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For a very long time, CrossFit has been my sanity. It has been my anxiety and depression medicine. It has been my release from a stressful day at work. It’s been focusing on me for one hour out of my whole day. I could go on forever. It’s so much more than just a workout. Every CrossFit box that I’ve worked out at has the most amazing community. They are so inviting. No one tries to be better than you. Everyone tries to help you. A lot of time, people are helping you through things that they aren’t even aware of. I’m just so incredibly passionate about CrossFit. It’s my thing. I know it’s not everyone’s and that’s perfectly fine. I tried the Anytime Fitness route for about 10 years and I was never consistent. I would go for 3-6 months at a time and then I would just stop going. 10 years of this process….It truly pisses me off to think how much better shape I would have been in if I just would have joined CrossFit that long ago. And my mental state probably would have been a lot better as well. CrossFit just works for me and I’m just glad that I found that thing that works.

**As we sit here not making enough money to currently pay our monthly bills** I’ve been thinking…why couldn’t I open my own CrossFit gym? How possible or impossible would this be? I’ve had the thought in my mind for a while. I just know how much it helps me in more areas than physically; therefore, I would love to be able to help someone else out. I would want to open one close to where I live because there is currently not a CrossFit gym anywhere in a 20 minute radius.

In our current financial state, it’s pretty impossible. The initial investment if I were to rent a place would be $75k. This would include the equipment and a couple of months rent, and payroll. In a perfect world, I would love to have my own land and my own building. There is actually a perfect piece of land for sale now, and just for shits and giggles, I looked it up……6 acres for $2M….TWO MILLION DOLLARS. Like what in the actually fuck? Okay…bye to my dreams of owning a CrossFit gym…

In all honestly, renting a place out would be doable, but I think it would require a lot more work to get it to a CrossFit standard. And this project would not be for another 5-10 years. We aren’t talking quitting my job and trying to get this thing up and moving. We have to get our money right first before I can attempt to run another business. I fully plan on telling the financial adviser about this to see what his thoughts are. He will probably fire us.

So, I’m not sure if what I’m going through is a mid-life crisis or what, but I am just really unsure if I want to sit behind a desk all day. I have a great job now, with great benefits, it mostly pays the bills, I’m actually really good at what I do, but do I really want to do this forever? Like, really, really?? My initial answer is no, but I really don’t feel like I have a choice, like the rest of America. I’m sure that if anyone actually had an unlimited resource of money, their dream job would not be to sit at a desk all day. I really enjoyed running the bookkeeping business, but I was in way over my head. It was a great experience and I have zero regrets from start to finish of that business. I would love to own my own business again one day. CrossFit makes sense.

On top of my potential mid life crisis, Scott may or may not be experiencing one as well. Scott does not make the money that he should be making for a couple of different reasons. He has been a mechanic for the past 12 years. In the past 6-8 years he has specifically been an engine mechanic. Scott gets paid by the job, not hourly. So, if he has an engine job assigned to him and the book says this particular job pays 10 hours, he gets paid 10 hours no matter how long it takes him. If it took him 8 hours, he still gets paid 10 hours. If it takes him 14 hours, he still gets paid 10 hours. Some jobs can work to his advantage, but the majority of his engine jobs take exactly what the book says, or even more. He’s explained to me that sometimes the job gets held up because of parts or something like that and he can’t go on to something else because this car is holding up his rack and he doesn’t have another rack to use. The company he is currently at, he worked at for 7 years, then left for 1 1/2 years to go to another dealership, and now he is back and has been back for 1 1/2 years, maybe? And now he isn’t happy again. He has recently told me that he doesn’t want to turn wrenches for the rest of his life. So I asked him, what else do you want to do? He told me there is another position within the dealership that he wouldn’t mind taking. It’s called a service writer. Basically if you take your car in for work, it’s the person that greets you and writes up everything that you are having done to your car. He ended up telling his current boss this and he has been passed up twice for this position now. Now he is just really pissed and really unhappy.

Again, I asked him, what else would you want to do?

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**As we sit here not making enough money to currently pay our monthly bills** He tells me he wants to open a pizza joint where we live at. He watches Bar Rescue all the time so he thinks he knows all the tricks of the trade when it comes to running a restaurant/bar. He wants it to be like a sports bar. Like my idea of wanting it close to where we live, there is really no competition other than your regular pizza chains. His idea is pretty out there considering neither of us have any knowledge about this industry. He’s talked about it a lot, and while it may never happen, I hope it does. And I hope it’s successful. If I tell the financial adviser about this one, he will really fire us.

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Somewhere between self-help, financial struggles, anxiety, depression, life…..there is CrossFit and a Pizza Joint in our dreams. Maybe I will be able to buy the 6 acres of land for $2M and put them both on the same land!


Until next time…


–The Kentucky Momma


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