Exciting News!!

Well, something fairly exciting has happened….

…For the fourth time…


Official on May 29, 2016. Confirmed with a very positive pregnancy test.


If you have kept up with my blog at all, I’m sure you can envision what my emotions are. Obviously happy. Obviously scared shitless. 

I was keeping track of my periods, ovulation, etc. And we were currently trying. It just happened so quick. Just like Raelynn. This pregnancy feels like Raelynn. It feels good. It doesn’t feel like a miscarriage. I so hope I’m right. It would be absolutely devastating to have another miscarriage. I really don’t know how I’ll function if it happens again. BUT…this pregnancy truly does feel different, but in a good way.

With this pregnancy, I am also on progesterone, because of my past miscarriage history. The progesterone is a vaginal insert that I use each night right before I go to bed. I, personally, cannot even feel it. It’s quite small. The scientific reason for progesterone is that it is a hormone that is naturally released in your body during pregnancy to help the implantation of the egg and for maintaining pregnancy in the 1st trimester. I am fairly certain that I’ve had a couple side effects from taking the progesterone. Bloating is the big one. I feel like a fucking whale. With the other three pregnancies, my first pregnancy symptom was fatigue. It’s extremely increased now. Like falling asleep before Raelynn even goes to sleep. My boobs ache. Oh, and the best one, “could cause mental issues/mood swings/depression.” Fucking Cool, Bro.. Because I’m not already fucked up enough in the head, let’s add a little more…

Enough bitching. If it will allow me to have a happy, healthy baby, then I would take it a million times over. 

The perfect statement to describe this pregnancy is that I am very hopeful, but I’m unfortunately expecting the worst. To date, I’ve had more unsuccessful pregnancies than successful pregnancies, so, yea, I’m a bit cautious to get overly joyed. 

This post will not post on the actual day that I wrote it. I will, hopefully, **fingers crossed** be close to my second trimester by the time you are reading this. Today is June 6, 2016 and I’m currently 5 weeks, 3 days pregnant. Baby’s ETA is February 3, 2017. At this point in my last pregnancy, I had already lost the baby. I know it’s still super early, and I know I keep saying it, but this one just feels GOOD. 

At  5 weeks and 3 days pregnant, there are a handful of people that know. My husband, Scott, of course. I gave him the pregnancy test when he got home from the lake memorial weekend and he gave me a high five. Seems reasonable, I am going to potentially give you another child and in return, I get a high five. Whatevssss…. Anyways, my friend Krista was the first to know. She is the one in the military. I FaceTimed her basically while I was still peeing on the stick. She cried. I didn’t. That was different. My friend Sabrina knows. My therapist knows, and two of my CrossFit coaches know. So a handful, plus one. Fairly certain my friend Tiffani know. She’s kinda sneaky like that 🙂 We were recently at a wedding and she asked me if I wanted a beer and I quickly replied that I was driving and I had Raelynn, which was 100% the truth, and she just got a huge smile on her face and walked away. She knows. I ain’t stoopid.

Given that this pregnancy is successful, I really want to try and reflect weekly. Mainly because I wish I had with Raelynn, but also for CrossFit purposes. I fully intend on continuing CrossFit for as long as my body will allow. I feel like CrossFit during my pregnancy is going to be essential in keeping me sane and helping me feel better about myself and my changing body. I have already found myself searching for countless hours on when you should start modifying certain movements and what is the proper modification. The consensus seems to be, listen to your body. So far, so good for me. 

I will actually be able to go into the doctor at 8 weeks, June 28th, for an ultrasound. This is very nice because it’s honestly not that far away and then we will know if we have a viable baby or not. 

We are both really busy at home and work so it keeps us preoccupied. Fortunately, and unfortunately, the days fly by. We try to soak up every second we can get with Raelynn. She is just at such a fun age. But the same time, we are counting the days to be able to see if we are going to be parents again. 

I am going to keep up with this as much as I can. I know it will be beneficial for me, and maybe someone else reading. Even though you won’t see this for another 8 more weeks, pray for me…

Until next time.


–The Kentucky Momma


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