Week 13

Well, I very quickly found myself back at the OB’s office this week, even though I was just there last week. This may be a bit of an overshare, so I’m sorry in advance. I was sitting around the house on Sunday and I noticed that I was having some discomfort….down there… It wasn’t horrible, by any means, I just knew that it didn’t feel right. It was somewhat of a burning sensation with some itching. I went to the bathroom to check it out and my discharge literally smelled like ammonia. That was the first smell that came to my mind. I knew something wasn’t right. And of course, who do I look to for all of the answers, Dr. Google. Seriously, don’t do this. Your end result is basically that you are dying. Given my symptoms, I diagnosed myself with bacterial vaginosis. All of the symptoms were there, I just needed to go to the doctor so they could confirm it for me. I called first thing Monday morning and was able to get in around lunch time. They did a culture and tested for essentially everything they could and they said I would know in about 48 hours. I figured I wouldn’t hear something until Thursday and I was right. I got the call Thursday morning that I was fine. The culture came back all negative. It was a relief. I still had a concern because there was still some discomfort. They just prescribed me with a topical cream to help with the burning and itching.

We got out family pictures taken this past weekend as well. They turned out amazing. Here are just a couple:

CrossFit this week:

Tuesday, August 2


8min EMOM
10 – Goblet Squats

MetCon – finished in 8:36.

Back Lot
2 – Sprint – did not sprint – I actually did a light jog.
2 – 1 Handed Waiter Carry
2 – 1 Handed Front rack Carry
2 – 1 Handed Suit Case Carry
2 – Sprint

Wednesday, August 3

Strength – I can’t remember what I worked up to. I think it was over 100#, but not much more than that.

Romanian Dead Lifts
5 x 5 AHAGFA

MetCon – rowed instead of ran – finished in 19:36. This was a tough one.
50 Wallballs #20/14
400m Run
30 Situps – For me, I’m finding situps are still okay and manageable
200m Run

Thursday, August 4

Strength – this was the first time I had ever performed floor presses. They are similar to bench presses, except you are lying directly on the floor; no bench. I worked up to about 75#.

Floor press 5 x 5 AHAP
Band Tricep pushdown 3 x 10

MetCon – Finished in 10:03. RX!!

5 – Push Press
10 – Front Squats
15 – Hand Release Pushups

Friday, August 5

Strength – I only worked up to 75# which is about 60% of my 1RM. Anything more than 75# and I have to jump too much to get under the bar.

5min EMOM
2 @ 80%
MetCon – we have 4 rowers at the gym, there were 6 guys and me there that day. I ended up just rowing by myself. The workout only called for one individual to row 5x250m which is 1250m and I ended up rowing 1500m. I have no idea what I finished in. I didn’t record my time.
Partner Row
10 – 250m
partners alternate

Until next time–

–The Kentucky Momma




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