Week 6

Week 6

A trend is quickly forming. I find myself feeling okay during the weekends, pretty terrible Monday – Thursday, and then I rebound on Friday. Still the same ol shitty symptoms. I’m writing this a week later than anticipated, so I can’t really remember anything significant.

Ha….oh wait, I do remember a good one….

The dentist this week was a fucking bitch. Like not the actual dentist, but the actual visit. The dentist herself is very nice. Last week, I was at the dentist for 3 hours. I got my top cavities filled and all was well. Whenever she tried to numb me on the bottom, it just wasn’t happening. It was like half and half. I suffered through the pain just to get the shit done. Since it took so long last week, the decided to split my visit up and just do the bottom this time. The topical solution they put on first just wasn’t working. I could feel every shot she gave me. I could feel myself getting numb, but I could tell that my teeth weren’t getting numb. They did a “test” and I could feel everything. She gave me shots on shots on shots and nothing was working. And no, it unfortunately was not the type of shots that I would have preferred. I could just tell it wasn’t going to work. Before she even started drilling on me, I lost it. Just busted out crying in the chair. I was so aggravated for so many reasons. I was mad that I had let my teeth get this bad, I was mad the Novocain wasn’t working, I was just plain pissed off. I kept trying to tell myself to get my shit together, but my hormones were like, “No bitch, you are going to sit here and look like a fool and bawl your eyes out.” And that’s pretty much exactly what happened. The dentist tried once more to drill my cavities and I could feel every single millimeter of that drill. I let her know too. She stopped and said we would just wait until after the pregnancy when I could get something stronger. At that point, I agreed. It just wasn’t even worth it. As soon as I was done, I went straight to my truck, called Scott and continued to cry some more. I completely realized how irrational I was being. Yet, I just couldn’t stop crying. It was awful. First hormonal breakdown in the books. Thank you, hormones, you fucking suck.

I actually really slacked at CrossFit this week. Only attended three times. Not happy about that. I have decided that I am no longer going to use a weight belt. I have not found any research that says when you should or should not use it anymore, but just my own personal preference. I figured that if the weight felt heavy enough for me to use a weight belt, then I don’t want to do it. I don’t NEED to do it.

Monday, June 13th


Back Squat – 1RM is 195# – I worked off of these numbers. Everything felt good.

10 @ 60%

6 @ 70%

4×4 @ 75-85%

** 1-3min rest in between

WOD – no modifications at all with this workout.  I RX’d this workout. I took lots of breaks to catch my breath and drink lots of water. It was a longer-ish workout.

5 Rounds for Time

6 Taters – If you don’t know what this is google it. I was pretty intimidated by it, but they were fun.

12 Goblet Squats

18 KBS


HOLY FUCKING LOWER BACK! I was dead after 1 round. I finished in around 15 minutes.


Tuesday, June 14


RDL 5×3 AHAP – I literally do not remember what weight I used on this, but I felt like I could have went heavier.

WOD – I am somewhat modifying burpees at this point. I am no longer jumping down, slamming my body on the ground, and jumping back up. It’s more so of a step down and out into a pushup and then step back up. I did not RX this workout because I only did 20 inch box jumps and not 24. I, personally, was never really comfortable doing 24 inch box jumps, so I am not trying to challenge myself now.  I do not remember how many rounds I got for this WOD because I didn’t log it. Apparently I was good at not logging this day.

8min AMRAP

5 Burpee Box Jumps

7 Hang Cleans

9 Push Press

30/24, #115/75


Thursday, June 16

Strength – I’ve always hated ab work. Especially tabata. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all doing either of these movements.

10min Tabata Ab Work

30s on : 30s off

alternating between sit-ups & v-ups

WOD – I did not RX this WOD because I cannot do HSPUs. I just did pushups instead. I did deadlift 155#. My DL max is 210#, but I haven’t pulled that in a long time. 155# felt okay though. I didn’t feel like I was straining anything. I got 2 rounds even on this.

10min AMRAP


8 Pistols

12 Burpees

16 Deadlifts #225/155


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