T W O Date Nights?!?

Believe it or not, in the month of June, Scott and I had two…T W O date nights in June. I don’t even know who we are. We had good date nights. They were so needed.

At the end of May, I was feeling really down about Scott and I. There just wasn’t a whole lot changing. I would see glimpses here and there and then it would just go right back to normal.

I was mad at him.

I was mad at me.

I was and am still mad that I am changing. Why do my needs have to change? I just didn’t understand. I mean, I do understand, but I was just overly frustrated with it all.

I am not one to just sit around and loathe in my unhappiness. I’m a fixer. I’m a do-er. So I opened my big ass mouth and told Scott how I was feeling.

“Look, we haven’t had a date night since March. That date night was basically horrible because we didn’t even talk to each other.” As per the request of the therapist, I laid out the calendar for him “We have ONE free Saturday in June and it’s June 30th. I can basically tell you that if I have to wait that long to have a date night, I’m going to be pissed. I have told you a million times that it doesn’t have to be lavish, it doesn’t even have to be on a Saturday. I’m down with any day of the week as long as we get some alone time.”

He let me bitch.

He listened the whole time, then said, “I’ve already got something in process, so calm down.”

I honestly didn’t believe him.

A couple of days later we were outside playing with the girls on the porch and he looked at Raelynn and said, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if Krista came over to watch you tomorrow while me and Mommy went out?” I looked at him and almost started crying. I couldn’t believe he actually followed through with this.


It was nice outside, and we went to a restaurant called Against the Grain. It’s like our go to restaurant when we have some alone time. We sat outside, drank beer, talked about everything. So, so, so nice and so needed. It was so much different than our first date night.

A week or two later I saw tickets for a show that Scott has been telling me that he wanted to go to. I bought them. I text him right after and told him this was our next date night. He was so happy. It was the last Friday in June. We got a sitter just for a couple of hours, which was perfect. As soon as we got home from work, we got ready, went downtown, had some drinks and an appetizer, then walked to the show. It was a comedy show and it was really good. After the show, we actually got to meet the comedians which was really awesome. Then we went home. It was perfect.


That night, we talked. Like, really, really talked. I feel like it’s the first time in a long time that we actually heard each other. We were laying in bed, no phones, no TV, no kids, just me and him talking. I spoke to him again about the things I needed from him because it was still lacking. Then, I paused for a second and asked him what he needed from me? Did he need anything from me?

This was his answer y’all, I shit you not…”Please just let me keep my 3 hour nap on Sunday.”

And he was serious. That’s all he wants from me.

He is so chill and laid back and here I am with all these demands. He probably hates me. I mean, not really, but maybe a little.

This is going to sound so cheesy, but as Scott and I get older and our life evolves, I just can’t help but love him so much more everyday. Even through all of our rough times lately.

Until next time…


–The Kentucky Momma




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