I am THAT Googling Mother…

I am that mother that googles. WHY? WHY do I do this to myself? I’ll never understand because I know what the outcome is. Basically my child is going to die according to google. Every. Single. Time. UGHHH, I hate it!

So, why did I google?

Because my daughter inhaled some bath water last night while playing with a cup. She tipped it right up to her mouth and probably sucked in about a teaspoon, if that. She immediately start coughing, nothing came back up, and she was fine within a matter of realistically about 10 seconds.

Immediately my mind went to secondary drowning. Essentially, secondary drowning is where water gets in the lungs and causes a reaction that is similar to drowning, but it happens over a course of a couple hours or a couple of days.

After her incident, she immediately wanted to get out of the bath because she was shaken up a little. But, she was fine otherwise. And I just couldn’t even stop thinking about secondary drowning. What if I put her to bed and she doesn’t wake up? What if she wakes up in the middle of the night coughing? Does that mean I need to take her to the ER?

I told my husband what I was thinking and he made fun of me. And, honestly, I can totally understand why he made fun of me. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have been swimming at my grandparents and inhaled copious amounts of water and been perfectly fine. I’m pretty sure the majority of us have all been in the situation at one time or another and never thought twice about it. We probably didn’t even get out of the pool to recover. Just coughed it up, gather ourselves, and continued playing.

So, WHY, do I have to be so worried? Even typing it out, I know how ridiculous it sounds. She inhaled next to nothing and if anything, it just stunned her.

I am going to be THAT mother for the rest of her life and my life. Even when she is grown, I know I will be like this.

The outcome: I think it’s safe to assume she’s fine. She didn’t wake up at all last night and she woke up as normal this morning and was acting perfectly fine.

I am just THAT mother.

God help her and my future children.

–The Kentucky Momma


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