I am a writer and podcaster about all things involving motherhood, life obstacles, and general WTF moments.

Meet Keisha

I’m sitting at home. ALONE. ALL ALONE. L I T E R A L L Y A L L A L O N E. And it’s been such a great day. I have done so much stuff today that has really filled my cup up to make me a whole human being again. As I […]


We are more than half way through the year, and I find myself reflecting back on prior posts. I post a lot of things for accountability. If I put it out there, I have to do it, right? Ha, Nope. So, here I am, about to be vulnerable as hell and tell you everything that […]

i feel like i'm losing myself

Since my reiki healing, I’ve started to have a lot of suppressed emotions surface. Jamie mentioned this could happen. In general, self esteem issues, self love issues, self worth issues, a lot of “self” issues. My whole life I have dealt with these issues. I’ve always been really hard on myself. If I don’t live […]

This week was crazy. Never a dull moment in our lives these days. For me, it was work. I have a lot of year end work that I have to do so I had to work on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Also, if you remember from my last post, Scott was in […]

I want to finish this year positive and strong. **(As I sit here with my tater tots and fried chicken)** I NEVER make resolutions. In my opinion, they are stupid. Why do I want to set myself up for failure? I feel like everyone makes goals/resolutions and then every year the same goals/resolutions are set. […]