Week 32


As it gets closer to Briar getting here, the weeks just go by quicker and quicker. I know I should be happy about this. I am, but I’m not. I am pleasantly surprised with how quick this pregnancy is going, but I am not prepared at all for her to be here yet. Scott just now painted her room this week. There is nothing else in the room, except for fresh paint. I feel 1000% unprepared for her.

I remember anxiously awaiting Raelynn’s arrival. As it got closer the weeks crept by and the days seemed to drag. Not with Briar. I remember as soon as we found out what we were having with Raelynn, we went to Babies R Us and started window shopping for things we liked. Not with Briar. I think it was even worse because we knew we were having another girl. The mindset basically set in that we had everything we needed, so there was no need to really do anything. And, don’t get me wrong, we do essentially have everything we need…crib, bouncers, rock n play, all the clothes we could ever need.

But, her room is not done. And it’s stressing me out. BIG TIME. She’s not even going to be in her room for a while, but I already know if I wait until after she is here, the likelihood of ANYTHING getting accomplished is slim to none. I’m hoping to be able to take some time off around the holidays so I can focus on getting her room done. We will see how that goes though.

I just feel bad. I feel like we were overly prepared for Raelynn and now with Briar, I’m essentially doing whatever I can to get by. I feel like she is going to have all of Raelynn’s hand me downs and left overs forever.

While I’m on the subject of comparing, let’s discuss another depressing subject that I haven’t really talked about…my weight gain so far. With Raelynn, I started at 166 lbs. and I ended at 202 lbs. So, a total weight gain of 36 lbs. My hope was to stay under this with Briar, especially since I have been very active and I was not with Raelynn. I didn’t even lift a weight with Raelynn. With Briar, the weight gain seems to be just as fierce, if not more. The week I found out I was pregnant, I weighed 175 lbs. My 175 lbs. was much different than the 166 lbs with Raelynn. The 175 lbs. was so much lean muscle. The 166 lbs. was flabby fat. 4 weeks later, whenever I went in for my first appointment, I weighed 181 lbs. I had gained so much weight in 4 weeks due to the progesterone I was taking. At my last appointment, I weighed 202 lbs. So, I’m currently the weight I was whenever I had Raelynn. According to the doctors, I’ve gained 21 lbs, but for me, I’ve gained 27 lbs.

OMG another depressing subject…I already have stretch marks. I didn’t get them with Raelynn until the week I had her and then they actually got worse after I had her because my stomach shrunk so quickly. I also used bio oil religiously with Raelynn. With Briar, not so much, or at all, really. It’s just so amazing to me what you (I) have time for with my first, and not for my second.

I just plain hurt with Briar. ALL THE TIME. But, I also did not have a toddler to manage and play with and I did not work out at all with Raelynn. It makes such a big difference.

My acid reflux has become a regular inconvenience in my life. It started super early with Briar and has only continued to get worse the further along I get. It’s waking me up in the middle of the night and I’m almost always on the verge of puking. It’s terrible. It literally feels like a fire in my esophagus. On top of this, I’m also not sleeping now. It started late last week and has only gotten worse this week. I wake up at 3:30 or 4:00 every morning and it’s a struggle to go back to sleep. Some days it will take an hour, some days 2 hours, some days I don’t go back to sleep. For the most part, unless I’m having heartburn, I’m not uncomfortable. My eyes just pop open and I’m ready to start my day. It’s so annoying because when it is actually time for me to get up for the day, I’m dragging. So, it’s been a struggle this week.

CrossFit this week…

Tuesday, December 13th

Strength – worked up to 4 reps at 135#

Front Squat
Heavy 4 (heavier than last week) then
-10% and do 4×2


10min AMRAP
15 – V-ups – did air squats instead
20 – Double Unders – did SU’s
15 – HRPU – did pushups from the barbell. This is the first time I’ve done pushups like this, but I liked it. I felt like I got a better workout this way.


Wednesday, December 14th

Strength – only worked up to 55#

5@ 40%, 3 @ 50%, 6 @ 60%

MetCon – first of all, Grace sucks. But double Grace was terrible. I started from the hang position in stead of from the floor, and I only used 65#. I did okay though.

Double Grace Scaled
Grace (30 C&J)
2mins Rest
Grace (30 C&J)



Until next time…


–The Kentucky Momma



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