An Eventful Weekend

It’s Monday. I’m feeling so unproductive and wishing I would be back at home in my bed. It was a weekend of ups and downs.

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Sunday’s are usually my day to prepare for the week and I actually enjoy that. I love feeling productive and having the feeling of being “useful”. I try to get up a little earlier on Sunday’s so I can have a little me time before Raelynn wakes up. I fix my coffee, have some oatmeal, watch a 30 minute show that was DVR’ed and then I pretty much go no stop for the rest of the day. Between feeding Raelynn, playing with Raelynn, going to the grocery, meal prepping for myself for the week, meal prepping for Raelynn for the week, and making sure Raelynn has enough enough cloths and socks and bibs for daycare, fixing dinner, there is just simply no time for anything else. BUT guess what this past Sunday was…Easter. Easter ruined everything. All my plans, all my productivity…everything.

Well, I guess I can’t fully blame Easter. We are HUGE HUGE HUGE University of Kentucky Wildcat fans. In case you aren’t aware, they’ve been having an awesome season and were two games away from winning the NCAA National Championship and having a 40-0 season. Almost unheard of. And we lost. We lost in a gut wrenching game. So, what is the answer to such a heart breaking loss? Beer. Beer is always the answer.

It was a rare occasion, but we let Raelynn stay at my in laws house since the game wasn’t until late that night. My husband and his friends are the type of people that cannot be quiet during a game. Literally screaming at the TV as if they were at the game and the refs and players can hear them. I took advantage of being baby free for the night and indulged in way too many Bud Light’s….and Fireball…Fireball is the devil. For real. It’s so smooth…and then…it bites you in the ass. Hard.

It’s a curse, but I rarely get hungover. I know I won’t be hungover so I drink wayyyy to much. Then I am super dehydrated the next day, then my milk supply is low. It’s a vicious circle. Which is why I don’t drink to excess much anymore. My body needs sleep now. I stayed up until 2 a.m. and my internal clock will not let me sleep past 7 a.m., so I was up, but had zero motivation to do anything, hence, probably the real reason I didn’t accomplish anything on Sunday in the small window I did have before the Easter festivities started.

On top of all this, Raelynn had some small issues this weekend. We had her first bout of constipation. It was sad. We started solids about a month ago but she is just now really starting to eat them and enjoy them. Too many carrots and squash and apples…not enough pears and spinach…I’m sure you get the picture. AND she is about to pop out her first tooth on the bottom. I can see it in her gums. Between all of that, she was a pretty fussy baby this weekend. But, she was cute:


Have a good week!

–The Kentucky Momma


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