One Day I Will Post Everything When It Actually Happens…

My same MO…always behind these days. And so much has happened. Warming…probably going to be a very long post with a lot of skipping around.

November 20th – All of our house worries came to an end. We got an offer on our house and we accepts. Buyers came in a little lower than expected, but they were covering closing costs so that was a huge plus in our books because that was money that we didn’t have to pay out of our pocket.

The inspection and appraisal were scheduled pretty promptly and completely really quick. I was surprised. Also anxious because the house we had a contract on, expired on November 11. Since we were out of that contract, we took it upon ourselves to look at a couple of other houses just to be sure we wanted to go back to our original house. None of the other houses compared to the house we originally had the contract on so we put in another contract on that house and they accepted. At this point we were really unsure of closing dates on both houses, but it appeared we could potentially close on our house before Christmas, but I honestly didn’t think that could happen.


Raelynn and I on Thanksgiving at my in-laws house

Thanksgiving, November 26 – see this post for details about my nephew’s mom that passed away.

November 30th – RAELYNN FINALLY GOT A TOOTH!!!! I MEAN SERIOUSLY, I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS DAY ACTUALLY HAPPENED. It was a week after her appointment when they told me that she pretty much had 3 more months to pop a tooth through or else she would have to go to the dentist. YAY for no more worrying!! One of her top teeth came through first and now she has one on the bottom coming through and I’m pretty sure more are in the future because all she wants to do is chew on her fingers.


Don’t mind the sweet potatoes (I think) in between her eyes. You can barely see her tooth, but I promise you, it’s there!!

December 7th – see this post for details about my miscarriage.

Sometime in the first week of December we found out that the house we were going to buy did not want to close until the second week of January, which was fine and understandable. They went through the ringer with us waiting on our house to sell. They stuck with us for a very long time. Whenever we submitted the final offer we agreed on a closing date of January 15th.

December 11th – I found out about 10 in the morning that our closing date on our house was going to be the next friday, December 18th. I was every emotion in the world at this point. I had just had the miscarriage. I had ZERO time to really process it because we had auditors at work and I absolutely had to be there. The last thing I wanted to deal with was moving my entire house over the weekend because we had to be out in exactly 7 days. Seriously, FUCK MY LIFE. I hated it even more because it was supposed to be a happy time. We are moving into hopefully our forever home. Then it hit me, we are going to have to live with my in laws. We would have to live with them for about a month and then we were going to have to do something with the dogs.


Our first house. Surprisingly, I was never sad, or emotional to say goodbye to it. I will always cherish the memories in that house, but I’m ready to make new memories in our new house.

Now, I feel like I need to clarify this. After living on my own, I don’t want to have to live with ANYONE ELSE, parents, grandparents, any family, friends; let’s face it, it’s just not something on my to do list. I like my own space and my own privacy. I was having a hard time dealing with the fact of living with someone else. They have a decent size house, somewhat of an open floor plan, 3 bedrooms; it was just SIMPLY the fact of having to live with someone else that perturbed me. *Disclosure – they have been GREAT. Honestly, I feel bad because WE are invading THEIR space. I try to help out as much as I can to make up for the fact that they have to deal with three additional people living with them. It’s just tough on both ends.*

Moving the dogs has been and will continue to be my biggest concern until we are in our new home and fully adjusted. Our dogs are not great listeners. They know simple commands, but if you open that front door or gate, they are gone. That’s what scared me the most. Scott’s parents have around an acre of land, but it’s not fenced in. No way in hell could they live there with us. Next best option was my parents house. They used to have outside dogs, but the fence just needed to be fixed up a little bit. My concern was our dogs were pretty much inside dogs now. My mom and step dad agreed to let them stay inside. I’m forever grateful for that. It’s been such a peace of mind knowing that they are okay and safe. And I think my mom and step dad enjoy have dogs again.


Our new house doesn’t have a fence, so we will have to put one up ASAP. Again a concern of mine, we are moving to a busy street. I know if they get out, they are goners. That’s so awful to say, but it’s the truth. Scott and I have already decided even if we don’t have a fence up yet, we will still bring them to the new home and just let them out on leashes. We live by several close neighborhoods as well so we can very conveniently take them walking. It’s just a matter of us doing it. We have always been pretty lazy when it comes to that. Controversial subject, we also broke down and bought them shock collars. I believe 3 years ago when we got Scarlet, Scott has always wanted one because she is just a plain hellian. No matter what we do, she doesn’t listen. Since we are going to be living on a busy street, I agreed that we should get them shock collars in the event they got out we could hopefully slow them down or stop them. Hopefully it never has to come to that. I hope we are able to work with them and train them with the shock collars so we actually never have to use them. *Hopefully*

So, December 20th, we were completely moved out of our house and living with the in laws. It was weird sleeping somewhere that I wasn’t used to because you have to become accustom to all of the noises that you aren’t used to. I am a light sleeper anywhere so as you can imagine, I have not been sleeping too well. And I’m sure once we move into the new house it will take me a while to adjust to all of the noises in that house.


Rae Rae on Christmas 🙂

Christmas was good. We started the week before and did my dad’s and my grandma’s (mom’s mom). Then on Christmas Eve, brace yourself, WE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING (loved it), on Christmas day we had three places to go to. Raelynn was spoiled as ever. The hard part is, we have so much SHIT and literally, no where to put it. While we are in between moves, we have stuff stored at Scott’s sister’s house. She has an unfinished basement that she is letting us put stuff in for the time being. We also have a storage unit. And then we have stuff at my mom’s house and here at our in laws. So, basically, shit is just everywhere. I can’t wait for everything to be all in one place again. No matter how much I try to organize here, I always end up not being able to find something. Very annoying.


And now, it’s New Year’s Eve. How in the HELL is it already the last day of the year? It just seems so crazy to me. I have no resolutions for 2016. I never make them because I feel like I just set myself up for disappointment. I dare you to ask me what awesome plans my husband and I have for NYE….go on, ask….we are going to my parents house with Raelynn because they are going out of town so we will have to take care of the dogs and then we are coming home around 8pm so Raelynn can go to bed. We are some FUCKING party animals.

I won’t set a resolution, maybe a goal, to try and post more. It just seems that life always ends up happening and getting in the way. At the end of every night I always sit on the couch, so I might as well open my laptop and tell you about my day.

I hope everyone has a SAFE and HAPPY New Year’s Eve!!


–The Kentucky Momma


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