Week 19

So…I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and I have come to the conclusion that I want to have this baby naturally. I’m sure at some point I have mentioned that I had Raelynn naturally, but it wasn’t planned at all. This time, I would like to be prepared. A close friend of mine had her first naturally and she has been my biggest advocate so far. She went through all of the natural birthing classes and has been giving me all of her handouts, pamphlets, and invaluable advice.

This week, we started doing prenatal yoga together. Yoga is her thing. And I’ve not liked it as much. But, the more I read on it, I knew it was something that could help me with giving birth naturally. Not to mention, yoga goes hand in hand with CrossFit. Everyone that does CrossFit preaches on mobility and yoga is the best way to achieve optimal mobility. So, I figured, why not. And at least I had someone to do it with. We only go once a week, but I’d like to go maybe twice a week. Afterwards I felt very centered and relaxed. I have not ever really been a huge believer in yoga, but I have to chalk this up to having pretty bad experiences. These instructors know what they are doing. I even feel connected to the baby during it. My hopes are yoga will help me find that focus and be able to breathe and move the way I need to in order to make it through a natural birth.

Natural birth right now is something I know very little about even though I have experienced it. I literally had less than an hour to process that I was going to have a natural birth. Part of me thinks that the fact I didn’t really have much time to think about it, made it better. The more I read and understand what I really have to do in order to have a successful natural birth is really freaking intimidating. There is just so much to think about  and consider. Even though all of this is still a very premature thought, Scott is on board with me. We have not talked in depth about the things that he will need to do and say for me, but I have prepared him that talk is coming.

Speaking of Scott, we have been okay since everything last weekend. We have both made small, but big ( I know…) changes and in order to make our relationship better.

So, something HUGE for Raelynn…we got her a big girl bed! I was so incredibly nervous to make the change and I don’t know why. I feel like it was such a big deal for me. We ordered it from a local store, they came and set it all up and it was out with the old and in with the new, just like that. We upgraded her straight to a twin size bed. I, personally, didn’t want to make the change to a smaller toddler bed. I figured that we had a pretty solid bedtime routine so as long as we continued to follow that she should transition well. Even though it’s only been 2 days, she’s done well! Naps and sleeps have been good. We do have a bedrail up just to make sure she doesn’t fall out. I am probably a weirdo for thinking this, but I am scared to put her comforter on the bed because it just looks so big. She looks so tiny on that bed. She’s always slept with a blanket, since about 4 months old. So, I still give her blanket, I’m just not ready to put the comforter on there yet.UPDATE…two days after I wrote this, I put her comforter on there. LOL


As for me, nothing exciting this week. I’m feeling okay. CrossFit is going good. I’m actually starting to meal prep again which makes me happy. I have decided that I simply can’t and do not want to meal prep all in one day. I have to split in up into a couple different days in order for it to be manageable, which I’m totally okay with.

CrossFit this week:

Monday, September 12


Deadlift – used my new max of 225#. I only made it to 1 rep at 90%. My back is really starting to feel the impact of anything and everything involving lower back.
8@50%, 6@60%, 3@70%, 3@80%, Max Reps@90%

MetCon – I would imagine that this WOD was setting me up to experience death. 4 rounds of 400M is a mile and that was not a smart decision for me especially since this was only my second workout back of being able to run. I did actually RX this, which felt good, but I really did feel like death afterwards. Finished in 19:34
400m Run
6 – OH Squats
12 – Wallballs
#75/55, #14/10

Tuesday, September 13


Bench Press – used my max of 105# – no issues.
8@50%, 6@60%, 3@70%, 3@80%, Max Reps@90%

MetCon – modified the whole workout. Reps were 10+0
8min AMRAP
10 – Pullups – ring rows
5 – Ring Dips – tricep dips on the bench

Thursday, September 15

Strength – my back squat strength is now very slowly losing it’s intensity. My max is 205#; the most I lifted today was 185#. 185# is my 90%, but I struggled. I can feel it big time in my lower back, which is not nice.

Back Squat
8@50%, 6@60%, 3@70%, 3@80%, Max@90%

WOD – Finished in 4:34. I am no longer doing sit-ups per the advice of my OB. Not to mention, they started to feel a little sketchy. The techincally told me that I could continue until about week 24, but there are so many alternatives, I just decided to quit doing them. So, instead of situps, I did two sets of 1 minute planks. For T2B, I just did K2E.
40 – Situps
30 – OH Plate Lunge #35/25
20 – Banded Good Mornings Green/Blue
10 – Toes 2 Bar

Until next week…


–The Kentucky Momma


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