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Meet Keisha

This week continued to be a good and productive week for me. The potty training has still been ongoing. It’s pretty much the same as last week. She’s only been going once or twice a day. We are still using pullups and we are still using her potty watch. Her potty watch is set to […]

Week 29 of Pregnancy 6

This week was so much better. Thank goodness! I find that I am trying really hard to not stay in a rut whenever I get in one. It’s not good for anyone, but especially me. We finally announced our pregnancy on social media! This kind of kicked off the week for me. Starting off a […]

pregnancy announcement

We are more than half way through the year, and I find myself reflecting back on prior posts. I post a lot of things for accountability. If I put it out there, I have to do it, right? Ha, Nope. So, here I am, about to be vulnerable as hell and tell you everything that […]

i feel like i'm losing myself

On top of everything else going on in 2018, Scott and I have been facing some pretty severe financial issues. It’s one of those situations where everything kind of hit us at once. It started right after we had Briar in the beginning of 2017. We were definitely more mentally prepared to have Briar than […]

Since my reiki healing, I’ve started to have a lot of suppressed emotions surface. Jamie mentioned this could happen. In general, self esteem issues, self love issues, self worth issues, a lot of “self” issues. My whole life I have dealt with these issues. I’ve always been really hard on myself. If I don’t live […]