Canadian Health Care

I’m sure we’ve all heard about how wonderful and FREE Canadian Health Care is. BUT, I’ve come across something that puts it into a little better perspective, at least for me.

I have the What To Expect App on my iPhone. I downloaded it from the moment I got the big fat positive on my home pregnancy test and I still have it because it updates you on what your child should or should not be doing at a certain point in their lives. My favorite part of the app are the discussion boards. I am a part of the Breastfeeding board, the Exclusively Pumping boards, and the August 2014 board. I frequent them multiple times per day. I think this post came from the August 2014 board. A woman posted this:

I just read this article about this Mothers experience with her maternity leave and not ready to I back to work , and I know a lot of women here have returned to work and holy man ! Kudos to you.

I live in Canada , you get preggers you are entitled to a year off . Paid ( government paid 65% of your highest paid salary)

You get pregnant you go to the doctor … You don’t pay , I had three doctors ( family , gyno and a specialist for my kidneys) none of which I had to pay for any visits . I give birth , I get a private room on a private floor with nurses just for me , when I left I didn’t pay anything .

I remember hearing everyone discuss the costs of doctor visits and having to pre pay the hospitals prior to birth. I live in Canada , everyone pays taxes so everyone to entitled to free health care

Anyways off topic !

Here are to the moms who only had 12 weeks or less to bond and enjoy their new baby then return to work and have to balance work and pumping and day cares for infants . Owen is 7 months and I am nowhere close to wanting to go back to work even now I feel it’s to early .

I started thinking about this when last week I was waiting in a waiting room in my sisters office building down town and the 70 year old security man made small talk and asked what everyone here in Canada ask’s – if I had taken the full year off which I gladly said YES and even he said good , that this time is more precious to them then it is to us. And after I read this my heart breaks for the new moms who return to work barely recovered from having a damn baby come out of them , some still sore and sill bleeding . I think these women need a standing ovation , really you don’t even realize how hard it really is but you just do it !

REALLY????????? I’m currently around $8000 in debt for having my child.

I am 7 months post partum and I have zero desire to be at work right now. My child is under the care of someone else. Which I hate. And I have to be hooked up to a pump all day long. NOT COOL AT ALL. I’m left to wonder when or even if we could adopt the Canadian health care system. I mean, it works for them. I’m not looking for a debate, just somewhat envious of this person and their maternity leave.

–The Kentucky Momma


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