Week 16

I was SO looking forward to this week.


I purposely planned this after Raelynn’s party because I knew I would have 800 toys and pieces of clothing to sort though. It was also her actual birthday and Scott’s birthday.

Monday, as expected, I cleaned all day. Tried to get the house completely back in order from my cousins baby shower and Raelynn’s party, with little success, I might add. I packed away, I think a 70 gallon tote of old toys of Raelynn’s so I would have a place to put the new toys. As I’m sitting here thinking about this, I have no idea where we are going to put the toys she gets in a few short months for Christmas. I do not want a bigger house though. LOL. So much to clean. I feel like I could clean every day and I would never cover every square inch of this house. So, I just need to do some major reorganization, which I’m oddly okay with and I love. I’m weird. I know. Organization makes me happy, though.


Raelynn at 2 days old, 1 year old, and 2 years old

Tuesday was Raelynn’s actual birthday. Just her and I went to the fair that morning. Mainly to see the animals again. She loves the animals. We ate some food and walked around. Something interesting that I found out this year, the Kentucky State Fair has the largest indoor exhibits in the world. It was very hot, so we walked around inside a lot. There are limited things for kids to do, but we still had a good time. Even though I had been feeling better overall, I did not recover well after going to the fair. I was whooped. I don’t know if it was a combination of the weekend, cleaning on Monday, and then walking around, but I was literally done for the day. We got home just in time for her nap and I sat on the couch the whole time and even after her nap, I continued to do so.

Wednesday I had a doctor appointment and a hair appointment. This was a very simple doctor appointment, just checked the heartbeat with the fetal doppler and talked about what I should except at that time. Doctor said heartbeat was good. I told her I was still having a little discomfort in my nether regions, refer to Week 13 post for more explanation, she checked me and said everything looked fine. She recommended I get some over the counter vagisil to help. My hair appointment was kind of a big deal for me because I was getting my hair highlighted. I hadn’t done so in about 10 years. It’s very subtle, but I just felt like I needed something different. My hair completely changed after Raelynn. My hair used to be like a natural dirty blonde, lightish brown and then it just changed to full on brown. I hated it. So we just incorporated some blonde in my hair and it was exactly what I wanted and needed. Plus it’s low maintenance which is exactly what I need because I am basically a boy and I don’t like to keep up with stuff like this LOL.


Thursday was Scott’s actual birthday. We didn’t really do much. I cooked him dinner and we just hung out. I finally got the house completely back in order this day.

Friday, Raelynn had her 2 year checkup. It was one of the better doctor appointments that she’s had. She weighed 25lbs, 32%; 33 inches, 42%. For a very long time she was wayyyyy down on the charts for weight. She did not have to get any shots, but she did have to get her finger pricked, which I was aware of, because of all of her iron issues. Luckily, her blood count came back fine, so she will no longer have to get her finger pricked at appointments. After a year long battle with this iron/blood issue, it’s finally over. And I couldn’t be any happier. She does have another minor, but very manageable issue. She has major poop issues. Very constipated, no matter what we feed her, to the point of holding her poop in because it hurt her so much. Of course, toddlers are picky, so I knew she wasn’t the only toddler in this situation. She has been on Miralax, off and on for a while, but the doctor told me to keep her on it for 6 months in order to keep her regulated and going. I did have a concern that she had a hemorrhoid that developed though her major constipation times and I asked him to look at it…I was right. It has definitely gotten smaller, and again, this is totally something that is fixable/manageable, it just made me sad.

I only went to CrossFit once this week, on Monday. I was not upset about it at all because I would have much rather spent time with Raelynn and done some things around the house while I had the opportunity.


Bench Press – these felt okay. Bench Press has been an exercise that has varying opinions regarding when you should stop doing this. Things I have read is if/when you get lightheaded when sitting up, that’s a sign that you should probably stop. I never really had any of this. I think I only worked about to about 75#. My max at the time was 90#.
5×8 AHAP
Face Pull

Metcon – my time was 14:10
400m Run – rowed instead of ran
10 – Pullups – ring rows instead of pullups
15 – Wallballs #20/14

Until next time…


–The Kentucky Momma



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