Week 25

Well, we’ve had a sick little girl this week. And I believe teeth and allergies are the culprit. For that, I am thankful, because I know it could be a lot worse. Allergies have been pretty terrible all around this week for everyone. The Ohio Valley is known for allergies and will the onset of fall not far away, it’s just been a setup for disaster. Scott and I have also had the pleasure of having some small allergy attacks. Overall, it’s not been a fun week for us.


Raelynn started running fever at daycare on Monday. I had to leave work to pick her up early. She didn’t take a nap that day and was being super whiney. I knew if she didn’t take a nap then she definitely wasn’t feeling well. I picked her up and we lounged on the couch until Scott got home. We played toys for a little, but her preference was hanging out on the couch and watching Mickey. She went to bed a little early that night, mainly because she didn’t take a nap. She slept all through the night. I had already decided since she had a rough day Monday, I was going to let her sleep in a little and just go into work a little later. I just had a gut feeling that she wasn’t going to feel much better.

My instincts were correct. Even though, she was acting okay for the most part, she had a fever of 101.6. I obviously couldn’t send her to daycare and I was actually in a position to be able to stay home with her that day, so I did. I finally was able to get a look in her mouth and sure enough, there was one new tooth that had finally broke the skin, and one that wasn’t far behind. On top of the teeth, she was hacking her lungs up, and her nose had a constant stream of snot running down her face at all times. After she ate breakfast, she literally sat next to me on the couch all day while I popped open my laptop and worked. Her fever never really broke that day. I was concerned that I was going to have to stay home with her again on Wednesday.

Thankfully, when I woke her up on Wednesday, she just had the snot streaming down her face, but no fever. But she kept telling me her teeth were hurting.

This whole week, she literally lived on allergy medicine and tylenol around the clock. Allergy medicine every 12 hours and tylenol every 4 hours. I hate pumping her full of medicine, but I would rather do that than the alternative of letting her be in pain. By the end of the week, her pain from teething finally eased up, but not her allergies.

It’s so frustrating and sad to watch her be sick and not be able to help her. I DREAD that day she is super sick, like with a stomach bug or something because I will probably cry my eyes out.

In other news…potty training had it’s ups and downs this week. For some reason, any day she came home from daycare she basically refused to go to the potty, but she would go at daycare. It was SO DAMN FRUSTRATING!!! BECAUSE the day she was sick and stayed home with me, she had ZERO accidents. ZERO. Z.E.R.O…so I knew she was capable of going, she just wasn’t doing it. Definitely felt the frustrations of potty training this week.I wanted to give up a lot this week. But we didn’t.


Basically what we have still been doing is whenever I wake her up, I take her straight to the potty, sometimes she goes, and sometimes she doesn’t. Then, we put on a pull-up AKA big girl undies, and get dressed. She wears her pull-up all day at daycare, with the exception of her nap, then she puts a diaper on. During the week, we keep the pull-up on her when she gets home. On the weekend, especially if she is going to be home with us all day, we have some training underwear that we put on her. They have the feel of actual underwear, but they are padded.  The padded part does not absorb everything, but it does give us a little more time than actual cotton underwear. I just keep telling myself that she is not going to go to highschool in diapers. 🙂

So, something else somewhat monumental and/or not good also happened this week. I had an anxiety attack and I realized it as I was having it. That’s never happened before. In some of my anxious moments in the past, I could look back and say, yea, that was probably an anxiety attack or a panic attack. But this time, I realized it in the moment. I don’t really know if it’s a good or a bad thing if this happened. We were at a Halloween party and Raelynn just wasn’t feeling well. Plus it was past her bedtime. I was trying to hang out and have a good time, but I just couldn’t with her acting the way she was. I couldn’t focus on anything else except leaving. I can’t even remember what, but something set Raelynn off, something very simple that normally wouldn’t set her off and she just began crying uncontrollably. It was bad. And it just went straight through me. I was ready to go. I felt bad for it, but I was ready to go. Instead of saying I was ready to go, I just cried. I tried so badly not to, but I just couldn’t help it. I finally told Scott we needed to go. He was frustrated. But I couldn’t help it. We packed up and left and as we were going down the road, I just started crying. And he didn’t understand. I wasn’t even sure that I fully understood why, I just knew my emotions were not in check. It sucks. The whole situation sucks. We got home, Raelynn finally wound down, I finally put her to bed, and then I went straight to bed. I didn’t even want to talk about anything.

The next morning I felt better. I think Scott felt bad for me because he was pretty attentive to me. I didn’t complain about that. I still didn’t want to talk about anything, so I didn’t. And I was okay with that. I only briefly thought to myself that I knew yesterday was an anxiety attack. Overall, I feel like I can feel myself slipping back into my old self. I have a therapy appointment soon and I can’t wait to talk to her about everything

CrossFit this week:

Wednesday, October 26

Strength – with all of the back issues I have been having, I certainly did not do this. I did a modification of this. I did 5 squats and then I would add weight as I felt comfortable. I worked up to 135# and I just felt like I couldn’t do more than 5 at that weight. Such a complete mind fuck, especially when my max is 205#… I don’t know when I will be seeing that number again…

Back Squats
20 @ 40%, 50%, 60%

MetCon – So, burpees are getting weird for me. My belly is starting to stick out more and it’s just causing mobility issues more than anything. The modified burpees that I was doing were stepping out into a pushup position, going down to my stomach, and then stepping back up. I can no longer go down to my stomach, and it is no longer easy to step back up out of it because my belly is in the way. Now, I have modified to stepping out into a plank position and then jumping back up with a really wide stance. Makes my life so much easier. My score was 4+24 – no RX because of the modified burpees.
15min AMRAP
10 – Cleans
10 – Push Press
10 – Burpee over bar

Thursday, October 27

Strength – we haven’t benched in a while, so I was curious to see how this felt. It actually didn’t feel bad. I just knew I wasn’t going to be packing the weight on the bar. So, my 10 rep max is 75#. Who knew I would ever need a 10 rep max?

10rep Bench Press Max
1 X 1

MetCon – finished this in 14:33. This time includes the rest.

1000m Row
5min Rest
1000m Row

Friday, October 28

Strength – yea so this sucked. You would think I would be good at this by now because I use them as a modification for anything ab related, but I’m not.

1min ON
30sec OFF

MetCon – overdid it on this one a little. Between the wall balls and the deadlifts, my back was toast. Not as bad as when I hurt it, not even close to that, but it still hurt. I finished 3 complete rounds.

10min AMRAP
21 – WallBalls 20/14
15 – Feet Above Waist
9 – Dead Lifts #155/105
*deadlifts cannot be dropped


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