I hate the Holiday’s

Every single year I try really hard to enjoy the holiday’s. But, every single year I am reminded why I hate the holiday’s.


“What time will you be here?” “How long were you over there?” “We don’t get enough time with you.”

I swear to God, I try so hard to enjoy them, but it’s never enough. There is never enough of us to go around. And I hate it. We are pulled in 800 million different directions and I absolutely hate it. And everyone wants us to be at the same place at the same time.

For me, the hate started when I was young. My parents got divorced when I was 4, so around 1992. Anyone with divorced parents can relate to the push and pull between parents for the holiday’s. Trust me, I know I’m not alone in this. In 1997, my grandparents (mom’s side) got divorced after 30ish years of marriage and my mom remarried, all in the same year. I can remember NEVER staying at home all day long and playing with my new toys. The meaning of holiday’s for me is always, go, go, go. At one time, we had 5 stops on Christmas Day. F I V E. That is absolutely fucking crazy and stupid. I’m sorry, but it is. I don’t blame my parents, we just have a big family. There is nothing anyone can do about that.

I feel as though I will never truly enjoy the holiday’s until I can stay at home all day long for them. I secretly want it snow asshole deep on Christmas just so I don’t have to go anywhere. I would 100% love that. That would be my ideal Christmas.

As Thanksgiving approaches, the time dividing and clock watching already begins. We have three places to go on Thanksgiving, my grandma’s (mom’s mom), my dad’s, then Scott’s parents. We do not even visit my step dad’s side of the family at all that day. We just don’t have enough time. We will literally spend 2 hours at each place. Dragging 2 kids to 3 different places for 2 hours a piece. It just already sounds terrible to me. Trying to manage two kids and allocate enough time to everyone is just not going to happen effectively. I don’t know what else to do. It sucks.

Christmas is a whole other story, but is actually better. As soon as Raelynn was born, I put my foot down. I refused to go all these different places. The problem for me is, no one was willing to budge their schedules. And I do get it. Things have been the same for so long, and now here I am with a kid, trying to change everything around. I would probably be mad at me too. But, I’m just not doing it. I refuse. My grandma (mom’s mom) was willing to change her schedule to accommodate us (everyone). She is very understanding. I believe she just enjoys spending time with all of us no matter what day it is. And I wish more people were like that. Last year, since we had the bigger house, my parents actually came over in the morning which helped us tremendously. Being able to let Raelynn sleep in a little bit and then be able to put her to sleep for her nap in her bed for an hour or so was nice. They are understanding as well. I think they were sad that we didn’t go to their house, but again, I think they were just happy to spend time with us.

Christmas for us looks like this: Weekend before, we go to my grandmas (mom’s mom), Christmas Eve we do my dad’s, Christmas Day we have our Christmas at the house, then my parents come over, then we go to Scott’s parents, then we go to my Papa Hermie’s house. And we don’t get home until late. Which sucks, but this year, I bet we will go home earlier  because of Briar. Especially if we decide to skip naps.

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It will be interesting this year to add Briar to the mix. This will be her first Christmas, but she will almost be a year old, so it will be a fun one! I was really hoping she would be walking by then, but it’s almost a month away and it’s not looking promising.

In short, if you’ve ever saw the movie “Four Christmas’s”, that’s why my life is like. If you haven’t and you are in a similar situation, I encourage you to watch it. It’s a comic relief for my reality.

Okay, I’m done bitching.

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I”m not sure I will have anything interesting for you to read before Thanksgiving, so I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! Eat ALL the food! 🙂


–The Kentucky Momma


Not even sure what Month it is anymore….

Welp, 9 months really threw us for a loop.

Cue growth spurt, minor sickness, AND TEETH all at the same time.


I knew a growth spurt happened around 9 months so I was expecting it, but hoping it would pass with grace. Overall it wasn’t terrible. Briar definitely increased her breast milk intake temporarily in the form of night waking. Again, it most definitely was not terrible. I would feed her and she would go back to sleep. It was a trend for about a week or two. We’ve also almost completely transitioned her off of purees and onto actually people food, just cut up super small. I totally love this because she basically eats what we eat and it’s much less meal prep for me. I still buy fresh food, but I don’t have to do anything special with it.

Both girls have actually been really congested and snotty for a couple of weeks actually. It’s just unfortunately that time of year in the Ohio Valley. When the weather changes from hot to cold the sinus colds are pretty much inevitable.

And believe it or not, Briar is sprouting her two bottom teeth. I was absolutely amazed. If you are an avid reader…which I hope you are…Raelynn did not get her first tooth until she was 15 months old and it was her top tooth and I was done nursing at this point. I was actually hoping Briar would be the same so my nipples could be spared being bitten off. I’ve never nursed a baby with teeth so this should be an interesting journey. I know mom’s do it all the time, but I just never have.

And…in case you are wondering…today is November 15th which means we have already went to VEGAS!!!! and the most exciting thing is…AS OF THE DAY I LEFT, I HAD ENOUGH OF MY GLORIOUS DAIRY FREE MILK TO FEED BRIAR THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS GONE. I felt such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders knowing that was out of the way. Now I really felt like I could go enjoy Vegas. And I did. We did. We lived Vegas up for the week we were there. We went out to clubs, we played Top Golf, we walked the strip, we literally drank every minute of every day..or so it felt like…Scott and I totally needed it. We needed the time away from kids. We needed the time to rekindle our relationship. And we did. **wink wink**

However…as you can imagine, my supply took a huge hit. It was a combination of missing pumps, not pumping consistently at the same time every day, not staying hydrated, not eating enough. Today, I am actually away for business and for the entire day, I barely pumped 10 ounces. Briar is still taking 24 ounces per day and nursing once at night. So, this is not good. Luckily, I have some extra milk to make up for what I am currently lacking, but starting next week (when I get back from business travel; hard to be consistent right now), I am going to pick up the power pumps again to hopefully regain some of my supply. At this point, I do not care about freezing any. I just want to be able to make enough. As of next week we will be 10 months in. I did a hard stop with Raelynn at 12 months, but I can totally see myself going longer just for the simple fact of Briar’s dairy sensitivity. Going longer for me will take a lot of will and perseverance because I am straight up over it. BUT, for a long time, the main thing for me was making enough milk for Vegas, and now I don’t have to worry about that so it’s a lot less stressful. And to know that end is somewhat in site takes some of the stress away too.

Speaking of traveling, I have been doing a lot more than I usually do. Two weeks before Vegas I went to California for 4 days, then Vegas for 6 days, and now I’m away for 3 days in North Carolina and South Carolina for work. And let me tell you…dragging around this big ass hospital grade pump is a pain in my fucking neck. For real. For personal travel, I have my purse, my pump, and my cooler to keep milk cold in. For business travel, it’s all of the previous listed plus my laptop. And I basically refuse to put any of it in the overhead bin. I could not imagine if my milk spilled or if my pump (not really my pump) somehow got broken. So, I’ve been doing A LOT of pumping and not a lot of nursing. I am currently on my last trip, at least I hope, until next March and I hope I’m done by then. If not, then someone better slap the shit out of me. Because I do not want to lug this pump and cooler around for another trip.

That’s about everything exciting that has happened over the last couple of weeks.

A couple of pictures over the last month:



Until next time…


–The Kentucky Momma