I did a thing…

I did something really awesome. A lot of people will be very sceptical of this, but I don’t care. I loved it. I felt like I needed it.

I visited a psychic and got a reading. First of all, it’s not what you think. It’s not a matter of predicting the future. Like, she didn’t tell me anyone was going to die, or I was going to win the lottery, or I was going to get a new job, or I was going to magically find $10,000. It wasn’t anything like that. It was very different, but in a good way. It was different in a realistic way. For the record, she knew nothing about me and I had never met her before. I booked the appointment through the internet and never had one conversation with her until the day of my appointment.

I’ve been debating on doing this for a while. I heard about her through a friend of mine. She had nothing but great things to say about her. I finally decided to take the plunge and do it. I didn’t tell anyone I was going. I definitely didn’t tell Scott because he thinks it’s all bullshit and I didn’t want him to rain on my parade. I ended up scheduling it for January 5th which is the day after my birthday. Plus, I wanted to do it at the beginning of the year.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I arrived. Her space was very zen, very calming. She was a super chill and relatable person. If you would have passed her on the street, you would have never guessed her profession. I instantly felt okay and ready to receive whatever she was going to tell me.

She started out with tarot cards. She explained to me that every year has a “lesson”. in 2017 my cards were The Empress and the Moon. She told me in 2017 I was challenged to give birth to new ideas, people, places, things, projects. (TRUE) The Empress selflessly gives herself to the good of her tribe (TRUE) I know the value of mistakes. It would have either applied to me making mistakes or someone else making mistakes against me. (I MADE A LOT OF MISTAKES IN 2017, SO ALSO TRUE). The Empress is the strength of the brude which means I would have felt compelled to do household chores, take care of kids, and still go to work. (TRUE) At times I felt alone. And at times I felt like I was giving so much and nothing was being returned. (TRUE).

My challenge last year was in regards to the Moon card. It was not to dive into the depths of myself – was I suppressing things? Was I triggered by certain things? Sadness or regret? I felt as though none of this really applied and she said that was okay. It just meant that The Empress overpowered the Moon.

For 2018, it’s an entirely different story. I instantly freaked out when she turned over the cards. I got the Death card and the World card. She explained that the death card doesn’t mean death, dying, dead. It means transition. It’s a gentle transition card. All challenges that I faced in the year of 2017, I will need to fix. I need to learn to let things go. It came up throughout my reading that if things leave my life, it’s for a reason, and I just need to let it be. Transition, revaluate, words I need to apparently live by. I need to reevaluate the company I keep including friends and family. Are they doing me more harm than good? What perceptions are holding me back…ideas? Careers? Behaviors? Self Medication? If anything is doing more harm that good, then I need to get rid of it.

From there, we went into my chakragraph. This is something that I was not familiar with at all, but it was extremely cool and interesting and it was the majority of my appointment. For those that are not aware, (because I was not aware), this is how it works…(cue the haters…now…)…Before anyone comes in for their appointment, she sits with their energy. Through each individual’s energy, she is able to paint this chakragraph. Every single person’s is different and unique. She also had a notebook full of notes to describe my chakragraph to me.


She started from the top and worked her way down. The left side is the masculine side that represents logic and thoughts and the right side is the feminine side that represents your emotions.


The okra colored X at the top of my head represents a recent change or concern in my life. Which direction do I want to go? Do I or Don’t I? (YES)

The empty space in my head means that I am staying open to new ideas.

The violet line through my head is on my third eye. The open space means I am open and ready to receive new ideas. However, my chakra is spinning counterclockwise which means it’s not performing at it’s best (TRUE). I can’t see the end light to some things that are currently happening in my life. I have a gut feeling on what to do but I’m nervous of the outcome (TRUE).

The red line that goes from my head to the three dots represents a huge area of concern. It goes to 3 dots that represent 3 living women in my life. This is to be discussed at a later date, but for the moment, it was because I was pregnant with my third child. This is all related to my chakra spinning in the wrong direction. It is blocking my line of intuition which comes very natural to me. So, the question becomes, how can we fix this? (TO BE DETERMINED….)


Moving on to the throat, it is completely blocked. She asked if I had problems with my throat, like endocrine issues or thyroid issues. I told her no. I had been checked for thyroid issues just last year and everything came back clean. It sums up to a family member that I basically cannot talk to. I feel like I can’t express how I feel to this person. I am not standing up for myself with this person. I basically either need to let go of the anger related to this person or let go of the relationship. (If you are reading this Mom, it’s not you, so don’t freak out, but you can probably interpret who this is about)

The blue throat extends down into the shoulders. This means that I am laying burdens down on myself that are unnecessary. I NEED TO LET IT GO. She asked if I was having shoulder issues, specifically in my left shoulder and I have been. I’ve been going to the chiropractor for the last couple of months for my shoulder issues. My shoulders constantly ache and are sore. I’ve always chalked it up to crossfit, but what if it was this? That’s fucked up. She goes on to talk about the different colors within the shoulder. Silver represents real issues that are magnified and gold is the presence of healing and goodness. She asked me to reconsider which of these burdens that I’m shouldering actually belong to me. Within the should section is also the career sector. Silver is highlighting the career section. She asked if I have been having a lot of stress (YESSSS). She also asked if I was the money maker of the family. (YESSSS) She said that would explain some of the burdens I am carrying.


The pink angel wing extends from the throats and tells a story of innocence and kidness. It shows the desire to do well by all people. She also interpreted this as a play writes cape. It shows a character trait of mine where I have to physically change myself to adapt to a situation (see unhealthy relationship above).

My heart is pulling in anxious energy. GO FIGURE!! But, it is wide open and spinning clockwise, which is a good thing.

My feminine arm (left arm) came out much smaller than my masculine arm which signals than I am giving more than I get. (TRUE in more aspects that one). Again, pulling in anxious energy (yellow).

In my masculine arm (right arm) the energy wanes. It suggests the question that I am not fully supported? Or am I feeling empty? Am I getting what I need from the social community? Am I giving too much time and heart to something that isn’t equally giving back. (Could be several instances where this applies).

Again, the reiteration comes back that I need to just let things go. If things leave my life, it has a purpose or reason for leaving.


My solar energy which is right above my navel is spinning counterclockwise which indicates that healing needs to happen. This is the big circle that starts out gold and turns silver and extends into my leg. It suggests that I have greif that I haven’t properly grieve over yet. (YES…TRUE) My solar energy in general is muddy and darkened. This also suggests family. Is my family draining me? Am I being the best person when I’m involved in something that constantly drains me? Am I caught up in grief? Is my self perception tied to something that I’m mourning?  Within the orange part of my leg, there is a word that is written, “distance”. Given all of the above, that word seems appropriate.

On the same leg, there is a burnt sienna color on the inner thigh which means stubbornness. Well…yes.

Also on the same leg, there is yellow at my thigh which means I am having community issues – family issues are present and of course anxiety. Anytime there is yellow that equals anxiety.


This one is the one that has been tripping me up the most. The number 3 is present 3 times on my shins; twice on the masculine side that show has three tally marks and once on the feminine side that show as three gold dots around the word triumph. The number 3 means I am a self critic. YES. It means I need to be seen as a perfectionist. YES. It means I need to lighten up. YES. I need to let myself experience all of the good things and, once again, LET OF OF ALL THE THINGS HOLDING ME BACK. REEVALUATE LIFE. If something needs to go this year, it has a purpose. On top of this three, there were the three dots at the top. Let me explain a little.

I was pregnant with an expected third child when she sat with my energy. I related that to the three women at the top of the head that were essentially causing havoc. The third child was unexpected and it was creating a multitude of questions. The three at the bottom that showed up three times and also in silver and gold. The silver indicates I need to experience healing. The gold suggests healing is already in process. When she sat with my energy, I had lost three babies at that point. Unfortunately, I am in process of losing this one as well. So, at the time when she sat with my energy and my third child was living (confirmed through an ultrasound), it was a girl. Also, I had only lost the three babies at the time she sat with my energy. It’s just crazy how fast things happen.

Below my solar energy is the reproductive organs and they are fiery which is supposedly a good thing. Again, I was pregnant at the time she did this.

On my opposite leg there are grayish triangles. She said she related this to shark fins. The shark fins ask the question, am I too caught up in my own emotions to see a situation clearly? Also, I have to fearlessly face things or people that are holding me back.

So, basically, I just need to reevaluate my life and if it doesn’t fucking belong, BYE!

Seriously, this was a badass experience. I’m considering doing it at least every year, if not every 6 months. For me, there were a couple of “Holy Shit, did you just say that” moment, but for the most part, it was just reaffirming what I’ve already known, or have been feeling. I think whenever people think of psychic, it’s totally far fetched. For me, this was the extra push that I feel I needed to make my life better for 2018.


–The Kentucky Momma



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