Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday y’all!! Today is one of the best days of the whole week because I get to spend all day with my baby girl. Sunday is my second favorite day of the week, but I always hesitate to actually “like” a Sunday because it’s one day closer to Monday. I digress..


So, I kinda wanted to give a short update from my last blog listed here… Click Here

I am in fact still job hunting. It has been a very stressful and time consuming process, especially knowing that my end date of July 31st at my current job is quickly approaching. I’ve come to the realization that I’m more than likely going to be jobless for a couple of weeks before I actually get a job. Job offers are so formal and extremely lengthy these days. I actually had a phone interview on July 16th and it went well. They seemed to like me and I liked the company and what they had to offer me. I was then scheduled to go in for a face to face on July 22nd. It went better than I could have ever imagined. I liked the company even more and I also liked the position even more. I really hate getting my hopes up like this, but I just left feeling really good. I’ve been on so many interviews and felt good leaving them, only to be dismissed. I was told after leaving the interview that if they decided to proceed with me, I would have to talk to the controller of the company whom is located in France. That very night I got an email saying they did want to move forward with me and I should expect an email from the controller to set up a phone interview. The controller contacted me Friday July 24th and I now have a phone interview with her at 8:00 a.m. on Monday. From here, I understand if they still want to move forward with me, the next step is going to be the job offer, then getting all of the necessary background checks, drugs tests, formalities out of the way, and if all that clears, then I will be given a start date. This is the most promising lead I have on a job so fingers crossed this pans out for me. Unfortunately things happen and I’m not counting on this job or getting my hopes up about this job.

So, in the meantime I am still continuing the job hunt. I am working with 5 different staffing agencies as well as looking on my own. Staffing agencies are definitely becoming an overwhelming hurdle for me. A lot of employers are now using staffing agencies as opposed to seeking out potential employees on their own because they essentially pay the staffing agencies to find the right fit for the job and company, do all of the background checks, drug testing, etc. for them. I, personally, do NOT enjoy going through staffing agencies because you have to stay in constant contact with them or else you will fall to the bottom of their list and potentially be passed up for a good job. It’s literally a job in itself to keep up with all of the staffing agencies. But, it’s essentially a necessary evil since so many employers are going this route.

Anyways, point being, y’all pray for me on Monday that all goes well and it will be just one more step in the right direction.

We are still house hunting, but recently we came to the realization that we have already found our house. It was the house referenced in the post above. I just had to get over myself and realize that house really is perfect for us. Of course, there is always something stopping us from getting it…..see above rant on my job situation….It’s also causing us not being able to put an offer in on this house. I have to be hired and employed permanently for 30 days and be able to provide proof of employment before we can put an offer in on the house. Fucking go figure. I swear it’s always something. So now I’m scared to death this house is going to get away from us because of me and my job situation. Just one more hurdle.

Our house is still on the market, but it’s finally drawing some attention from potential buyers. We’ve had two open houses and a total of about 5 people came. This past Thursday and Friday we actually had two scheduled viewings of the house. Everyone has provided pretty positive feedback about the house so that’s always a plus. I’m obviously in no hurry to get it sold because that means we would have to move in with my inlaws until we are able to put an offer in on a house. Just for the record, my inlaws are wonderful and they have the perfect space for us to move in, it’s just kinda one of those things that you don’t really want to do, you know?

One very, very positive thing is Raelynn’s new daycare. O-M-G. I LOVE HER. She is now in an in home daycare and I wish i would have done this from the very beginning. She freaking takes a damn 3 hour nap. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. My mind is blown. We can see such a difference in her at night now. She still definitely wants to go to bed at 7:00 p.m., but she is much more pleasant to be around. She is much happier at night now. I just love the laid back feel and homey feel of the new daycare. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

My life isn’t coming to an end. HAHA. (again, referencing the older blog post listed above). I am just going through so many changes that I never expected to be going through. I am not afraid to say this, but I was never a praying woman until I had my miscarriage. Now, I pray all the time for very simple thing to very complex things. He hears me, and I know it. He gives me signs all the time that he does. I just have to take each day in stride and know that it will all work out in the end.


I swear, Raelynn knows when I am done with my blogging on Saturday mornings because she is now babbling in her crib for me to come get her! HAHA

Have a good weekend y’all!

–The Kentucky Momma


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