Week 8

Week 8

This week is the week I have been waiting for. We get to see if there is really a baby. And…there is J All measurements were correct according to my LMP. We got to hear the heartbeat, 178. Doctor said everything with the baby looked to be okay, so far.



But….there is always a “But” and it’s really frustrating. In 4 pregnancies, I’ve never got to leave the first appointment with the doctor saying EVERYTHING is perfectly fine. There is an issue with me. The doctor proceeded to tell me that I had a cyst on my ovaries. I didn’t think it was a big deal because I had cysts before. She stopped me and said this one was abnormally large. I asked her to define that. She said cysts in general are normal and normal size is 2cm-3cm. Mine was 5cm. So, measurement wise, it was double the size a normal cyst should be. I asked her what the meant. She said the cyst was benign. She had no reason to believe it was cancerous. Ok, thank god for that because I wasn’t even thinking in that direction. She said that the issue is it was sitting on a ligament. Any type of jarring activity could twist or flip the cyst (medically called torsion) and it could cause me extreme pain. The worst thing that could happen is the cyst could rupture, which would be even more pain than that. I guess I was just trying to process everything, because Scott chimed in and said, “So, should she even be doing CrossFit?” …”Oh shit” was the first words that came out of my mouth. Again, I was not even thinking about that. She basically told me, with limitations, I could still do it. Specifically, no running, no jumping (no jump ropes, no box jumps, no squat jumps), no jumping up to the bar to do pull ups. I could just feel my mood going south. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

I completely realize that I should have been 100% happy no matter what. There is a baby. There is no foreseeable issue. I should be thankful. And I am. I really am. I don’t think anyone really realizes how important CrossFit is to my mental stability. I just instantly thought, oh my god, I’m literally not ever going to break out a sweat again and I’m not going to be happy doing this anymore.

Well, let me just tell you….I was really wrong. I’m thankful I was wrong.


Strength – I was very thankful to see a strict press. No modifications on this. I went up to a 3RM for 85#. 85# was my old 1RM so, that made me happy.

Strict Press

6×3 AHAP

Work up to a heavy load and make the last 2 sets the heaviest

WOD – Okay, so For Time WOD’s are now the enemy. No matter how good I feel, I finish last. It sucks. I am not great at DU’s, but I was going to attempt this. I ended up doing about 15 DU’s and said screw it and did singles. I literally cannot even tell you how many singles I did. I did not keep track, I just kept moving. I also remember not really feeling good this day. Burpees, of course, continue to the somewhat modified version as well. I think I finished right under the 15 minute cap.

For Time

100, 75, 50, 25

Double unders

25, 15, 10, 5


*15min Cap

Wednesday, June 29th – THE DAY AFTER THE DOCTOR

Strength – It just so happens, I asked the doctor how she felt about AB work in general. Sit-ups seems to be a controversial movement when it comes to pregnancy. For now, she told me I was good to continue everything I’m doing. I was able to do all of this, I felt relatively okay during it.

Tabata style .30 on .30 off

10 min

Rotate between Plank and Hollow body hold

WOD – The only thing I modified in this was the T2B. The doctor told me that even jumping up to the bar and then jumping down could pose a huge threat. So, I wasn’t risking it. My coach modified this to V-Up’s instead. I did the other movements perfectly fine.  My score was 4+15….and obviously not an RX.

10min AMRAP

5 – T2B

10 – Thrusters

15 – Situps


Friday, July 1st


Push Press – Again, happy to see this. Didn’t have to modify this movement. There is a literally a small push, but no jump. Again, had another 3RM PR – previous 1RM was 95# – hit a 3RM for 105# J


Work up to a heavy load and make the last 2 sets the heaviest

WOD – another modification….just to be safe. When I saw this workout, the only movement I questioned were the KB swings, just because you have to forcefully thrust your hips. My coaches agreed. I used a 25# weight, but only did American KB Swings (to my face), not Russian (all the way up above my head). It requires less force, I used a couple different muscles because I was very cautious of the thrusting in general. I normally use a 35# KB, so I felt like I could throw the 25# through the roof. My partner and I did 2+76.

10min AMRAP


20-KB Swings (each partner)

20-KB Push Press/ 10 each arm (each partner)

20-KB Goblet Squats (each partner)

*Only one works at a time

*Split up any way you want

*Same sex partners will share a KB



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