Week 28

Hello THIRD TRIMESTER!!! I have no idea where the time went. Seriously, this pregnancy has been so quick. It’s crazy. Being in the third trimester basically translates to:


Busy, busy week.

I had 3 doctor appointments this week. 2 were OB appointments and 1 was a dentist appointment. :/

I had to go get my Rhogam shot this week. For those who aren’t aware, I have to get the Rhogam shot because I have the RH factor. It’s not a big deal at all. It essentially just means that Scott and I’s blood isn’t compatible.I am O Negative and Scott is O positive. If the baby has Scott’s blood then it could pose a potential threat to myself and the baby. Therefore, I have to get this Rhogam shot to make everything okay. Again, sounds scary, but it’s really not that big of a deal as long as I get the shot. On Tuesday the 15th, I had to go get labs prior to the shot and then I actually got my shot on Thursday the 17th. I’ve had 4 of these so far and they’ve all been in my butt. This time, they gave it to me in my arm and it was the least painful of all of them. I couldn’t believe it. I was pleasantly surprised.

My dentist appointment was much less stressful this time around. If you recall, I had some major dental work in the beginning of my pregnancy that caused me a lot of stress. It was not fun at all. Lucky for me, this week was just a cleaning. I was in and out and it was wonderful.

Potty training Raelynn has been about the same. Nothing new to report. She’s still doing really well. To somewhat reiterate what we are doing…pull-ups all day except her nap and at night. She has a potty watch that reminds her (and us to take her) to go every hour. It’s super helpful. We have a double reward system, I guess you could say. If she pee’s she gets to put a sticker on her potty chart. Whenever she fills up a line, which is 8 times of pottying successfully, we give her 30 minutes on the iPad. We also encourage her with M&M’s. Sue us. It works. And we brush her teeth at night so, whatever. If she sits on the potty and at least tries, no protesting, no crying, she gets 1 M&M. If she pee’s, she gets 2 M&M’s, if she poops, which is nothing short of  a miracle these days, she gets 3 M&M’s. Again, it works for us. I have no idea when we will get away from diapers at naps and night. There are some days that she will wake up completely dry. Multiple days in a row. Then she will have one day or even multiple days where she is soaking wet at night time. So, who knows. Overall, I’m very pleased with the progress we’ve made 🙂 It’s a tough process. And I’ve remained fairly calm throughout.

Something super exciting did happen this week…we had a girls night on Friday. We used to try and get together once a month and we have kinda been slacking at that. Anyways, we all got together and a very good friend announced to us that she was pregnant. It was super exciting because her and her husband have struggled to become pregnant for several years. They are pretty private and kept to themselves about the whole process, which I can’t say I blame them in the least. It’s a very sensitive subject. I’m just so incredibly happy for them. They are more than deserving.

So in our group, there are currently 3 of us that are pregnant. I love that our group continues to grow. I can’t imagine what a get together with everyone will look like in a couple of years.

CrossFit this week…working out in general is now becoming hard. Not to the point that it hurts or anything like that, but my mobility is slowly withering away and mobility is key in CrossFit. I just find myself struggling to do some movements that used to come pretty naturally. And this week, I did notice that my belly was actually starting to somewhat get in the way of certain movements. MODIFY ERREEYYTTHHINNNNGGG……..

Monday, November 14 – with that sermon about sucking at life, let me just show you something about this day…I was TOP…LITERALLY #1, on the leaderboard for strength and then completely and utterly sucking wind L A S T place in the MetCon. LOL


Wall Sit – I held my wall sit for 4 minutes and 30 seconds. I couldn’t believe it.
Max Effort Wall Sit

MetCon – I weaned out situps a long time ago. This workout was similar to Cindy so I just did half of Cindy instead.
10min AMRAP
5 – pushups
10 – situps
15 – squats

Thursday, November 17

Strength – I’m basically scared to do back squats anymore because of the time I hurt myself. But, today, they felt good. I worked up to 135# for 6 reps which is about 60ish% of my 1RM, so I was pleasantly surprised with this. Total win for me today!

10 – 4/1,1/1 Back Squats
45%, 55%, 65%


MetCon – again….totally scared about my back with this one. Also, nothing from the floor feels good anymore. Or at least today they didn’t. So I modified to hang snatches. I did a couple to warm up and my coach was happy with my form and they didn’t hurt so that made me happy. I did 75 hang snatches.

75 – Power Snatches #75/55

Friday, November 18

Strength – as much as I’ve been substitudting planks for basically everything, you’d think I’d be good at them by now. But I’m not. I still suck pretty royally at them. I only held my plank for 1 minute and 13 seconds. 🙁

Max Plank Hold


Medball Run/Wall Ball – score was 3+1
10min AMRAP
200m Medball Run #20/14 – rowed 200m instead of running
20 Wall Balls #20/14



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