Week 22

So, the pregnancy pains really, and truly begin this week. I remember having so-called “growing pains” with Raelynn. Where I would feel like my stomach was just stretching and I was kind of crampy. But then it would go away. Not this week. It’s been pretty terrible. I am having severe round ligament pain and lower back pain this week.


This picture depicts perfectly what the RL pain feels like…lightening bolts going down into my vagina.

Getting up too quick…sitting down too fast…sitting too long…sitting in general…standing in general. Everything hurt. Because of all these pains, my sleep was SHIT this week. No position felt good. I was just so uncomfortable in general. With sleeping, I tried a pillow between my legs, switching sides all throughout the night; the only thing that felt half way decent was being propped up by about 3 pillows, but then my next would go to one side or the other and I would wake up with a terrible neck ache. I couldn’t win for losing this week. I never do this, but I even left work early on Monday because I was literally not accomplishing anything. I was so out of it and because of that, I felt like shit, my body ached. It was really just a terrible, achy week.

Personally, I am not into taking medicine unless absolutely necessary so my search began on how to relieve this pain without any type of medication. I don’t know why I was surprised when I found an almost immediate answer on a blog I follow, Diary of a Fit Mommy . Her solution, kinesiology tape, aka sports tape. This tape can be used for so many things. It’s most commonly used for aches and pains in your muscles and joints, and very commonly worn by athletes. It’s basically helps promote blood circulation to the affected area to help it heal better and faster. She lists several different ways to wear this tape to help your pregnant self feel better. Kinesio Tape Here are a few that I have used:

This is not me, but I wish it was. This is taken from the link above. 

The first picture, with just the tape on the belly is for the round ligament pain. It helps to lift your belly up. It took me a couple of tries to actually get the tape where I wanted it. Depending on the pain, some days, I can use just one piece of tape, and other days I have to use two or three pieces of tape. The positioning of the tape was very similar to the picture above. The second picture is for lower back pain and round ligament pain. At one point during the week, I was having pretty extreme lower back pain, so I got my husband to help me put some tape on in a different way that she didn’t have posted in her blog. I am so mad at myself for not taking a picture right now, but I definitely will the next time I have to use it. I used two pieces of tape, started one piece right at my sacrum, essentially the very top of my butt crack, and then brought tape up and over the top of my butt cheeks. Then, I put a piece straight across my back, very similar to what she has done. I cannot explain to any of you how much this stuff really worked for me. My pain is not completely gone, but MUCH more manageable. It is really crazy to think that a piece of tape can make me feel better, but I promise, I did. And I highly recommend this for anyone. Not only has it made me feel better in general, but it makes working out better, too.

On Oct 4th, I had an OB appointment, just a checkup. Everything was fine. I was telling her about the aches and pains I was having and she said it was normal, which I figured they were. I also spoke more with her about a natural birth and she was all on board with me, so that made me feel a lot better. Little girl had a good heartbeat of 140ish. As always, it makes me happy to hear that.

I took it easy this week in CrossFit because of all the aches and pains I was having and the lack of sleep. I only went two days this week.

Wednesday October 5


45 Caliber

MetCon – So, this is one thing I wasn’t really willing to do. All of my doctors have kind of preached to me about overhead weights. I’ve had to reassure them that I’m not sitting there for minutes or even seconds at a time with the bar over my head. It’s quick. Reasoning for this, my doctors told me that anything over your head for a long period of time can take oxygen away from the baby. A girl bar is 35lbs. I realize it’s not a lot, but I wasn’t willing to take a chance. Instead, I did a 15 minute EMOM of 15 push presses with the bar.
5min ALAP
OH Bar Hold for as log as possible
once bar touches or passes below top of head run suicides back and forth in back lot for remainder of time
*score is the sum of the length of time you hold the bar up over all 3rds

Thursday October 6


Beat Swings
:10 On
:20 Off

MetCon – finished in 4:45. Bottom of the leader board as always these days.

1000m Row

Until next week…


–The Kentucky Momma




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