Week 11

Week 11

Today, Monday July 18th, Scott starts a new job. It was expected, but unexpected at the same time. He is going to work at Bachman Chevrolet, which is where he worked at prior to Montgomery Chevrolet. He worked at Bachman for about 8 years I believe. He left there because of some scheduling issues, working late nights, and management at the time. He went to Montgomery Chevrolet and it was going well at first, he had a better schedule, it was closer to home, but almost immediately he was talking about the differences in the two dealerships in many different aspects and how much better Bachman was. He left Bachman on good terms and he said from the moment he left, he would be back there; it was just a matter of time. He pretty much had his last straw at Montgomery and went and talked to his old boss at Bachman and they hired him on the spot. It appears this is going to be a good move for him overall. So I’m happy for him and us.

On a sad note, my friend Krista (the one in the air force), is coming home this week due to the passing of her grandfather. While I’m happy to see her, I wish it wasn’t under these circumstances. She comes in on Wednesday July 20 and leaves Friday July 29.

Pregnancy related – I’m finding myself battling some headaches now. It tends to be on my way home from work. I’m not sure the reasoning for them yet. By the time I get home, I am wiped out from my head hurting so badly. It sucks. Overall, still feeling okay. We are excited for the doctor next week.

CrossFit this week:

Tuesday, July 19


Clean+PushPress Complex – I only worked up to about my 60% and stayed there. I still cannot do any jumping.

3 at 60% of clean max

3 at 70% of clean max

3×2 at 80% of clean max

MetCon – modified T2B to V-Ups. I cannot jump up and down from the bar because of my cyst. Finished in 8:36 – did not RX.


Thrusters #95/65



Wednesday, July 20

Strength – did these perfectly fine – no modification needed.

40 sec on 20 sec off

10 min

Switch between plank and HBR

MetCon – I had to modify this whole workout. No running still for me. So I rowed. A lot. Since I knew I was going to be rowing a lot and I didn’t want to gas out, I really took my time with this. My goal was 2500M because it was a little over equivalent to what I would be running. But, I got to 2500M and kept going until 3500M. I rowed that in about 18ish minutes. That’s not very fast at all, but I’m okay with that.  For Grace, I only used 75# and didn’t really jerk. I push pressed, mostly. I finished grace in around 5 minutes.


800m Run Forward

400m Run Backward

800m Run Forward

400m Run Backward

REST 2min


30 Clean and Jerk


Thursday, July 21

Strength – First of all, I suck at snatches. Second, I pretty much cannot do a proper snatch now anyways because I have to jump so big to get under the bar that it’s just not even possible. I pretty much just muscled 55# during all of this.

Hang Snatch+Full Snatch complex

3 at 60% of Snatch Max

3 at 70% of Snatch Max

3×2 at 80% of Snatch Max

MetCon – did not have to modify the bentover rows, steps ups instead of box jumps, V-Ups instead of rope climbs. I could not do rope climbs to begin with. I was doing a modified version of just jumping and pulling myself up. I cannot do the jumping still.

9 Bentover Rows #115/75

6 box jumps 24/20″

3 Rope Climbs

Friday, July 22

Strength – THESE MOTHER F’N SUCKED. Used my 1RM weight of 175#. It’s just a lot of freaking squats.

Front Squat

10 at 60% 1RM

3×8 at 70% 1RM

MetCon – Every movement had to be modified today. Pullups on the rings, my slow burpees, and lord knows I can’t do ring dips. I basically just leaned forward and went up and down on the rings using as little legs as possible.

12 min AMRAP

5 Pullups

5 Burpess

5 ring dips



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