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Meet Keisha

Remember how I was sick last week? You know, just the typical allergies? Well they ended up kicking my ass. I ended up taking medicine it got so bad. I consulted with the doctor first to see what was safe and she recommended Zyrtec. So that’s what I went with in hopes it would clear […]

Week 37 of Pregnancy 6

This week I was having my last ultrasound of my pregnancy. I was praying she was going to be a good size and they wouldn’t give me any grief for her being too big and suggest a C-Section. I was really excited to see what she looked like this late in my pregnancy. Prior to […]

Week 36 of pregnancy 6

I had another OB appointment this week. It was nothing super exciting. They were just checking Jolee’s heartbeat and checking in. I proceeded to tell her I was ready for her to get the hemorrhoids off my ass right that second. Seriously though, I asked her everything about surgery, side effects, recovery time…and she said […]

Week 34 of Pregnancy 6

This week, we had a lot of good shit going on. I had another appointment with the OB as well as another follow up ultrasound. I was looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time. I was hoping little miss was back down to measuring a normal size as opposed to […]

Week 32 of Pregnancy 6

It’s the beginning of March. And I feel like I am getting a fresh start. For the moment, my anxiety is back in check. I have refocused. And I’m feeling normalish. Whatever normalish is these days. I had a Self-Care Sunday this past Sunday. I went back and visited the salt cave. To refresh everyone’s […]

Week 31 of Pregnancy 6

My anxiety has returned this week. I don’t know what the deal is. So far for 2019, I am finding that the end of the month is a huge trigger for me. I don’t know why, or what is causing it, but just like January, I am anxiety ridden yet once again. I’m not focused. […]

Week 30 of Pregnancy 6

This week continued to be a good and productive week for me. The potty training has still been ongoing. It’s pretty much the same as last week. She’s only been going once or twice a day. We are still using pullups and we are still using her potty watch. Her potty watch is set to […]

Week 29 of Pregnancy 6

This week was a really hard week for me for a couple of different reasons. First, Raelynn’s night waking continued. Second, I haven’t talked a lot about it because it’s not something I enjoy, but I’ve been working a part time job and I hate it and I’ve wanted to quit from the moment I […]

Week 26 of Pregnancy 6

This week, our little Briar officially turns 2 on January 22. It’s really weird, but I feel like she’s been 2 for a long time. I cannot believe I have a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and in 15 weeks, I will have one more. What the fuck were we thinking? I haven’t […]

Week 25 of Pregnancy 6

Here we are again. Week 4. In my last post, You Ever Have An “OH SHIT” Moment?, you read that I was unexpectedly pregnant again. And it was already looking bad. Whenever I went to the doctor on Wednesday, they did a quick blood draw to test my HCG levels. They were convinced and I […]

Week 4 of Pregnancy 6

It’s been an interesting July. I can’t believe 2018 is already half way over. Scott has been out of town for work, honestly, for the majority of the month. The only thing…The main thing I miss about him being at home is sleeping in the same bed as him. I just don’t sleep as good […]

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