Being Pregnant Sucks

I regret to inform you that I hated being pregnant. HATED IT. I really did not enjoy anything about being pregnant. I didn’t have morning sickness too bad. I had to go to the ER at 14 weeks because I started bleeding bright red blood. I was diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage. I had heart burn in the third trimester so bad that I would wake up in the middle of my sleep throwing up. Sorry, but I had to go there. And then of course growing to the size of en elephant. I gained 36 pounds and broke the 200 mark on the scale. Talk about a downer. I worried constantly about what was going on inside there. I worried all 38 weeks and 3 days until she was born. I did not enjoy the way my body looked and I obviously didn’t fit into anything, so I would just withdraw myself away from our friends and stay at home to avoid the whole situation.

BUT, one great thing about my pregnancy, is that I was pregnant with my best friend.


Before pregnancy, we were the life of the party. We went out all the time, drank until we couldn’t remember, and then wake up the next day reminiscing over the stupid shit we did. We have pretty much been inseparable since the first time we hung out. We’ve known each other for about 5 short years, but it feels like a life time. We understand each other so much and relate to each other so well. We could bitch to each other whenever we couldn’t go out and drink and all of our friends would. We would call or text each other about all of our annoying pregnancy symptoms to see if the other had ever experienced it yet.

Our precious little babies are four months apart and they are the greatest gift that either of us could have only hoped for:


Being pregnant with each other only made us closer. Now that we have our own little babies to care for, our visits with each other have become a little scarce, but that doesn’t mean she’s still not my best friend. Plus, we are determined that our daughters are going to be best friends, just like us!

Moral of the story, plan a pregnancy with your best friend so y’all can bitch together and be sober together. The End.

—The Kentucky Momma


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