Week 26

This week was a pretty good week.

First, we got to celebrate Halloween. We celebrate with all of our friends and I love it. I love hanging out with all my friends and I love seeing all of the kids together. It makes my heart so full. We all love each others children like our own. It’s the best feeling in the world. Here are a couple of pics:


The best part of my week was therapy. As I expected, there was just not enough time to go over everything I wanted to talk about. I even made a list to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I hadn’t been in almost 3 months so there was a lot to cover. But once I started talking about all of the issues with Scott and I, that was pretty much all we talked about. Which I am totally okay with. So, the best thing about her is that she is 100% unbiased. She will call me on my bullshit and tell me when I’m wrong. I want that from her, even if I don’t like what she has to say. When it came to this instance, she pretty much backed me on everything.

I started with pulling up my Week 18 blog post and pretty much reading it word for word. She asked how receptive Scott was to everything and I said he was, which was the truth. But, being at Week 26 and looking back, there were still issues. Yes, he had stopped going out so much, mainly because everyone had stopped going out so much because summer was coming to an end.

My main issue now was that he was always outside doing something. We have a much bigger yard now that does require more time consuming maintenance. Scott had an entire list of things he wanted to accomplish while it was still nice outside and I understood that, to a degree. In my mind, he had traded going out, for being outside all the time. I just somewhat took it as he didn’t really want to be around me. Even as I was telling the therapist about this, I realized it sounded crazy. I told her that I needed her to tell me if I was crazy or not for thinking this. She basically told me I was crazy. She has a way of reasoning things with me. She told me a story about another couple she had been counseling. Basically, it was like pulling teeth to get him to do anything outside. It would take the woman to initiate outside chores and then the husband would feel obligated to go outside and finish them or help her out with them. Even though I know this happens all the time, just her reasoning with me and talking me through it helps so much. She told me to pick my battles and to pretty much back off.

I guess why the outside thing was/is such a big deal to me is because he pretty much told me that he would not start on Briar’s room until he got all of his outside chores done while it still felt good. Again, I understood this to a point. There were very necessary things that needed to be accomplished outside. But, I really wanted Briar’s room done. All I needed Scott to do was 4 things. I needed him to take the border down, mud holes, sand the room, and then paint the room. The only thing that I could essentially help with is taking the border down because I suck at the rest. Point being, I kept telling him over and over that’s all I needed  him to do and then I would take over the rest. So, of course, I explained all of this to the therapist too. Then, she pretty much told me that I needed to stop talking to Scott like he was my child. I shouldn’t say that I needed him to do it. I should say I would really like for him to do certain things. Saying I need him to do something is like talking to a child. I didn’t realize that. But it made sense.

Scott always text me after therapy and asks how it went. I told him it went well, but I wanted to talk to him about my session in person. That night, we ended up going to dinner with Raelynn and we were able to talk about some things. I told him she backed me on everything I said regarding our initial argument, but everything after that she backed him. He was humble about it. By me admitting my fault, I think that helped us in general.

With all of that said, we are okay, I guess. We aren’t great, but we aren’t terrible. We still have a lot to work on.

Update on potty training…we are still going strong. She did much better this week. Some accidents, but no where near as many as last week. Still in pull-ups throughout the day and diapers when she sleeps. It amazing how much money we save not having to go through so many diapers. I love it.

CrossFit this week:

Monday, October 31

Strength – no issue with these
13 – Beat Swings EMOM


GHOST – this just sucked. It was a long ass workout. I can still do double unders, but I choose not to because I pee all over myself. 797 reps
1min – Cal Row
1min – Burpees – modified burpees – I am now stepping into a plank and jumping back up. my belly is in the way of stepping out, going to the floor, and then stepping back up. much easier to jump up.
1min – Double Unders – single unders
1min – Rest

Tuesday, November 1


Boo Ya


161101A – score was 145 reps. did ring rows instead of pull ups…did planks instead of situps.
5min Thrusters #75/55
1min Rest
5min Pullups
1min Rest
5min Situps

Wednesday, November 2

Strength – as much as I do these now, I would expect for me to be really good at them, but I’m just not…

1:20 ON
:40 OFF

MetCon – did step ups instead of box jumps; rowed instead of ran – finished in 17:25
20 – Box Jumps 24/20″
20 – Pushups
400m Run
*REMINDER: You aren’t done until everyone is done. Support each other.

Thursday, November 3

Strength – this week I did tempo squats…most certainly did not do 60 squats. Worked up to 135#…didn’t feel terrible, so I consider that a win.

20 Rep Squats
45%, 55%, 65%

MetCon – I discovered that power movements are probably no longer going to be in my vocabulary. I did hang clean and jerks at 65#, and again, my newly modified burpees, stepping out into a plank and then jumping back up. Finished in 8:16.
15 – 12 – 9
Clean and Jerk #135/95
Bar facing Burpees

Until next time…


–The Kentucky Momma


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