Briar is ONE!

In the midst of all things gloomy…

…we now have a ONE YEAR OLD!!



As with most people, I have no idea where the past year went. It was a hard one, that’s for sure. For me, the main factors that made it hard were going back to work at 6 weeks, breastfeeding, no consistent sleep until she was 6 months old, breastfeeding, pumping, breastfeeding, getting pregnant with a new baby and losing the baby all before she turned 1, and breastfeeding….

At this point, I have finished breastfeeding. It wasn’t intentional, but the last time I nursed her was her 1st birthday. I was going through the miscarriage, I was ready for my body to get back to normal, I was so over pumping, I had enough milk to last a couple more weeks until we fully transitioned over to an alternate milk, I had ultimately met my breastfeeding goal of 1 year. I was just done. So, after I nursed her and laid her in her crib, and walked out of her room, I just decided that was it. The next night and every night after that she has been perfectly fine. It was like I didn’t even nurse her EVERY SINGLE NIGHT FOR ONE ENTIRE YEAR. February 6th was her last day of breast milk. We had been half breast milk and half of an alternate milk for about 1 month before.


Briar’s Last Bag of Milk

When she was 11 months she started taking some step here and there, and it wasn’t much longer after that until she was full on walking. She was walking by her 1st birthday, 2 months faster than Raelynn. I love that she is mobile now and can walk around on her own. It makes my life a million times easier. I mean, she is still mama’s girl and wants me to hold her constantly, but at least I can get somewhat of a break.

She still only has her two bottom teeth. She spouted those around 9 months and there is nothing else that even looks like it’s about to break the skin anytime soon. My nipples appreciated that.

For the moment, Briar’s constipation problems have eased. Giving her baby food prunes consistently every single day have helped. Literally if we miss one single day, she is backed up again. I have no idea what I’m going to do to get her off the prunes. She might be eating baby food prunes until she is 10. The doctor suggested that we could go ahead and start giving her miralax, but I really do not want to start doing that. I have no idea how we are ever going to wean Raelynn off of that. Same issue with Raelynn, if she misses one day of miralax, she backs up and it’s really bad. I’ve been having to give her suppositories lately which is not fun at all.

We had a lot of sickness in month 12. Basically after Christmas, all 4 of us were sick. nothing major, just not feeling good, congested, runny noses. And it’s never really went away. I’ve had to take Raelynn and Briar to the doctor multiple times this month, but it was never anything serious. I actually ended up having to take Briar to the immediate care one time. She was exhibiting flu like symptoms and there is basically a flu pandemic right now so I was scared to death. The flu is killing everyone left and right, so I didn’t hesitate to take her to immediate care. They said it was probably something viral, which I was extremely thankful for. I have found this medicine that I started giving both of the girls. It’s just an immunity booster. I get it from the same place I get my protein from. I would like to think it helps them. And I’ll continue to give it to them throughout these winter-sick months.

That’s all I got for now…

Until next time…

—The Kentucky Momma


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