Allow me to introduce myself…

…My name is HOV! No, not really. I just needed to channel my inner Jay Z for a minute.

As my domain name states, I am in fact, a Kentucky momma. Among other things, I am a proud Kentuckian, a happy wife, and a new and partially crazy mom, and best of all, a brand new blogger. Y’all just hang in there with me as I try to figure this shit out. Oh yes, forewarning, I cuss. A LOT. So, you might want to stop reading now if you do not like cussing.

In the midst of motherhood, I constantly find myself searching the internet for answers. Answers to easy questions and answers to impossible questions. “What does this rash mean?” “What does this sneeze mean?” “Why isn’t she crawling, walking?” The list goes on. Through all of my reading and all of my internet research, I find the most comfort, not in scientific accredited base journals, but blog posts by other moms. Mom’s that have been through what I’ve been through. Mom’s that are just as crazy and hell raising as me. Mom’s that search the internet for “Why the fuck won’t my baby shut up?!” Seriously, I found one like that . Go read it, you won’t be disappointed.

So I thought, well hell, I’ve got some experiences myself I’d like to write about and how cool would that be if someone could relate to me? If one person thought, “YES, you just read my mind!” then that would be awesome. With that said, the majority of my blog will focus on me being a new mom. It’s been the most life changing and rewarding experience. My life revolves around my child, so why wouldn’t my blog revolve around my child and the experiences we’ve had so far. Of course, I’ll definitely incorporate other life experiences that don’t involve my kid, like drinking! DUH!! Because who doesn’t love a drink or two?!

So here’s to a new experience for myself and hoping this will help me figure out some of my emotions as well as helping someone else figure out their’s as well!

FYI–I plan to make my site prettier, just still in the process of figuring this damn thing out

Love Y’all!!