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This week I was returning to work. And I was really freaking sad. I was not looking forward to going back to work at all. I think it was a couple of different things, but mainly knowing that Jolee was my absolute last baby made me sad. I just wasn’t ready to go back to […]

exhausted baby and mom

For a very long time, CrossFit has been my sanity. It has been my anxiety and depression medicine. It has been my release from a stressful day at work. It’s been focusing on me and only me for one hour out of my whole day. I could go on forever. It’s so much more than […]

Raelynn has had some very minor medical issues. She’s had an ongoing UTI for about a month. We have been treating it, but it’s not been going away. It initially started because she was sick and running a fever. I took her to the doctor and they tested her for a bunch of different things […]

One month ago to the very day, I had completed my last day of my full time temporary job. There was a lot of uncertainty as to what my future would hold. From the time I was 14 years old, until one month ago on July 31st, 2015, I was never unemployed. NEVER. From August […]

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Today is the last day at my current job. I have so many mixed feelings about it; both good and bad. This job made me feel like I was useful again. it made me feel like more than a milk machine to my little girl. It made me feel like a person again. With all […]

I had the phone interview with controller of the company I am interested in and I am so unsure of how it went. There was a larger then life language barrier. She is located in France, and I was aware of that, but I was not expecting such a huge barrier. Even though she spoke […]

Update from my last blog post Struggling with my Career: I was “officially” told my last day would be July 31st, 2015. We are still house hunting Our house is officially on the market Raelynn is changing day cares My life is coming to an end.. …Not really, but sometimes I feel like my life […]

Scott and I have recently decided that it was time to sell our house and buy a new one. We are very quickly outgrowing our 1000 sq ft house. Little did I know, I could not get preapproved for a loan with a temporary job status. So, last Thursday, I approached my boss and asked […]

Career Struggle

From top of the world, to jobless.

Feeling like a Failure