatch @ 70% until failure or 10 reps
if failure is reached during EMOM then finish EMOM at 50%
5 rounds
30 sec plank
30 sec rest

MetCon – I did the single arm rows, I did one round of the KB lunges and then I had to drop the weight because it just didn’t feel comfortable, but I did do the KB swings. Overall, I was pretty happy with my performance because I’ve been feeling like I can’t do anything lately.
12min AMRAP
12 single arm ring row (each arm)
12 single arm OH KB lunge (switch arm every 6 reps)
12 KB swings

Thursday January 12

Strength – I built up to 75# on the OHS. Same with the strict press. They felt okay.

3×3 heavier than last week
Close Grip behind next strict press

MetCon – yea, I was not feeling this metcon today at all. So I rowed. 15 minutes total, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest. It equated out to about 1500M.


Friday January 13

Strength – I did push jerks instead of split jerks. I’m not very stable in my split jerks because it’s not a comfortable movement, so I opted out. I only used 65#.

Squat clean & Split Jerk
Every 90 secs 1 rep @70% untill failure or 10 reps
if failure is reached dueing EMOM then finsh EMOM at 50%

MetCon – I was actually a little sore from the past two days, but the type of workouts below are my favorite. They seem long, but I like when rest is built in. Again, I was very happy with my performance. The only thing I modified were pullups. I did ring rows instead.
1min cal row
1min wallball #20/14
1min pull ups
1min SDHP #45/25

1 min rest

Until next week…


–The Kentucky Momma



Week 35


I know I keep saying it, but seriously, I blink and a week is gone.

Well, we started our New Year off with a bang. I have hemorrhoids so bad that it hurts to do anything and Raelynn is pretty sick.

On New Year’s eve, the Kentucky Wildcats played in a bowl game pretty early. We went to a local restaurant and they were actually serving a breakfast buffet. Raelynn and I stayed until about noon and then we came home so she could nap. She was acting okay at the restaurant, but just kinda out of it. Scott decided to go to a friends house that night, which I was totally okay with, but I was not in the mood to do anything. Mainly because my butt was hurting so bad. So, Raelynn and I stayed home. She still was kind of out of it all day, but wasn’t necessarily acting like anything was bothering her. I changed her into her jammies around 7:30 and she felt hot. I didn’t even have to take her temperature, I just knew. When bedtime came around, she was more than ready. My thoughts and wants were to clean, but I literally couldn’t. I knew in order for these hemorrhoids to go away, I need to sit down and prop my feet up. So I did. And I brought in the new year watching Magic Mike XXL. So, it was just me and Channing Tatum 🙂 I’ll take it.

The next day, Raelynn was feeling terrible. Her temperature never got below 101 and the highest it got was 103. She’s never had a fever of 103 before so it really made me nervous. It made me even more nervous because she was complaining of her neck and head hurting. Those aren’t things that a child of her age complains about. Luckily, all she wanted to do was hang out on the couch and watch cartoons all day, so that made me happy because I still had hemorrhoids the size of my head. And I know it made Scott happy because he was hung over. I just wished I could have been semi productive on my last long weekend before I went back to work.


I was off work on Monday and Raelynn was still sick. I honestly wasn’t sure that she had ever run a fever this long before. I called the doctor as soon as it opened and got her an appointment scheduled.  She still had a low grade fever, but nothing like yesterday. The doctor checked EVERYTHING. The only thing he found wrong was her lymph nodes in her neck and throat were a little swollen which could indicate a virus or something and it could be the reason she was saying her neck and head was hurting. But, he wasn’t convinced anything was wrong. I even made sure he checked her ears again because I just knew she was going to have an ear infection or something. He said her ears were clean. You could tell she felt better overall anyways, especially because she wasn’t running a high fever. So, overall, I was happy.

Tuesday…was a very terrible day. Very terrible. Raelynn had a fever, yet again, which meant she couldn’t’ go to daycare, so we were hustling to try and find someone to watch her. Scott and I were both so busy at work, it just honestly wasn’t in the cards for either of us to be at home. My mother in law ended up being able to watch her. I can’t explain it, but just having to leave her when she is sick makes me so sad. I’m sure a lot of mothers feel the same way as I do. I just thought about Raelynn all day which made work terrible. I was so busy from year end tasks and I was having some issues understanding something; I eventually just had a breakdown. I was so overwhelmed, yet again. It just always happens at the damnedest times. I needed to be able to focus and get shit done and getting shit done was the last thing I was going to accomplish. I text Scott and told him I needed to talk. As soon as he called me I lost it. Literally blubbering ass crying about everything. Being sad about not being with Raelynn, being overwhelmed at work, STILL not having Briar’s room done, how was I going to train this new person with all of this shit I still had to get done….the list goes on. I’m telling you, when it hits me, it hits me good. I tried to gather myself for a somewhat productive day and I was able to salvage some of the day. I was so anxious to get home and see Raelynn and I’ll tell you what, she was little shit all night. I told her I was so excited to come home and see her and she told me to go back to work. All that worrying for an ungrateful 2 year old. LOL


Wednesday was a better day. I was bound and determined to get shit off my to do list. BUTTT, Raelynn was still freaking sick. She immediately woke up saying her head hurt, but she didn’t have a fever. Again, Scott and I had to be at work, so I ended up asking if my mother in law could watch her again. I just didn’t want to work a half day and then have to leave because Raelynn was running a fever again. My mother in law text me and said she was much better today because she was playing more and eating more. So that made me happy. Today was also my birthday. It was the first birthday that I honestly could have given 2 shits about. I remember always taking off for my birthday and being so excited for it. Now it’s just a reminder that I’m getting older. And I couldn’t even drink. So it was fucking stupid.

Thursday was a big day. My counterpart from France arrived. I wasn’t all the way ready for her to be here because I still had a lot of stuff that I needed to get done, but I also needed as much time with her as possible so I could get her trained. Raelynn wasn’t sick today! She had no fever and hadn’t had one since Tuesday, so she went to daycare. She was happy to see everyone. I also had my first weekly OB appointment. I only worked a half day and then I went to the doctor. Everything was good at the appointment. I had my group B strep test. I warned the doctor not to judge me or my hemorrhoids. She just laughed and said she had seen worse, which I’m sure was 100% true. I was no dilated or effaced at all. And I was actually pretty happy about that. I am physically ready for Briar to be here, but not mentally and emotionally. We still have too much shit to do. My next appointment is only 5 days from now, next Tuesday. Oh, and can we talk about a fucking 10 pound weight gain in 2 weeks….yea, that wasn’t cool. So I’ve now gained 37 pounds with 5 weeks to go. FUCKING AWESOME….


I just feel like I need to talk about this terrible hemorrhoids some more. I was still continuing the treatment I mentioned last week, but I was in desperate need for something else. I was using a Kroger brand of the topical treatment to reduce swelling and pain, but I had read somewhere that I needed to invest in the MAX STRENGTH Preparation H. And, let me tell you, it made a world of difference. It took about 2 days and I was a new person. I’m back to wanting a natural birth again! LOL They are still there, but I’m in much better shape these days. By Friday, they felt much, much better.

CrossFit this week…only twice

Tuesday, January 3 – I basically did none of this…nothing felt good. I did KB snatches instead of power snatches, and then I rowed for 15 minutes instead of doing the workout. I just wasn’t feeling it today.


5@50%, 4@60%, 3@70%, 5×3@80%

KB Fr.Rack walking lunges
KB weighted situps

Wednesday, January 4


OHS – I was concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to do these because of my butt issues, but they felt okay. I worked up to 75# which I thought was pretty good.
3×4 heavier than last week
Snatch grip Push Press
5×5 @ (at least) 75% snatch

MetCon – this wasn’t terrible. I have realized that I can barely step up even onto a box anymore because my belly is in the way. That was interesting.
10 mins AMRAP
16 Single arm KB OH Step ups #35/18 – modified to plain step ups
16 burpees – still doing my step out into a pushup position and then jumping up for a burpee
16 Pull ups – ring rows

Until next week…


–The Kentucky Momma