Week 10

Week 10

Not too much new to report this week. Still feeling progressively better. I did however have a night that I could not eat grilled chicken plain. My food aversion to chicken was slowly getting better, although we hadn’t really had chicken plain that often in the past couple of weeks, I felt like I could stomach it. While I was able to still eat it, I had to bury it in my rice and mix it with vegetables.

On a fun note, my 10 year high school reunion was this weekend. As I have stated before, we have a huge group of friends and the majority of them graduated with me. I put it together, which fortunately wasn’t too much work, but I honestly only expected our friends, plus a couple other people to show up. I was pleasantly surprised when several people showed up that I did not expect. I mingled and talked with several people that I haven’t seen or kept in contact with at all since high school. I was really dreading it since I was pregnant and couldn’t drink, but it was actually okay.


At the reunion, literally less than a handful of people knew about me being pregnant. Besides myself and Scott, 4 people actually. 4 people knew I was pregnant.

All parents, grandparents, and siblings are aware now as well. We told the majority of the people the day after the reunion.

If I’m being honest, I had a couple of very close friends kinda hurt my feelings at the reunion. I’ve always been a big social drinker, so it always throws a red flag to everyone if I’m not drinking, for example, at the reunion. After my last miscarriage, I just asked for them to not say anything to me if I wasn’t drinking. Chances are, I am pregnant, but I’m just not ready to talk about it yet for obvious reasons. Well, the booze started flowing and the questions and comments followed and needless to say, 4 more people found out that night that I was pregnant. I know my friends had my best interest at heart and wanted to be happy for me and happy with me. I just was not ready to talk about it yet. To anyone, really. I got over myself very quickly. I spoke with both of them and we are all good.

CrossFit this week:

Strength – Max is 205# and I worked off those numbers. FYI, these supersets royally suck.

Back Squat

10 at 60% 1RM

3×6 at 70% 1RM

MetCon – still continuing to modify – rowing instead of running, ring pull ups instead of pullups on the bar, front rack lunges were horrible, but doable. Finished in 12:56. Did not RX.

400m Run

30 Pullups

30 Front Rack Lunges #115/75

30 KB Swings #53/44

400m Run

Tuesday, July 12

Strength – I was so discouraged today. Cleans are one of my favorite lifts. My 1RM is 125# and it was just established about 2 months ago, right before I got pregnant. When I get up to about 70% of my clean, which is around 85#, I have to start jumping in order to get under the bar. I still cannot jump because of my cyst. So, today, I worked with around 75# and did 2 cleans EMOM instead of 1.

Work up to 85% of clean

10 min EMOM

1 clean at 85% Every Minute

MetCon – No modifications today on the WOD. RX’d and finished in 8:03.


10 SDHP #53/44

10 Goblet Squats #53/44

10 V-Ups

Wednesday, July 13

Strength – I stuck with a push press on this one. I got up to around 105#.

Push Jerk


Last few sets should be the heaviest

MetCon – modified the whole workout. My modified burpees have essentially been, slowly getting down and slowly getting up. Doing step ups instead of box jumps. Modified the weight of the KB snatches to 25#. My score was 3+5.

8min AMRAP

8 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

10 KB Snatches #44/35


Friday, July 15

Strength – my 1RM is 175# and I did work off that number. I usually love squats but, again, these supersets are kicking my butt.

Front Squats

10 at 60% 1RM

3×6 at 70% 1RM

MetCon – word of caution when doing tire flips; I have found the up and down motion makes me really dizzy. Anything up and down has been getting worse for me. So, I just had to slow down a little. Instead of double unders (no jumping still from the cyst), I rowed for 20 calories. My score was 3 rounds.

10 Min AMRAP

10-Tire Flips

20-Double Unders


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