Week 7

Week 7

The fatigue continues. I am constantly wiped out. I literally fall asleep on the couch every night at 9:00 p.m., then I get up and go to bed whenever Scott goes around 10:00 p.m. or 10:30 p.m. I have pretty much felt terrible this whole week. Not really nauseous, just so incredibly tired. Scott has started to really pick up the slack for me. I don’t even have to ask him. He just does it. Anything from taking care of Raelynn to daily household chores. He is really my hero this week.

We also celebrated Father’s Day this week. Scott decided that he wanted to go to the zoo with Raelynn and I’m glad we did. We all had a good time. We went pretty early so all of the animals were pretty active. It was really cool.

I also went to Lexington with a friend of mine to see Matt Bellassai. He is a standup comedian and is absolutely hilarious. I highly suggest you check him out if you haven’t already. He got his start working for Buzzfeed. He literally drank a whole bottle of wine and then bitches and complains about stuff. Basically what us women do all the time. He quit Buzzfeed and started his own gig and that’s when he started doing standup. It was really nice to get out and do something. But, in that atmosphere, I wanted to drink, badly. It was the first time I really wanted a drink. I got over it quickly.

Even though I have been so tried lately, CrossFit was really, really good this week. I even got a back squat PR. It just kinda happened. I felt really, really good that day, so I went for it. And I do not regret it. With that said, I don’t think you should go for PR’s every single day, but every once in a while, if it feels good, then it just feels good. There is no denying it. I made it to the gym 4 times this week which I was pretty happy about.

Monday, June 20th

Strength – I used my 1RM of 195# – everything felt good.

Back Squat

10 @ 60%

6 @ 70%

1×4 @ 80%

** Rest 1-3 min between sets

WOD – I am app [arently getting really bad at recording my time, but I had to take a lot of breaks while doing this one. I finished in around 5:20. I RX’d this workout




#53/35, #20/14

Wednesday, June 22

Strength – I hit my 1RM of 175#. For some reason I was really scared to add any weight. I actually felt really good that day, but there was just something telling me not to do anymore, so I was happy with at least getting my max, considering I had only lifted that weight once.

Front Squat

1 Rep Max Front Squat

1 X 1


10min AMRAP – I RX’d this workout. I only got 2+6. Found myself having to take a lot of breaks, especially during double unders. I am not that person that can do double unders consecutively. I do one, and then a single, and then a double under. Burpees are still modified to where I’m not slamming my body on the ground. Stepping down and out and then stepping back up.

50 DUs

10 Burpees to plate

Thursday, June 23

Strength – So, this was interesting…..I couldn’t do it. I’ve never had an issue with HS in general before, but it was one of the movements that I was unsure if I should be doing or not. Some people did them up until delivery basically and some cut out HS immediately. I figured I would give it a try and see what happened. I did the first HS hold and it felt like an hour, and then coming down from it, I got really dizzy. I tried again and I couldn’t hold it. My coach modified me to planks instead.

8min EMOM HS Holds

30s on : 30s off


DEATH by THRUSTERS – I did RX the weight in the workout. I got 55 reps. I made it to 10 minutes. Overall it was a total of 55 thrusters.

Add one each minute

Score is Total Reps


Friday, June 24

Strength – Established a new 1RM today – 205#. It felt too good not to keep going. I never once felt that I should be stopping or scaling back. I honestly, probably, could have lifted more, but I didn’t want to push my luck.


Back Squat

1RM Back Squat

1 X 1

WOD – this was interesting…..I have never done a T2B before, and I tried it, today. And I got my first one. Then I did it again, and got another one. I was like, what in the hell is my life right now? I tried T2B during the workout and I got a couple here and there, but I did not RX the T2B part. My score was 3+7. I felt fine doing box jumps and OH squats.

8min AMRAP

5 Box Jumps

7 OH Squats

9 K2E/T2B

24/20″, #75/55


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