Week 12

Week 12

This is the week we have been waiting for! I’ve been particularly excited for this week because I will be towards the end of the first trimester, I get another ultrasound, and I will find out more about my cyst.


Well, we still have a baby! I was so excited. As soon as the ultrasound tech put the little wand on my belly, I immediately saw the baby. It was jumping around like crazy! Twisting and turning and standing on its head. It was hilarious and made me laugh! Normally the ultrasound tech doesn’t really tell you anything or read the ultrasounds, but I asked if she could show me where the cyst was. She said since I already knew about it, she would show me. I saw her measuring it and it looked to be about 4cm. I asked if I was correct and she said, yes. So, without doctor confirmation, I was convinced it had shrunk at least a centimeter.

When we saw the doctor, she said the baby looked great. She said the cyst did in fact shrink 1 cm. I immediately asked her if I should still scale back during CrossFit and she basically said yes. She said I could start incorporating some light jogging back in, but don’t overdo it. For now, if running is involved, I’ve just decided to stick with rowing as I feel I get more out of it.

Some extremely good news that I have been waiting on…I finally get to stop the progesterone. I know it’s early, but I’m ready, and I’m over taking it. I’m over feeling like crap. So extremely elated when she told me that.

I’m very much looking forward to this upcoming weekend because we have NO PLANS. Let me repeat this…. N O P L A N S !!!!!!! Hoping not to do much, maybe some stuff around the house, but I just want to be lazy.

CrossFit this week:

I really sucked at CrossFit this week. Tuesday and Friday were planned for me to not be there. Tuesday I had the OB appointment and Friday, I was taking Krista to Nasvhille to catch her plant. Thursday, I was not with it at all. I did not sleep well, which normally doesn’t happen, and I just woke up and felt like shit and I knew I wasn’t going to make it in. So I only made it to the gym twice last week. Go me.

Monday, July 25

Strength – maxed out at 85#

Strict Press

6×3 AHAP

MetCon – modifications – step up instead of box jumps, did the atlas stone cleans perfectly fine. Finished in 8:23. Did not RX

40 Box Jump Overs 24/20

20 Atlas Stone Cleans 115/75

Wednesday, July 27

Strength – I did not feel comfortable doing this. Especially because I was supposed to be running. I did a farmers carry instead with two 53# KB. It sucked.

Sled Push

8 rds down and back


MetCon – modified the pull ups to ring pull ups in Cindy. Modified the push jerk to more so of a push press in DT. Finished in 11:11.


1rd Cindy

(5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats)

1rd DT

(12 deadlifts, 9 hang cleans, 6 push jerk)


*15min Cap


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