Received a Disturbing Call Today…

This past Friday, I took Raelynn to get her blood drawn AGAIN….This experience was not as pleasant as the last one. They blew one of her veins and the “lost”, yes, “lost” one of her vials of blood. I wanted to murder someone.

So, as you can imagine, I was not too pleased about the following…

Around noon today, my caller ID flashed on my phone and it was the pediatrician’s office. My heart skipped a beat because we just got her test on Friday and they already had the results back. It made me really nervous they were already calling me.

I answered, “Hello?”

Doctor says, “Hi, is this Raelynn’s mom?” Side note, it’s really weird to be “someone’s mom” now instead of just Keisha.

“Yes, this is. I really, really hope you have good news for me.” I really didn’t even give him time to talk, I really just needed him to know that I needed good news. I really, really needed good news.

“Well, I wish I did have good news for you, but….”

…heart is now sinking into my stomach…

“…but, I don’t. The hospital ran the wrong test on her on Friday. They ran the exact same test, two weeks in a row”

They ran a general iron study the first Friday we went, and then this past Friday, they were supposed to run an electrophoresis test to test her hemoglobin levels because that was now the concern.

Me…”Are you FUCKING kidding me?”

“I wish I was. I was really looking forward to seeing these test results and giving you good news because I know how concerned you are about this. So with that said, you need to take her today.”

“Today? As in now?”


I am happy they are so insistent about getting this done, but it’s also making me think they are seeing something they aren’t telling me. He did tell me her iron levels did come up from week to week so that’s a good thing, but he still wasn’t overly joyed. I thought that was one step in the right direction, but he wasn’t necessarily too enthusiastic about it.

Continued prayers are always appreciated

–The Kentucky Momma


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