Weekend Recap

Last Friday was Raelynn’s visit to Kosair where she had to get blood drawn for her iron study. I must say, I was expecting the worst and it wasn’t that bad at all. The nurses were great, she did well, and it was much quicker than I had anticipated. Although I would have preferred for her not to be there, the experience was much better than I was expecting, which makes me happy. We are supposed to have her results this week sometime, so praying that’s it just the anemia and it can be corrected with the iron supplements.


On our way to Kosair on Friday

Amongst all of this, two Sunday’s ago, 9/13/2015, we got an offer on our house. I literally could not believe it. I had already convinced myself that no one was going to buy our house and we were going to lose the house that we had the offer on. It is still very beginning stages, so I’m still not getting my hopes up. They still haven’t even scheduled the home inspection yet. In order to abide by the contract, it has to be scheduled this week. I don’t believe there is anything really wrong with our house, but I’m led to believe these people are pretty picky. The saw our house on Sunday the 13th at an open house with our realtor. They were nit picking everything. I believe they will come back and want several small items fixed. I don’t believe there is anything major wrong with the house. I was actually able to locate our home inspection that we purchased when we moved into the house and there wasn’t anything majorly wrong then. I just hope they don’t ask for anything crazy that is going to scare us off. Scott and I have already decided if it’s too much money, we aren’t going to make the repairs. Again, just another reason why I am not going to get excited about this yet.


I am becoming more and more anxious about having to move the dogs from our home to a potential new home. Like, I wake up in the middle of the night stressing about it. The dogs will have to be gone for the home inspection so we took them over to Scott’s grandparents house yesterday to see how they would do. They have a privacy fenced in yard so I figured it would be perfect because that’s exactly how ours is. Well, toward the back of the yard, the fence isn’t flush with the ground, it’s raised up a little. Of course, one of our dogs figured this out and got out. I cannot even begin to tell you how much this freaks me out. It’s seriously one of most worst fears, having one of the dogs get out and then never returning. I love my dogs like I love my kid, and I feel like I can say this now and not sound cliche because I actually have a kid. It just gives me so much anxiety even thinking about it. We currently have a privacy fence at our house and it’s perfect. I don’t really ever worry about the dogs getting out. At the new house, there is no fence, so we will definitley have to get one ASAP, but I don’t think we are going to get a privacy fence. It’s somewhat of a country setting so we feel a privacy fence would ruin the feel of that. We are looking at either a black chain link fence or a cattle fence with wire behind it. It all depends on the cost. Even though we are in a country setting, it’s on a busy street. So, if the dogs were to get out, it would not be a good thing at all. Ugh. I hate this. It seriously makes me not even want to move.

Hoping for a positive update on topics next time 🙂

–The Kentucky Momma


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