Week 34


I feel like I blink and the weeks go by. I thought it was supposed to be the complete opposite?

Week 34 is clean up week.

Clean up toys, clean up christmas decorations, put my house back together. We haven’t really had to do this in 3 years. And even when we did do it 3 years ago, it was just mine and Scott’s things. Not Raelynn’s. And Raelynn’s toys are enough for about 5 children.

Monday, I was off work, but I had Raelynn so not much got accomplished. I did a little clean up around the house while she was napping, but again, nothing major.

Tuesday, I had to go into work a for a little bit. I worked 8-3. By the time I got home, I didn’t have much time to do anything. Scott and I proceeded to clean up some more toys whenever he got home.

Wednesday I was off work and Raelynn was going to daycare so this was the day I had planned to knock a lot of things out. My goal was to take down all of the inside Christmas decorations and I did accomplish it. I had to take lots of breaks though. Just being up and moving around all day long did a number on my back. It was terrible. Every time I had to sit down and take a break, it was just time lost. And I hate losing time especially when I’m on a roll cleaning. But, Briar says sit, so I sit. There is something refreshing about getting the house back to normal after Christmas.

Thursday, I had to work again from 8-3. Scott and I continued to clear some more items out whenever he got home. I also had a therapy appointment today. It was noting monumental. We mainly talked about the only thing that is making me nervous at this point, which is giving birth again. Overall, she said I was the calmest and less anxious that she had seen me in a very long time. I will take that progress. We decided to schedule my next appointment for after I have Briar, which I think is for the best.

Friday, I worked from home, but Raelynn was with me. I actually got a lot accomplished while she napped today. I got everything put away. Scott and I still have some things that need to find a home, but all of Raelynn’s stuff is put away, so that’s a huge relief. I went though all of her clothes and purged her old clothes and incorporated the new ones. Probably the most important thing (to me atleast) that I accomplished was getting the fabric cut for Briar’s bed skirt. Cutting the fabric is the hardest part for me. Now that it’s cut, I just have to sew it. Which I hope to accomplish either Sunday or Monday.


As the day went on Friday, I started to have some discomfort. And by discomfort, I mean my hemorrhoids started acting up. I had them prior to Raelynn, during Raelynn, after Raelynn, and obviously now. They have never truly went away, but the pain and discomfort associated with them is usually very rare. By the time Scott got home, I couldn’t stand it anymore. Luckily, I had some preparation H and Tucks pads at home so I was able to start treating them. I don’t ever remember them being so painful. It hurts to do anything, sit, walk, nothing feels good. I’m hoping for some relief soon. Even though I am going to the doctor next week, I am still thinking about going ahead and calling them early next week to see if they can give me anything else. With being so close to giving birth, the last thing I want are painful hemorrhoids. I can already see how that would work. I would probably just ask for the epidural so I wouldn’t have to feel them.

Also, I have discovered new stretch marks. They are on the tops of my thighs. And the ones on my stomach continue to grow…


Pregnancy is really fucking glamorous, in case you weren’t aware. Hemorrhoids, stretchmarks, heartburn. The hemorrhoids and heartburn this time are enough to make me not want another child. I know that will change, but I’m literally dying.

On a positive note, I am sleeping a little better this week. I still wake up several times a night, and I do have to get up to pee at least once, but I’m not staying awake for hours at a time. So that’s a plus.

CrossFit…was nonexistent this week…

And I’m not mad about it. So far, I have missed two entire weeks my entire pregnancy. I am super happy about that. I feel much better that I cleaned the whole house this week. Essentially, it was a workout, so, whatever.

Until next week…


–The Kentucky Momma


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