Easy Like a Sunday Morning

It blows my mind how much my Sunday morning routine has changed. My current situation, up at 6:30am (by choice, I might add), coffee in hand, cuddled up in my recliner with a blanket and my laptop, two loving dogs at my feet, a sleeping baby, and a sleeping husband, and I don’t have a hangover. I consider this wins all around.


I look forward to Sunday mornings so much. It’s one of the only days that I can drag myself out of bed purposely before 7:00am to have some “me” time before the hussle and bussle of the day begins. Even though it’s a Sunday, I always find myself cleaning, doing dishes, laundry…you know the drill. So getting up early on a Sunday is a treat for me. Most of the time I sit and watch TV by myself. More recently I’ve actually cracked open a book and started reading again, which I’m more than happy about. Not to mention, I get to spend time with my baby girl. Playing with her on the weekends is my absolute favorite. She’s happy and energized and so loving.

…And let’s just take a moment of silence for my “Easy Like a Sunday Morning” post because it’s now 9:20am and I no longer have a sleeping baby, a sleeping husband, or two loving dogs at my feet. HAHA. The irony.

Back to the point…which I really don’t know what the point is…

My Sunday mornings used to consist of nursing a hangover, making a bloody mary, popping some Advil and lounging on the couch all day binge watching TV. Now, I barely have a second to sit down unless it’s nursing my little girl. I honestly wouldn’t trade it for the world. I never would have thought having a child would be so life altering. Sure, I envisioned change in my life, but not to this extent. And I’m totally okay with it. I welcome it, actually.

Since having her, my life has certainly changed, but for the better. I love being a mom and I love being HER mom. It’s THE most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my whole life.

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–The Kentucky Momma


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