Week 34


I feel like I blink and the weeks go by. I thought it was supposed to be the complete opposite?

Week 34 is clean up week.

Clean up toys, clean up christmas decorations, put my house back together. We haven’t really had to do this in 3 years. And even when we did do it 3 years ago, it was just mine and Scott’s things. Not Raelynn’s. And Raelynn’s toys are enough for about 5 children.

Monday, I was off work, but I had Raelynn so not much got accomplished. I did a little clean up around the house while she was napping, but again, nothing major.

Tuesday, I had to go into work a for a little bit. I worked 8-3. By the time I got home, I didn’t have much time to do anything. Scott and I proceeded to clean up some more toys whenever he got home.

Wednesday I was off work and Raelynn was going to daycare so this was the day I had planned to knock a lot of things out. My goal was to take down all of the inside Christmas decorations and I did accomplish it. I had to take lots of breaks though. Just being up and moving around all day long did a number on my back. It was terrible. Every time I had to sit down and take a break, it was just time lost. And I hate losing time especially when I’m on a roll cleaning. But, Briar says sit, so I sit. There is something refreshing about getting the house back to normal after Christmas.

Thursday, I had to work again from 8-3. Scott and I continued to clear some more items out whenever he got home. I also had a therapy appointment today. It was noting monumental. We mainly talked about the only thing that is making me nervous at this point, which is giving birth again. Overall, she said I was the calmest and less anxious that she had seen me in a very long time. I will take that progress. We decided to schedule my next appointment for after I have Briar, which I think is for the best.

Friday, I worked from home, but Raelynn was with me. I actually got a lot accomplished while she napped today. I got everything put away. Scott and I still have some things that need to find a home, but all of Raelynn’s stuff is put away, so that’s a huge relief. I went though all of her clothes and purged her old clothes and incorporated the new ones. Probably the most important thing (to me atleast) that I accomplished was getting the fabric cut for Briar’s bed skirt. Cutting the fabric is the hardest part for me. Now that it’s cut, I just have to sew it. Which I hope to accomplish either Sunday or Monday.


As the day went on Friday, I started to have some discomfort. And by discomfort, I mean my hemorrhoids started acting up. I had them prior to Raelynn, during Raelynn, after Raelynn, and obviously now. They have never truly went away, but the pain and discomfort associated with them is usually very rare. By the time Scott got home, I couldn’t stand it anymore. Luckily, I had some preparation H and Tucks pads at home so I was able to start treating them. I don’t ever remember them being so painful. It hurts to do anything, sit, walk, nothing feels good. I’m hoping for some relief soon. Even though I am going to the doctor next week, I am still thinking about going ahead and calling them early next week to see if they can give me anything else. With being so close to giving birth, the last thing I want are painful hemorrhoids. I can already see how that would work. I would probably just ask for the epidural so I wouldn’t have to feel them.

Also, I have discovered new stretch marks. They are on the tops of my thighs. And the ones on my stomach continue to grow…


Pregnancy is really fucking glamorous, in case you weren’t aware. Hemorrhoids, stretchmarks, heartburn. The hemorrhoids and heartburn this time are enough to make me not want another child. I know that will change, but I’m literally dying.

On a positive note, I am sleeping a little better this week. I still wake up several times a night, and I do have to get up to pee at least once, but I’m not staying awake for hours at a time. So that’s a plus.

CrossFit…was nonexistent this week…

And I’m not mad about it. So far, I have missed two entire weeks my entire pregnancy. I am super happy about that. I feel much better that I cleaned the whole house this week. Essentially, it was a workout, so, whatever.

Until next week…


–The Kentucky Momma


Week 33


It’s Christmas week. I can’t believe that Christmas is already here. It’s absolutely crazy to me. This whole year has flown by. It’s so very true, as we get older, the days literally fly by. I hate it.

For once, I actually had the majority of my Christmas shopping finished. I just had a little bit of stuff here and there to pick up. I was overall very happy about this. I normally procrastinate until the last minute. Online shopping has been a lifesaver this year. I hope to start even earlier next year.


Gangsta Wrapper…I couldn’t help myself

Christmas Eve and Christmas were jam pack this year. Even with us moving some things around, it was still pretty busy. On Christmas Eve, we went to my dad’s and my grandparents. On Christmas Day, my parents came to the house in the morning, we went to Scott’s parents in the afternoon, and in the evening we went to my grandparents again. We moved one of my grandparents to the prior weekend so that helped, but there is still a lot to do. Even though we had a super busy schedule, I thoroughly enjoyed Christmas this year because of Raelynn. She just makes everything so much better. Scott was seriously so cute getting everything together after Raelynn went to bed on Christmas Eve. We set out milk and cookies, he wrote a note from Santa to Raelynn, all of her presents had to be set up a certain way; it literally made my heart smile. Just seeing him work so hard and be so precise and careful with the way things were set up for Raelynn was absolutely precious. He’s such a good dad.

Now, we are DROWNING in toys. Raelynn got way too much shit. Our parents all went overboard. I know I will whenever I have grandkids too, but damn. It’s just so overwhelming. It’s like, we get the house ready for Christmas, all nice and clean, just to get absolutely destroyed. No one destroyed it really, the house is just completely covered with new toys. That’s what we get for having 3 sets of parents and 3 sets of grandparents.


I had an OB appointment this week. This was my last appointment before getting the weekly checks. It was extremely fast, as expected. In and out. Nothing spectacular to report. Heartbeat was good, she was still head down, and she had the hiccups when the OB was checking the heartbeat. I could feel them, but it was funny to actually hear them. My next appointment will be in two weeks, then weekly from there until I have her.

I did accomplish something in Briar’s room this week, thank god. I successfully sewed her crib sheet. It only took two tries. The first time I didn’t cut the fabric correctly so after I sewed it, it didn’t fit. So, I had to do it all over again. I expected to mess up, which is why I bought so much extra fabric. Overall, sewing is not hard, it just takes a time or two to get back into the swing of things. Next on my list is her crib skirt. I hope to finish that before the end of year. Then will be curtains. I’m trying to knock out the hardest items first, so the rest feels like a breeze.

Pregnancy wise – I can definitely feel that I only have 7 weeks left. My stretch marks continue to grow, my sleep continues to get worse, my heartburn is absolutely fucking terrible, I feel like a whale turning in bed or getting out of bed, I am now to the point where I have to get up and pee at least once a night. I am just over it. I am ready to have Briar here, I am ready to fit back into my clothes (Scott is ready for his clothes back), and I’m so ready for my heartburn to be gone.


CrossFit is becoming harder and harder and to be perfectly honest, it’s hard to find the motivation to go. Bending down to pick up the barbell is a task in itself, putting weights on the barbell is terrible. It’s FREEZING cold in my gym. So when it’s cold outside, it’s freezing in the gym too. I am down to like 3 outfits that actually fit and I refuse to go out and buy anything else. I was hoping for an average of 3 days per week in the end, but it’s been more so along the lines of 2. Overall, I feel like I should be happy with that. It’s much more than I did when I was pregnant with Raelynn.

CrossFit this week…

Monday, December 19

Strength – worked up to 4 sets at 105# – didn’t feel as good as the back squats last week.

Front Squat
heavy set of 4 reps (heavier than last week) then
-10% 4×2

MetCon – did the KB snatches just fine (thank god!), did knees to elbow on the rig instead of sit ups.
KB snatches (each arm) #44/25
sit ups

Thursday, December 22 – nothing felt good today. My back hurt, my stomach/abs (where ever they were) felt like they were going to split open during the front squats. I just didn’t feel comfortable at all.

Strength – worked up to 65#

5 attempts to establish a heavy 1 rep of: 1 clean+2front squats+1 split jerk
then: EMOM 6 mins 1 complex @ 70% of the established 1rep max from the 5 attempts

MetCon – this sucked worse than I thought it would. I only used 55# and modified the ring dips. I used the band for assistance.
8 min AMRAP
5 snatches
5 ring dips

Until next week…


–The Kentucky Momma

Week 32


As it gets closer to Briar getting here, the weeks just go by quicker and quicker. I know I should be happy about this. I am, but I’m not. I am pleasantly surprised with how quick this pregnancy is going, but I am not prepared at all for her to be here yet. Scott just now painted her room this week. There is nothing else in the room, except for fresh paint. I feel 1000% unprepared for her.

I remember anxiously awaiting Raelynn’s arrival. As it got closer the weeks crept by and the days seemed to drag. Not with Briar. I remember as soon as we found out what we were having with Raelynn, we went to Babies R Us and started window shopping for things we liked. Not with Briar. I think it was even worse because we knew we were having another girl. The mindset basically set in that we had everything we needed, so there was no need to really do anything. And, don’t get me wrong, we do essentially have everything we need…crib, bouncers, rock n play, all the clothes we could ever need.

But, her room is not done. And it’s stressing me out. BIG TIME. She’s not even going to be in her room for a while, but I already know if I wait until after she is here, the likelihood of ANYTHING getting accomplished is slim to none. I’m hoping to be able to take some time off around the holidays so I can focus on getting her room done. We will see how that goes though.

I just feel bad. I feel like we were overly prepared for Raelynn and now with Briar, I’m essentially doing whatever I can to get by. I feel like she is going to have all of Raelynn’s hand me downs and left overs forever.

While I’m on the subject of comparing, let’s discuss another depressing subject that I haven’t really talked about…my weight gain so far. With Raelynn, I started at 166 lbs. and I ended at 202 lbs. So, a total weight gain of 36 lbs. My hope was to stay under this with Briar, especially since I have been very active and I was not with Raelynn. I didn’t even lift a weight with Raelynn. With Briar, the weight gain seems to be just as fierce, if not more. The week I found out I was pregnant, I weighed 175 lbs. My 175 lbs. was much different than the 166 lbs with Raelynn. The 175 lbs. was so much lean muscle. The 166 lbs. was flabby fat. 4 weeks later, whenever I went in for my first appointment, I weighed 181 lbs. I had gained so much weight in 4 weeks due to the progesterone I was taking. At my last appointment, I weighed 202 lbs. So, I’m currently the weight I was whenever I had Raelynn. According to the doctors, I’ve gained 21 lbs, but for me, I’ve gained 27 lbs.

OMG another depressing subject…I already have stretch marks. I didn’t get them with Raelynn until the week I had her and then they actually got worse after I had her because my stomach shrunk so quickly. I also used bio oil religiously with Raelynn. With Briar, not so much, or at all, really. It’s just so amazing to me what you (I) have time for with my first, and not for my second.

I just plain hurt with Briar. ALL THE TIME. But, I also did not have a toddler to manage and play with and I did not work out at all with Raelynn. It makes such a big difference.

My acid reflux has become a regular inconvenience in my life. It started super early with Briar and has only continued to get worse the further along I get. It’s waking me up in the middle of the night and I’m almost always on the verge of puking. It’s terrible. It literally feels like a fire in my esophagus. On top of this, I’m also not sleeping now. It started late last week and has only gotten worse this week. I wake up at 3:30 or 4:00 every morning and it’s a struggle to go back to sleep. Some days it will take an hour, some days 2 hours, some days I don’t go back to sleep. For the most part, unless I’m having heartburn, I’m not uncomfortable. My eyes just pop open and I’m ready to start my day. It’s so annoying because when it is actually time for me to get up for the day, I’m dragging. So, it’s been a struggle this week.

CrossFit this week…

Tuesday, December 13th

Strength – worked up to 4 reps at 135#

Front Squat
Heavy 4 (heavier than last week) then
-10% and do 4×2


10min AMRAP
15 – V-ups – did air squats instead
20 – Double Unders – did SU’s
15 – HRPU – did pushups from the barbell. This is the first time I’ve done pushups like this, but I liked it. I felt like I got a better workout this way.


Wednesday, December 14th

Strength – only worked up to 55#

5@ 40%, 3 @ 50%, 6 @ 60%

MetCon – first of all, Grace sucks. But double Grace was terrible. I started from the hang position in stead of from the floor, and I only used 65#. I did okay though.

Double Grace Scaled
Grace (30 C&J)
2mins Rest
Grace (30 C&J)



Until next time…


–The Kentucky Momma


Week 31


I had an OB appointment this week. I was very excited to go and see what they had to say about Briar’s position. Over the prior weekend, I had felt better, and I even felt her in my ribs a little bit, but I tend to overthink and make my mind think things that don’t really happen, so I tried to not get too excited. But, I kept thinking to myself that I really thought she had turned.

The OB confirmed it, she really had turned. I couldn’t believe it. Although I can’t say for sure, I really and truly think that it was due to me doing the handstands. It was the only thing I had changed. I had read all of these horror stories about feeling your baby turn and you will never forget that moment because it was so painful. I had a friend who’s baby had been breech and she successfully turned her. She said she didn’t feel her baby turn, so I was hoping that would happen for me. And it did. So that made me happy. Now, I just hoped she would stay this way.

Besides that, everything else was good. These doctor appointments are quick. They check the heartbeat, the feel around, and then you are on your way. I was happy everything was okay.

In the midst of all the happiness, there was also some sadness. December 7th was the one year anniversary of the loss of the third baby. One year ago was really terrible. We were in the middle of selling our house; technically the house was sold and we were getting ready to move out. We were moving in with Scott’s parents. I had the miscarriage at work. The day I had the miscarriage, we had internal auditors there and I had to leave to go to the ER. Then, I was in work the next day and didn’t skip a beat. I did not deal with the loss of that baby until months later. I didn’t tell hardly anyone when it actually happened. There was just a lot going on in life. I say one year ago was terrible, and it was, but we were going through huge changes. The majority were positive, but then there was this huge negative of losing yet another baby. My consuming thought this time was the thought of not being able to give Raelynn a sibling. It literally broke my heart. We wanted another baby and we wanted them to be close in age. That was always our plan. And now, our plan was going to shit. It sucked. Really bad.

Fast forward to the current year…here we are…expecting Raelynn’s little sister and she appears to be a healthy little baby. Just like that, our prayers had been answered. The Lord truly does work in strange ways. I don’t question. I just accept and reflect.

This didn’t happen this week, but I forgot to mention it in the week that it actually happened. So, I hate Christmas. I’ve always hated Christmas. I have divorced parents and divorced grandparents so it’s a constant battle to allocate enough time with everyone and make everyone happy. I swore whenever I had kids that I was not going to do all of this traveling from house to house and spend 2 hours here and 2 hours there. Since Raelynn, we have definitely moved things around, and it’s better, but it’s still not ideal. My ideal Christmas day is not leaving my house all day long. One day, maybe when I’m old at 104 years old that will happen, but it will happen.


Anyways…we haven’t decorated for Christmas in 3 years. The first year we didn’t, I was dealing with the loss of the twins, the second year we didn’t, I was dealing with the emotions of postpartum depression and Raelynn’s colic, the third year, last year, we lived with Scott’s parents and they decorated, but it just wasn’t the same. So, I told Scott this year if we were really going to decorate, then we were going to get a whole new tree and make it pretty and matchy and if we were going to decorate outside, we were going to make it pretty, and if we were going to decorate inside, we were going to make it pretty. No half ass shit. So, a couple of weeks ago, we went and bought all new decorations. I was hoping it was going to get me in the Christmas spirit this year. My main goal is to not pass my hatred of Christmas onto my kids. Christmas is such an amazing holiday and I want them to enjoy it. I wanted to start traditions with Raelynn that she could carry onto her kids. I wanted to watch Christmas movies and enjoy being cuddled up on the couch with my family. The fact that I WANTED to do these things was a glimmer of hope for me. I was hoping this was the year that I was really, truly going to enjoy Christmas.


Working out is getting progressively harder. I have pretty much cut back to 3 times a week, and I’m okay with that. At least I’m moving. CrossFit this week:

Monday December 5th

Strength – these actually felt really good. I only used 55#, but this is also a lift that I’m not comfortable with. My form just felt really good overall.

3 position snatch:
power position+mid knee+mid shin
3x(1+1+1) @ 30%, 40%, and 50%

3 rds for time:
3 Chest 2 Bars – modified to ring rows
3 Ring Dips – modified using bands
6 HSPU – modified to push ups
9 burpee box jumps 24/20″ – modified to step ups

Wednesday, December 7th

Strength – These actually felt really good too. I only used 65#, but again, my form felt great.

3 position clean:
Power position+ mid knee+mid shin
3x(1+1+1) @ 30%,40%,50%

Deadlifts #205/145 – only used 135# and they felt rough on the lower back
T2B – modified to knees to elbows. I really fucking hate knees to elbows. I really it’s still working my core, but I feel like a monkey swinging from the rig, working around my big belly.

Friday, December 9th


Split jerk – we have not worked on these in a while so they felt really shaky. I worked up to 85# and then stopped. Form was bad.
(2 second pause in receiving position)
5@ 50%, 60%, 70%

MetCon – so, I looked at this WOD before and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it without hurting something. But, I had felt really good all week, so I wanted to get in the gym. I ended up being the only one in class. My coach agreed that this workout probably wasn’t the best thing. He suggested low impact, rowing intervals. I rowed for 30 seconds, took a break for 30 seconds, for 10 minutes. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it definitely got my blood flowing. It days like these that I’m thankful to have a coach to help me and make suggestions.

12 min AMRAP
8 single arm ring row (each arm)
10 med ball burpee
12 medball situps
14 wallballs

Until next week…


–The Kentucky Momma




Week 30

I’m not really sure where this pregnancy has gone. I’m already down to 10 weeks left. I honestly can’t believe it. The days and weeks just seem to literally fly by.

With that said, I had a pretty monumental emotional breakdown on Wednesday of this week. I hadn’t really talked about it much, but Raelynn has been having some pretty monumental meltdowns in the morning. She just doesn’t want to get up, and then she doesn’t want to go to the potty, and then she doesn’t want to put her clothes on. One day this week, she wanted to go to Wal-Mart instead of daycare. That was pretty interesting. We got to daycare and she was extremely pissed that we weren’t at Walmart.

Wednesday, was just kinda the cherry on top of all of the meltdowns. She instantly started crying when I woke her up. Normally I can somewhat calm her down to a point of being able to at least talk to me, but not today. There was no letting up. She almost started to make herself get sick from crying so hard. At the very least, I know she will calm down when we get in the car, and today just wasn’t that day. She cried almost the whole way to daycare. It just really, really got under my skin. I hate that I couldn’t calm her down. It really took me back to the colic days. It was a flashback that I did not like. I drove the whole way to work with the music off, just lost in my thoughts. The longer I drove, the more I thought.

I thought about Briar being here in 10 weeks. I wondered if Raelynn was acting like this as a test for the new baby. Would this new baby have colic? Would I be able to deal with it better than I did with Raelynn? …then my mind completely went to work… I had so much to do at work before I left. Was there anyway that I was really going to get it done? Was I going to have everything ready by the time my replacement came? …then my mind shifted to oh my god, is being off work for 12 weeks a good idea? Can we really financially swing that? Really, no….we can’t. So then I started to stress the fuck out about money. …then…the icing on the cake and that’s when I feel like it all made sense…I got on my timehop and realized that one year ago on November 30th, I found out I was pregnant for the third time, only to lose this one a few short weeks later. I completely lost it. I tried to calm down because I was already at work, but it wasn’t happening. I finally calmed down enough to call Scott and talk to him. I told him I needed like 10 minutes of his time to just help me rationalize. That was what I needed. I told him about everything from Raelynn that morning to all of my dumb, stupid thoughts. It was simply just an overwhelming day. Also, I still hadn’t been to the gym yet. It was only 9 days off, but that was really unusual for me. I knew I needed it. I didn’t even really have a good reason to not go on Monday or Tuesday. I just let other things get in the way. Not today. I was going no matter what.


So, I normally talk about the gym at the end, but I want everyone to follow this hellacious day of mine.

I have not done handstands since about week 8 of pregnancy. We did hand stand holds then and I was already completely off balance and even though I was pretty good at them, I just decided that this was something I could do without. The main concern when doing hand stand holds, or hand stands in general, is that you are going to fall. Overall, they pose no threat to the baby or you. Today, I decided that I was going to do them with the assistance of my coach. I mainly wanted to do them to help Briar turn. I had read that inversions can help. I know I had previously said that I wasn’t going to worry about trying to turn her, but it was becoming increasingly more uncomfortable. I figured this was the perfect opportunity. I was really nervous to try. I wasn’t nervous that I was going to fall. I was nervous that I was going to do something internally to hurt Briar. What if she was transverse for a reason? What if there was something blocking her from turning? ย What if these handstands put her in a compromising position?

OMG. I know. It’s so dumb to continually have all of these thoughts. Can’t help it. So I finally sucked it up and did it. And it felt pretty amazing on my vagina. All of the pressure was gone while I was upside down. I just wanted to stay like that forever. I was so glad that I did them.

THEN….after that, we had a 40 minute ROMWOD.

THEN…the WOD was optional. Given the day that I had, I knew I needed to sweat so I was doing the WOD. Another guy ended up doing it with me. I was able to do this WOD RX. Which made me even happier.

Wednesday, November 30


Hand Stand Holds
:20 ON
:40 OFF


I think we need a day of stretching and recovery but if you absolutely must have a metcon
500m Row
20 Thrusters w/bar

THEN…it all went back down hill. I had some pelvic pressure after the workout, but that wasn’t unusual. The longer I sat still at work, the worse it got. I was in for real tears at one point because I could not even sit without it hurting, I couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t walk. It all hurt. I was so mad at myself. I swore I would never put myself in this position again after I aggravated my sciatic nerve doing squats. But, here I was, in some pretty unbearable pain. I even ended up calling the OB because it was so bad. From everything I had described to them, they told me I had probably separated my pelvic bone. Cool. I was so over all of this pain shit.

So, I guess you could say that with the exception of the handstands being a success, Wednesday sucked ass.

However, it got better. Friday I had a therapy appointment and ย we had our annual girls Christmas.

Therapy was good and obviously came at a perfect time. There was nothing super monumental, it just felt good to talk about the past week.

The annual Christmas party has evolved from us drinking margaritas at a local mexican restaurant and exchanging gifts to a fun filled night with all of our children ๐Ÿ™‚ Wine was involved, but not for me :/ soon enough….I will have my glass!

It is just so fun to watch the kids together. They play, they fight, they makeup. It’s like a big group of brothers and sisters. I can’t even imagine what our group will look like in a couple of years. We are growing at a very rapid rate. Everyone is going to need to get bigger houses so we can all fit!! LOL

So far next year we are adding on 2 girls and 1 more boy to this group ๐Ÿ™‚


CrossFit the rest of the week…

Thursday, December 1st

Strength – Even though I was hurt…I still wanted to go to the gym and just move. I had to be smart though. Squats were obviously not smart at this time. I asked my coach if I could just do handstands again since it felt good. He said yes, and he would help me. So, we attempted to do the same thing as yesterday, except it felt horrible. Swinging my leg and kicking myself up to the wall was pretty much unbearable pain. So, I used a 24″ box and did half ass inversions. Whatever.

Back Squat Bottom EMOM w/bar
:30 ON
:30 OFF

MetCon – score was 116 reps

3min – Push Press w/bar
2min – Rest
3min – Toes 2 Bar – modified to knees to elbows
2min – Rest
3min – Double Unders – rowed for calories instead of even doing singles since I was hurting.

Only two days this week. I was just not feeling it. I was hurting. I didn’t want to kill myself.

That’s all I got for this week…

Until next time…


–The Kentucky Momma

Week 29

So, this week was an interesting week. I had to travel for work and it was Thanksgiving.

I had to travel to Anderson, South Carolina for work. We have a pretty big customer there that holds a significant amount of our inventory and I had to go verify it. It was a pretty quick trip. I was only gone for literally 24 hours. I left on Tuesday November 22 at 5pm and I returned on Wednesday November 23 at 5:30pm. The trip was effective and it was nice to see our customer face to face. I was kinda nervous traveling at 29 weeks pregnant, but my doctors weren’t concerned. I should have mentioned that I was flying. The doctors were okay with that too. Overall, I was just uncomfortable sitting for a while, especially since she was still in a transverse lie position. My flights were quick. Everything was on time. So I can’t complain about much. I was just glad that I didn’t have to travel again while I was pregnant. Plus, it was nice to only be gone for 24 hours. I didn’t even have enough time to really digest that I was away from home.

Thanksgiving was good. We actually started on Wednesday with my dad. My step sister has a son (my nephew) and he was going to be spending Thanksgiving with his dad which was the first time away from his mom on a holiday (bad divorce, bad relationship). It actually worked out better for us because that was one more place that we didn’t have to go to on Thanksgiving and we didn’t have to rush from one place to the next. We had a nice time.


On actual Thanksgiving day, we went to my mom’s mom and then we went to Scott’s side of the family. I was a little concerned with how the day was going to go because we were going to let Raelynn go without a nap at all day which I normally NEVER let happen. I honestly handled it a lot better than I thought I would. I would normally freak the fuck out and be extremely uptight and tense, but there was so much going on, it kept her occupied. By the end of the night, she was definitely ready for bed though. She ran around and played with her cousins all day long so that was good.

I was off work the next day, Black Friday. I have never ever been a Black Friday shopper. I have went maybe twice and I hated it. I’m not a shopper in general, and Black Friday is just for all of the crazies which involved the majority of my friends and family. I leave the Black Friday shopping to them and then I just shop at home. I have really come to LOVE online shopping. I used to be really freaked out by it. I guess I just always thought that someone was going to steal my credit card number. Now, especially having a kid, it was so nice to be able to shop from my couch while she watched cartoons and then several days later, have the merchandise delivered to me. Such convenience. I actually did get a lot of shopping done on Black Friday which made me happy. And I actually did get a lot of deals too, which made me even happier.

Also on Black Friday, my friend Sabrina and I got our kids together and did some Christmas crafts. Here is the outcome:


CrossFit this week….

…it didn’t happen…and I’m not mad about it. There was a lot of stuff going on, and to be perfectly honest, it felt good to take one whole week off. I knew I was probably going to regret it the next week, but just for this week, I was okay with it.

Until next time…


–The Kentucky Momma

Week 28

Hello THIRD TRIMESTER!!! I have no idea where the time went. Seriously, this pregnancy has been so quick. It’s crazy. Being in the third trimester basically translates to:


Busy, busy week.

I had 3 doctor appointments this week. 2 were OB appointments and 1 was a dentist appointment. :/

I had to go get my Rhogam shot this week. For those who aren’t aware, I have to get the Rhogam shot because I have the RH factor. It’s not a big deal at all. It essentially just means that Scott and I’s blood isn’t compatible.I am O Negative and Scott is O positive. If the baby has Scott’s blood then it could pose a potential threat to myself and the baby. Therefore, I have to get this Rhogam shot to make everything okay. Again, sounds scary, but it’s really not that big of a deal as long as I get the shot. On Tuesday the 15th, I had to go get labs prior to the shot and then I actually got my shot on Thursday the 17th. I’ve had 4 of these so far and they’ve all been in my butt. This time, they gave it to me in my arm and it was the least painful of all of them. I couldn’t believe it. I was pleasantly surprised.

My dentist appointment was much less stressful this time around. If you recall, I had some major dental work in the beginning of my pregnancy that caused me a lot of stress. It was not fun at all. Lucky for me, this week was just a cleaning. I was in and out and it was wonderful.

Potty training Raelynn has been about the same. Nothing new to report. She’s still doing really well. To somewhat reiterate what we are doing…pull-ups all day except her nap and at night. She has a potty watch that reminds her (and us to take her) to go every hour. It’s super helpful. We have a double reward system, I guess you could say. If she pee’s she gets to put a sticker on her potty chart. Whenever she fills up a line, which is 8 times of pottying successfully, we give her 30 minutes on the iPad. We also encourage her with M&M’s. Sue us. It works. And we brush her teeth at night so, whatever. If she sits on the potty and at least tries, no protesting, no crying, she gets 1 M&M. If she pee’s, she gets 2 M&M’s, if she poops, which is nothing short of ย a miracle these days, she gets 3 M&M’s. Again, it works for us. I have no idea when we will get away from diapers at naps and night. There are some days that she will wake up completely dry. Multiple days in a row. Then she will have one day or even multiple days where she is soaking wet at night time. So, who knows. Overall, I’m very pleased with the progress we’ve made ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a tough process. And I’ve remained fairly calm throughout.

Something super exciting did happen this week…we had a girls night on Friday. We used to try and get together once a month and we have kinda been slacking at that. Anyways, we all got together and a very good friend announced to us that she was pregnant. It was super exciting because her and her husband have struggled to become pregnant for several years. They are pretty private and kept to themselves about the whole process, which I can’t say I blame them in the least. It’s a very sensitive subject. I’m just so incredibly happy for them. They are more than deserving.

So in our group, there are currently 3 of us that are pregnant. I love that our group continues to grow. I can’t imagine what a get together with everyone will look like in a couple of years.

CrossFit this week…working out in general is now becoming hard. Not to the point that it hurts or anything like that, but my mobility is slowly withering away and mobility is key in CrossFit. I just find myself struggling to do some movements that used to come pretty naturally. And this week, I did notice that my belly was actually starting to somewhat get in the way of certain movements. MODIFY ERREEYYTTHHINNNNGGG……..

Monday, November 14 – with that sermon about sucking at life, let me just show you something about this day…I was TOP…LITERALLY #1, on the leaderboard for strength and then completely and utterly sucking wind L A S T place in the MetCon. LOL


Wall Sit – I held my wall sit for 4 minutes and 30 seconds. I couldn’t believe it.
Max Effort Wall Sit

MetCon – I weaned out situps a long time ago. This workout was similar to Cindy so I just did half of Cindy instead.
10min AMRAP
5 – pushups
10 – situps
15 – squats

Thursday, November 17

Strength – I’m basically scared to do back squats anymore because of the time I hurt myself. But, today, they felt good. I worked up to 135# for 6 reps which is about 60ish% of my 1RM, so I was pleasantly surprised with this. Total win for me today!

10 – 4/1,1/1 Back Squats
45%, 55%, 65%


MetCon – again….totally scared about my back with this one. Also, nothing from the floor feels good anymore. Or at least today they didn’t. So I modified to hang snatches. I did a couple to warm up and my coach was happy with my form and they didn’t hurt so that made me happy. I did 75 hang snatches.

75 – Power Snatches #75/55

Friday, November 18

Strength – as much as I’ve been substitudting planks for basically everything, you’d think I’d be good at them by now. But I’m not. I still suck pretty royally at them. I only held my plank for 1 minute and 13 seconds. ๐Ÿ™

Max Plank Hold


Medball Run/Wall Ball – score was 3+1
10min AMRAP
200m Medball Run #20/14 – rowed 200m instead of running
20 Wall Balls #20/14