Labor Day Weekend

Hey y’all!

I hope everyone had a nice, long three day weekend. I, for one, did absolutely nothing and it was fantastic. However, I feel like I ran a marathon and drank 34 bottles of liquor, when in fact, I did not. I literally sat at my house all weekend long, playing with Raelynn and watched TV. Like what the hell? Why do I feel like such shit? Such a love/hate relationship with long weekends. I did not want to get out of bed this morning. I actually stayed in bed a little longer than necessary and was running late this morning. Go figure. Luckily, at my new job, they don’t really care what time you get here so even though I was running late, no one really knew I was running late. If that even makes any sense.

I have a couple of things on topic for today, Aunt Flo has officially made her return after almost 2 years in hiding and then this stupid house buying/selling shit.


So, Aunt Flo officially came back last month. While I was weaning, I started to notice some cramps, and I thought, oh hell, it’s about to happen. I’m about to get my period for the first time in 2 years. It may sound dumb, but I was almost happy for the return of my period because I just wanted something “normal” to happen with my body. After being pregnant, giving birth, and breastfeeding for a year, I wasn’t really sure what normal was, but a period just felt like my body was returning to it’s old self. I was really scared to have my period back because I always had really, extreme, bad periods. It didn’t hurt, I was just really tired and exhausted. In my mind, it could have been a lot worse. For that, I was thankful. Speed up to yesterday, I could just feel my period coming on again for the month. My period has always been regular to a freaking “T”. I’ve always had a 28 day cycle. Very very rarely have I ever strayed from that. I like having a predictable cycle. Yesterday was the 28th day and I just knew it was coming. I was so tired and exhausted all day.

With the return of my period, I am also questioning a planned pregnancy in the near future. Scott and I have always wanted to have our babies close together. Is the timing ever right? I mean, I do have a new job with great benefits, but then there is still this whole house thing.

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Currently, we are awaiting our house to be sold. This is the main factor in getting into the house we currently have an offer on. Scott and I have somewhat talked about what we would do if our house doesn’t sell. Our current contract would be void. Could we put in another offer on the same house, sure, but would they want to deal with us again? Probably not. I don’t think I would want to deal with us again. it’s not our fault the house isn’t’ selling, but the sellers of the other house also have a house they want to get out of and into another one. So, I wouldn’t blame them on not waiting around on us. Maybe it’s just not meant to be. Again, I’m okay with that too. If it doesn’t happen, then there is a reason that we are just not aware of yet. We have two open houses this weekend and I think if it doesn’t sell then, we are more than likely going to take our house off the market for the time being. Holiday’s are unfortunately right around the corner so we definitely would not want to move then. I finally had to ask Scott if he would be okay with having another baby in our current house and he said yes. It is not ideal at all. We are completely out of space, but in the same token, when is the timing ever right? If we waited on getting into a house, it could be a lot longer than we think.

I’d like to think that God is looking out for us and guiding us in the right direction. While, we may think the situation currently sucks, He won’t put us through something we cannot handle or overcome.

–The Kentucky Momma


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