Week 33


It’s Christmas week. I can’t believe that Christmas is already here. It’s absolutely crazy to me. This whole year has flown by. It’s so very true, as we get older, the days literally fly by. I hate it.

For once, I actually had the majority of my Christmas shopping finished. I just had a little bit of stuff here and there to pick up. I was overall very happy about this. I normally procrastinate until the last minute. Online shopping has been a lifesaver this year. I hope to start even earlier next year.


Gangsta Wrapper…I couldn’t help myself

Christmas Eve and Christmas were jam pack this year. Even with us moving some things around, it was still pretty busy. On Christmas Eve, we went to my dad’s and my grandparents. On Christmas Day, my parents came to the house in the morning, we went to Scott’s parents in the afternoon, and in the evening we went to my grandparents again. We moved one of my grandparents to the prior weekend so that helped, but there is still a lot to do. Even though we had a super busy schedule, I thoroughly enjoyed Christmas this year because of Raelynn. She just makes everything so much better. Scott was seriously so cute getting everything together after Raelynn went to bed on Christmas Eve. We set out milk and cookies, he wrote a note from Santa to Raelynn, all of her presents had to be set up a certain way; it literally made my heart smile. Just seeing him work so hard and be so precise and careful with the way things were set up for Raelynn was absolutely precious. He’s such a good dad.

Now, we are DROWNING in toys. Raelynn got way too much shit. Our parents all went overboard. I know I will whenever I have grandkids too, but damn. It’s just so overwhelming. It’s like, we get the house ready for Christmas, all nice and clean, just to get absolutely destroyed. No one destroyed it really, the house is just completely covered with new toys. That’s what we get for having 3 sets of parents and 3 sets of grandparents.


I had an OB appointment this week. This was my last appointment before getting the weekly checks. It was extremely fast, as expected. In and out. Nothing spectacular to report. Heartbeat was good, she was still head down, and she had the hiccups when the OB was checking the heartbeat. I could feel them, but it was funny to actually hear them. My next appointment will be in two weeks, then weekly from there until I have her.

I did accomplish something in Briar’s room this week, thank god. I successfully sewed her crib sheet. It only took two tries. The first time I didn’t cut the fabric correctly so after I sewed it, it didn’t fit. So, I had to do it all over again. I expected to mess up, which is why I bought so much extra fabric. Overall, sewing is not hard, it just takes a time or two to get back into the swing of things. Next on my list is her crib skirt. I hope to finish that before the end of year. Then will be curtains. I’m trying to knock out the hardest items first, so the rest feels like a breeze.

Pregnancy wise – I can definitely feel that I only have 7 weeks left. My stretch marks continue to grow, my sleep continues to get worse, my heartburn is absolutely fucking terrible, I feel like a whale turning in bed or getting out of bed, I am now to the point where I have to get up and pee at least once a night. I am just over it. I am ready to have Briar here, I am ready to fit back into my clothes (Scott is ready for his clothes back), and I’m so ready for my heartburn to be gone.


CrossFit is becoming harder and harder and to be perfectly honest, it’s hard to find the motivation to go. Bending down to pick up the barbell is a task in itself, putting weights on the barbell is terrible. It’s FREEZING cold in my gym. So when it’s cold outside, it’s freezing in the gym too. I am down to like 3 outfits that actually fit and I refuse to go out and buy anything else. I was hoping for an average of 3 days per week in the end, but it’s been more so along the lines of 2. Overall, I feel like I should be happy with that. It’s much more than I did when I was pregnant with Raelynn.

CrossFit this week…

Monday, December 19

Strength – worked up to 4 sets at 105# – didn’t feel as good as the back squats last week.

Front Squat
heavy set of 4 reps (heavier than last week) then
-10% 4×2

MetCon – did the KB snatches just fine (thank god!), did knees to elbow on the rig instead of sit ups.
KB snatches (each arm) #44/25
sit ups

Thursday, December 22 – nothing felt good today. My back hurt, my stomach/abs (where ever they were) felt like they were going to split open during the front squats. I just didn’t feel comfortable at all.

Strength – worked up to 65#

5 attempts to establish a heavy 1 rep of: 1 clean+2front squats+1 split jerk
then: EMOM 6 mins 1 complex @ 70% of the established 1rep max from the 5 attempts

MetCon – this sucked worse than I thought it would. I only used 55# and modified the ring dips. I used the band for assistance.
8 min AMRAP
5 snatches
5 ring dips

Until next week…


–The Kentucky Momma


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