One month ago

One month ago to the very day, I was at my last day of my full time temporary job. There was a lot of uncertainty as to what my future would hold. From the time I was 14 years old, until one month ago on July 31st, 2015, I was never unemployed. NEVER.

From August 1st – August 18th, I was unemployed. I was unemployed for 18 very, very long days. But, on my fourth day being unemployed, something very, very good happened. I got the call for the job that I wanted. I was speechless. I honestly could not believe it. On August 4th, I got the call that I was going to be a Financial Analyst for Saint-Gobain Quartz. Not only is a good position, but it was actually what I really wanted. I just knew in my gut that I wasn’t going to get it, and I did.


After the initial shock of getting the call, I was relieved. So, incredibly relieved. Even though I wasn’t starting immediately, I knew that I had something lined up. That in itself was enough to make me jump for joy. From verbally accepting the offer, my next steps were to fill out the appropriate paperwork, go get a drug screen, and complete the background check. Once all the was complete, I would be able to start. I expressed to them that I was incredibly anxious to start. I would even start on a Friday if necessary just so I could start getting paid.

The next exciting call was on Tuesday, August 18th. Everything came back good, as expected, and I could start the next day.

So here I am now, 9 official work days with the new company. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity and I hope I can show these people what I’m made of.

Have a good week y’all!

–The Kentucky Momma


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