No, seriously though, buy my house!

I swear, sometimes I think I am just glutton for punishment.

Amongst all other stressful things in my life…we are still house hunting. Well, somewhat.


We found a house we really liked. Nice house, room to grow, nice piece of property, great price, so we finally put an offer in. Only to have it pretty much flat out rejected. This was the house that I’ve talked about in prior posts. I was blown away. Our realtor ended up calling their realtor and we found out that one of the owners of the house very recently and unexpectedly lost his job. The house was taken off the market the very next day. Obviously, given my job situation, I completely understood what they were going through. Yes, it sucked because I had finally talked myself into putting an offer in on this house, but I’m a huge believer that everything happens for a reason. We weren’t meant to have that house at this time and I’m okay with that.

We found another house we really liked and it was in our ideal location. It was still in our price range, but a little more than we wanted to pay. The house is gorgeous, there is room to grow, nice piece of land, and my favorite part is that it’s not in a neighborhood. yes, we would have neighbors, but they are spaced out, which I really like. So, we put an offer in on this house. After two counters, they sellers finally accepted on August 22. Yes, I was happy, but there was still too much shit to go through until I could get excited about this. Two major things that are keeping me from being excited, it had to pass the home inspection and we have to freaking sell our house still. We had the home inspection 5 days later and the only major thing wrong was it had small termite activity. We asked them to treat for that and they accepted. Beyond that, we now have to sell our house. Apparently the market is starting to slow down since school is back in session which really sucks for us. We were getting a couple of showings a week and this is the first week we haven’t had one person inquire about the house. When we have open houses around every two weeks, there are people that come and act interested, but it never pans out. I have a really bad feeling that we are going to lose this house now because we can’t sell ours. I know that everything happens for a reason, but this house feels so right for us. Definitely a better fit than the first one we put an offer in on. We put in a contingency offer that stated from the date of the accepted offer, we had 30-45 days to sell our house. We are now 11 days into that.

I just really hope this whole situation pans out for us. If not, I will look back one day and realize that it just wasn’t meant to be.

As always, pray for my family y’all.

–The Kentucky Momma


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