Sick Baby

I’ve been feeling a little selfish lately and only writing about myself. I do in fact have a sick baby girl. Here is a picture of her snuggled up with daddy.


She has had her first and second ear infection within a 3 week span. I am assuming since she is in daycare it’s gets passed around like crazy there. They first prescribed her amoxicillin which I’ve heard is basically prescribed for everything under the sun. My pediatrician failed to tell me that it has the potential to upset their stomach. Of course, i gave it to her without food one night and she literally screamed from 4:30pm – 11:30pm and there wasn’t anything i could do to help soothe her. It was pretty much a flashback of her colic days. Probably a little extreme, but it made me rethink having another child anytime soon because I’m not sure I want to deal with that again. We bounced and rocked and swung and repeated all of that about a hundred times. Finally I broke out my moby wrap and put her in there which only worked for about 30 minutes. Finally around 10:30p.m. i decided it was time to put her in the car. It never worked before, so I wasn’t sure why it was going to work now, but i was out of options. Of course, it didn’t work. So when I got back home with her around 11:00p.m., I just had to put her in the crib and let her cry it out. I am not a fan at all of crying it out. I hate it actually. It just breaks my heart into tiny pieces. BUT I was exhausted, she was exhausted, and my husband has not patience when it comes to these things, so this was my last resort. It only took about 10 minutes and she was out. I called the pediatrician the next day and they told me to give her yogurt and gas drops with the medicine. I did that every time afterwards and she was perfectly fine. After that night, she was find for about 2 weeks and then she got sick again. Same thing. She started running a fever, the fever never went down, so the next day, we took her to the doctor. Ear infection again. This time, they prescribed her different medicine and I actually do not know the name of it. But I only have to give it to her once a day for 10 days, which is nice. I still make sure I feed her before I give her the medicine and I give her gas drops.

On top of all of this, I’m unsure if she is teething or not. She is 10 1/2 months old and doesn’t have any teeth yet. Obviously, I can read about all the symptoms in the world about teething and it’s lead me to believe she’s been teething since she was about 3 months old. She chews on everything and her gums have been white for a couple of months. I did not get teeth until after I was a year old and I’ve heard that could be hereditary. Regardless, the past two nights, she will not go to sleep on her own. I’m sure it’s a combination of her being sick and possibly teething and allergies. Oh my goodness, her poor allergies are awful. The first night it took us about 2 1/2 hours to successfully get her down. Last night it took about 1 hour to successfully get her down. I should be thankful that she is still sleeping through the night, but i tell ya, whenever you fall into a routine, you get spoiled and expect the same thing to happen ever night. Isn’t that awful?

The doctor told me it takes about 3 days for the antibiotic to get in her system and today is day 3, so hopefully we start to see signs of improvement. Fingers crossed!

–The Kentucky Momma


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